Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NEN Junior High Girls Get First Win in Squeaker

Northeast Nodaway’s junior high girls started off on a wrong note as they dropped their first game, 16-15 to Union Star on a last second free throw, and things went haywire from there. But all of a sudden, they finally came together as a team and got that elusive first win as they downed East Atchison’s “B” squad 14-9 Monday at the NEN Junior High Tournament. While it was the Wolves’ “B” squad that they played, the Bluejays will take every win that they can get; East Atchison took their “A” squad to another tournament.

It wasn’t a matter of playing an easy opponent; Northeast earned this one, withstanding frantic pressure during the last two and a half quarters to pull this one out.

It looked like another long night as first, as East Atchison brought some size to the floor, but then Kenlyn Grove’s putback put Northeast up 2-0 to start off. All of a sudden, they realized they could play basketball with this squad as Kirsten Morrow (7 steals, 10 tips) and the rest of the NEN guards hounded the Wolves defensively and never let them get set up. Anne Briney hit one from the high post as Northeast finished with a 4-0 lead after one.

Jaden Atkins drove to the basket and banked one home off a pass from Kenlyn Grove, and then Morrow scored off a steal to make it 8-0.

But all of a sudden, East Atchison started pressing frantically, getting Northeast out of their rhythm, and it looked like they would start to take control. Kierra McDonald banked a triple home, then Brooke Lee banked one home from the high post to make it 8-5. Faith Anderson got a putback for the Wolves in the third to make it 8-7 as they started making use of their size.

But then Northeast showed some composure and would not let the Wolves get ahead. Kenlyn Grove hit Anne Briney in the high post and then Jaden Atkins on the right side and Northeast got some badly needed separation to make it 12-7 again. Jaecey Hill’s putback made it 12-9 after three quarters, but East Atchison was never able to set up a play to spring McDonald loose for a 3-pointer. Finally, Lauren McIntyre grabbed a putback for NEN to make it 14-9 with 2:57 left.

East Atchison had only four fouls at that point, meaning they could be very aggressive on defense, but Northeast did not lose their composure and turn it into a layup drill. And Morrow, who picked up four fouls at one point, did not pick up her fifth, meaning that East Atchison never got a free hand on offense.

Jaden Atkins and Anne Briney had 4 each for Northeast. Kirsten Morrow, Kenlyn Grove, and Lauren McIntyre all had 2.

Anne Briney had 6 boards to lead Northeast. Kirsten Morrow had 5, Lauren McIntyre and Jaden Atkins 3 each, Merrideth Adwell 2, and Kenlyn Grove 1.

Kenlyn Grove had 3 assists for NEN, while Kirsten Morrow had 1.

Northeast had 39 tips for the game, led by Jaden Atkins with 12 and Kirsten Morrow with 10. Kenlyn Grove had 6, Lauren McIntyre 5, Anne Briney 4, and Meredith Adwell 2.

Northeast also had 23 steals. Kirsten Morrow had 7, and Jaden Atkins, Kenlyn Grove, and Lauren McIntyre all had 4. Anne Briney had 3, and Meredith Adwell had 1.

Anne Briney had 2 blocks and Kenlyn Grove had 1.

The boys had a much easier time of it as they dismantled East Atchison 58-8 after scoring 38 unanswered points in the first half. The Wolves had a strong point guard in Deondre Hughes bringing it up, meaning the tips and steals were down. But Northeast dominated the boards and the paint and ran their offense well, getting 21 assists for the night. Their first 13 baskets of the night were all scored off assists.

Austin Pride had 16 to lead Northeast, followed by Brayden Munns with 15. Boston Adwell had 7, Ben Boswell 6, Lane Dack, Colton Swalley, and Dawson Vore all had 4, and Dylan McIntyre had 2.
All nine players had boards for NEN, which got 32. Brayden Munns had 6, while five different players, Dawson Vore, Dylan McIntyre, Austin Pride, Boston Adwell, and Zach Pride all had 4. Lane Dack had 3, while Colton Swalley and Ben Boswell had 1 each.

Zach Pride didn’t score, but stuffed the stat sheet everywhere else and got six assists, along with Dawson Vore. Brayden Munns had 2, Lane Dack and Ben Boswell had 2 each, and Dylan McIntyre and Austin pride had 1 each.

Dawson Vore had 7 tips, followed by Zach Pride with 5. Brayden Munns, Lane Dack, and Colton Swalley all had 2, while Ben Boswell and Dylan McIntyre each had 1.

Zach Pride had 4 steals, while Ben Boswell, Brayden Munns, and Dawson Vore all had 3. Dylan McIntyre had 2, while Colton Swalley had 1.

Austin Pride and Dawson Vore each had 1 block.

Mustang JH Girls Win Third Straight Following Lapse

North Nodaway’s junior high girls, following a slow start, won their third straight game Thursday night as they pulled away for a 32-15 win over West Nodaway. It looked for all the world like a tight game would develop as the two teams kept trading buckets throughout the first and half of the second. It was 8-6 North Nodaway went finally, Jacqueline Cline drove to the rack to make it 10-6.

West Nodaway then stepped on the inbounds line when throwing it inbounds, giving North Nodaway a free possession. They took advantage and Saylor Brown cleaned up after a Cline miss. Then, Brown jumped a pass for a layup and the floodgates were open for North Nodaway.

Elaina Renfro knocked one down from the right side, Cline went coast to coast, and Felicia Wyllie got a free throw after Cline tipped one to her for a steal to make it 19-7 at the break.

West Nodaway tried to rally behind Riley Linville, their tall post player as North Nodaway couldn’t buy a board through the first part of the third quarter. The lead shrunk down to 22-13 at one point, but then Wyllie hit one on the left wing after Cline skipped one to her, then Cline hit from the right side off an inbounds pass from Kelsey Barcus to make it 26-13 after one. North Nodaway put down the clamps on defense in the fourth, only allowing two points as Barcus hit Cline again on the baseline, Wyllie scored off a steal, and Saylor Brown got a driving layup in the fourth period.

Saylor Brown had 11 points to lead North Nodaway. Jacquelyn Cline had 10, Felicia Wyllie had 9, and Elaina Renfro had 2.

Jacquelyn Cline, one of the littlest players on the floor, led the rebounding with 7. Saylor Brown had 5, Felicia Wyllie 3, Lexi Harger, Elaina Renfro, and Kelsey Barcus 2, and MacKenzie Titus 1. Seven different players had boards.

Saylor Brown had two assists, as did Kelsey Barcus and MacKenzie Titus. Felicia Wyllie and Jacquelyn Cline had 1 each.

Jacquelyn Cline had 8 tips for North Nodaway. Saylor Brown had 6, Elaina Renfro and Felicia Wyllie 3 each, Lexi Harger and MacKenzie Titus 2 each, and Kelsey Barcus 1.

Felicia Wyllie had 8 steals for North Nodaway. Saylor Brown had 6, Jacquelyn Cline had 5, and Harley Leach had 1.

Saylor Brown had one blocked shot.

The boys game got out of hand early as West Nodaway was swarming and pressing and everything they threw up was going in against their old coach, Roger Johnson, who is now coaching North Nodaway’s Junior High. The Rockets jumped out to a 17-5 lead after one quarter. Hunter Carlson and the Mustangs tried to rally in the second, but the Rockets continued to pull away slowly to lead 30-13 at the break before the bottom dropped out in the third quarter and the Rockets took the 54-19 running clock victory.

Hunter Carlson did all he could in the scoring column and the glass for his team, but it wasn’t enough. Carlson led the scoring with 9 points while Damian Dailey had 6 and Keegan Keho had 4. They were the only players to score for North Nodaway.

Carlson had 21 boards to lead the Mustangs. Damian Dailey had 6, Keegan Keho 4, and Jeremiah Dobbins and Kade Emery had 2 each.

Keegan Keho had 2 assists to lead North Nodaway, as did Damian Dailey. Darron Bix and Matthew Bird had 1 each.

Darron Bix had 7 tips for North Nodaway. Damian Dailey and Hunter Carlson had 4 each, while Kade Emery had 2 and Keegan Keho and Andrew Richards had 1 each.

Darron Bix had 2 steals, while Kade Emery and Jeremiah Dobbins had 1 each. Hunter Carlson had 2 blocks while Damian Dailey had 1.

Alex Rinehart Returns in WC Win

Alex Rinehart, out with an injury from football, returned for Tuesday’s boys game between Worth County’s Junior High and North Nodaway. He showed that he was a force to be reckoned with as Worth County pulled away for a 40-11 win against the Mustangs.

Damian Dailey threw up a prayer that went in for North Nodaway to start the scoring, but Alex Rinehart went backdoor after Aydan Gladstone kept a possession alive with an offensive glass. Jackson Runde saved another possession and Aydan Gladstone hit from the top of the key for a triple and Worth County was off to the races.

Jackson Runde, Alex Rinehart twice, and Aydan Gladstone all scored off steals while Gladstone scored off a Grant Cameron steal after Alex Rinehart pushed it ahead. Another Rinehart steal led to a Gladstone free throw; then, Grant Cameron hit Rinehart for a baseline three and Aydan hit him in transition after a Jackson Runde steal. Finally, Aydan Gladstone went backdoor after Rinehart pushed one ahead to make it 23-2 after one quarter.

Alex Rinehart added a completely new dimension to Worth County’s basketball team; instead of having to grind out wins like they have most of the year, Coach Bryce Schafer was able to get his younger players some experience.

The reserves played much of the second quarter as Damian Dailey got a steal and Jeremiah Dobbins got loose on an inbounds play to cut Worth County’s lead to 25-6 at the break.

But then Worth County started pulling away in the third quarter again. Alex Rinehart scored off a drive and then Jackson Runde hit Jackson smith to make it 29-6 early. Hunter Carlson connected off a prayer from the right wing, but then Alex Rinehart broke down the North Nodaway defense with a crossover to spark another run. Josh Freed hit Grant Cameron and Jace Cousatte for 3-pointers and Lucas Wake hit a free throw to make it 38-8 after three quarters. Levi Cassavaugh hit from the left wing off a Freed kickout to give Worth County its biggest lead of 40-8 with 4:30 left.

Alex Rinehart had 17 for Worth County. Aydan Gladstone had 10, Levi Cassavaugh, Jace Cousatte, and Grant Cameron all had 3, and Jackson Runde and Jackson Smith all had 2.

Mustang JH Girls Blitz Worth County for Victory

Worth County’s Junior High girls didn’t have an answer for either Jacquelyn Cline (17 points) or Saylor Brown (16 points) as they fell 38-20 last Tuesday night.

North Nodaway scorched the nets for 16 points right out of the gate. Saylor Brown started off the scoring for North Nodaway with a steal and then Jacquelyn Cline followed with another with 4:16 left that she turned into a 3-point play. Felicia Wyllie followed with another, followed by a Cline 3-pointer from the left wing off a pass from Saylor Brown. Brown scored the next six points, getting a steal, scoring off a coast to coast transition look, and scoring off a diving steal from Elaina Renfro to cap the 16-0 run before Madelyn Runde finally put Worth County on the board to make it 16-2 after one period.

Saylor Brown continued to have the hot hand for North Nodaway, getting a shot from the left wing off a pass from Cline and going coast to coast again to make it 20-2. But then Worth County started coming out and playing like a completely different team as Taylor Sanders did all she could to try to get her team back in the game. First, she stripped Saylor Brown and went in for a layup. Then, Worth County got another steal and Taylor Sanders aired it out to Hailey Adwell. Then, Aivry Griffin hit Sanders on the right wing to make it 20-8.

Cline’s jumper on the left wing made it 23-8, but then Worth County started coming back again as Adwell connected on the right side after Ali Brown kicked it out, Taylor Sanders got loose in the lane and went backdoor to Ali Brown, and Sanders hit Alison Anderson for a closely guarded baseline shot that went in to make it 23-14 after three.

But then North Nodaway started pulling away again in the fourth. Saylor Brown pushed one ahead to Jacquelyn Cline for a layup and then Felicia Wyllie went coast to coast to make it 27-14, giving North Nodaway some breathing room. Taylor Sanders hit a tough shot for Worth County to cut it to 11, but then Saylor Brown went coast to coast for a 3-point play to open the floodgates again. Brown got another steal, then Cline off a Wyllie steal. Saylor Brown aired one out to Cline for a layup and then jumped a pass for another layup. Ali Brown scored four late for Worth County.

R-III School Hires New Substitute Teacher; Two Teachers Retire

The Worth County School Board voted to accept retirement notices from teachers Stormy Hayes and Jodi Lawrence at the end of the 2017-2018 school year with regret. The board did so following a brief closed session at the end of their regular meeting Monday. The board also voted to hire Valarie Toomes as a substitute teacher for the school.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Obituary -- Lanny DeMott 1938-2017

Celebration of Life will be held November 15, 2017, 2 PM at United Methodist Church in Bedford. Family will be receiving friends and family before the service from 12 noon to 2 PM at the church. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to Taylor County Fair Board for the 4-H Cattle Program. Private family interment of ashes will occur at a later time on the family farm south of town. Services have been entrusted to the Cummings Family Funeral Home.

Lanny A. DeMott, 79, of Bedford IA passed away November 9, 2017 at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, IA.

Lanny Albert DeMott was born in rural Hopkins, Missouri, to Albert and Lucille (Lett) DeMott on February 1, 1938. He was welcomed by a sister Suzanne, and later gained a brother Steve. Lanny was raised in the Wray Memorial United Methodist Church in Hopkins and proudly often told that he had perfect attendance in Sunday School. Lanny was passionate about showing cattle in 4-H even if his older sister always won, but he could always trump her in showmanship. This love of cattle showing continued with his children and grandchildren today.

Lanny graduated from Bedford High School with the class of 1956, and was a graduate of Iowa State University class of 1960 with a degree in Animal Husbandry. Lanny was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, where he made many life long friends. At ISU, Lanny served as a member of the Agricultural Council, and was on the livestock judging and meat teams. He worked hard and was honored to be on the traveling judging team. He continued to do livestock judging even after college. Lanny was also a member of the ROTC during college and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in United States Army stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, following graduation. After earning rank as a First Lieutenant and discharge from the Army, he worked a short stint for a livestock commission company in Omaha, Nebraska. Lanny then took a position for the Aberdeen Angus Journal in Webster City, Iowa, covering eight western states and Canada. Lanny’s next career move was General Manager of the Haystack Angus Ranch in Longmont, Colorado.

On July 16, 1966, Lanny married Janet Beemer at the United Methodist Church in Bedford and to this union six children were born. Lanny and Jan returned to the farm south of Bedford in June of 1968, where he farmed and raised angus cattle. In the early 80’s the family moved east of Bedford and purchased Taylor County Agri Center, selling feed and seed. In 1980, Lanny started selling real estate under Property Exchange, Inc. in 3 states. In 2007, Lanny purchased land in South Dakota and so enjoyed time spent on the farms there. He had a fondness for visiting with people and made lasting friendships wherever he went. Lanny looked forward to family gatherings and was very proud of all his children and grandchildren. When all thirty plus family members and the large array of dogs gathered at home, there was rarely a dull moment! During all this commotion, Lanny could be found in his room where it was a bit quieter, cheering on his ISU Cyclones.

He not only enjoyed his cattle, but also Labrador dogs. In the last several years he purchased eleven new lab pups for himself, kids and the grandkids. Known to be a food critic Lanny offered honest feedback on dishes, especially his family’s cooking. If you wanted to know the best place to eat, ANYWHERE, you could ask Lanny and he would know.

Lanny kept up with technology, and was quite fond of his iPad to be informed of the latest news, research the latest medical treatments, and buy cattle online. You could often find him watching Fox News. He loved to talk politics and respectfully share views with his friends and family, sometimes turning into entertaining debates with his siblings and older grandchildren, usually ending in chuckles from Lanny. All in all, Lanny lived life with optimism, whether in business, politics, ISU Cyclones, his health and children...he could always see a way for things to work.

Proceeding him in death are his parents, Albert and Lucille DeMott, and brother-in-law Robert Webb.

Lanny is survived by his wife of 51 years Janet, his children Tracey (Rob) Olsen of Newell IA; Scott (Jackie) DeMott of Little Rock AR; Juliane (Matt) Daughton of Kellerton IA; John (Angela) DeMott of Bedford IA; Holly DeMott (Scott Flohr) of Scottsdale AZ; Thomas (Jennifer) DeMott of Bedford IA; sister Suzanne Webb of Ashburn VA and brother Steve (Karen) DeMott of Hot Springs AR; fourteen grandchildren: Connor and Jack Ave, Grace and Gage Olsen, Lindsey (John) Griesse and son Bennett, Cameron DeMott, Lannie Paige, Cal, and Marcus Daughton, Ryan DeMott, Carter, Kegan, Colt, and Lucy DeMott, nephew Jeffrey Tunks and nieces Michele King, Jill Wright, Jennifer DeMott, as well as many other family and friends.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Veterans Day Celebrated at Worth County

Worth County marked its annual Veteran’s Day Program Friday afternoon. The other three schools that make up the Sheridan Express coverage area, North Harrison, North Nodaway, and NEN, put on similar programs.

The Grant City VFW Post 3123 presented the colors and the Worth County Band played the Star Spangled Banner. The Kindergarten Class led the rest of the student body and public in the Pledge of Allegiance. The band did the tribute to all the branches of the Armed Services.

Bob Hull introduced essay finalists for the Patriot’s Pen. They were Calli Mancuso and Tanner Ridge, both of whom read their essays. The theme was on “America’s Gift to My Generation.”

The Worth County Speech Class put together a video for the event. They did video footage of local students describing veterans; some answers were hilarious. They interviewed some older students along with Principal Jon Adwell as well. “Without veterans, we would not have free public education,” he said. Students Tevin Cameron and Dallas Steele shared poems about veterans and Ian Hargrave interviewed his mother, Lisa Hargrave, about her time in the U.S. Navy. She served in Hawaii; she encouraged people to write letters to soldiers, since they frequently do not always have access to the outside world. Students Drew Martell and Rilee Rush showed posters in the hall saluting active service members as well as people no longer living who had served in the Armed Forces.

Jeremy Wimer sang, “Letters from Home” about a mother who wrote to her son in the service.

Following that, Bob Hull introduced essay finalists for the Voice of Democracy. Students Lauren Moore and Merrideth Spiers wrote the top two essays. Lauren Moore wrote a story about a soldier whose unit died in combat, but who survived to tell the story. Spiers wrote about seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York City when she was six years old.

More musical talent was next. The newly-formed Junior High Choir sang “You’re a Hero in this Place.” The After School Choir sang, “Thank You, Soldiers.” Principal Jon Adwell had the crowd stand and applaud all the branches of the Armed Forces.

The Worth County Small Ensemble of Keelin Engel, Justina Wimer, Lauren Moore, Jeremy Wimer, and Merrideth Spiers sang “In Flanders Fields” in perfect harmony. Jeremy Wimer and Aivry Griffin played “Taps.” Trenton Gabriel sang, “If You’re Reading This,” about a letter from a soldier opened after he was killed in action. Jeremy Wimer played “To the Colors” as the colors were ceremonially removed at the end of the presentation.

A reception was held in the School Cafeteria for veterans and the public, prepared by the Worth County Food Class. State Representative Allen Andrews gave a brief talk thanking veterans for their service. “There are over 500,000 veterans in our state, and we want to do all we can to help you out,” he said. He quoted Ronald Reagan, who said, “Freedom is just one generation from extinction.”