Saturday, November 17, 2018

Trendi Johnson Scores 11 as JH Shamrock Girls Beat Grundy County

Trendi Johnson scored 11 points as the North Harrison junior high girls are on the verge of posting their second straight winning season, beating Grundy County 29-19 Friday.

The Shamrocks were 1-3 following a 37-15 loss to Worth County. But that game was a wakeup call for them, as they won their next two games and six out of their last eight to check into their home tournament with a 7-5 record. They need to win at least one to clinch their second straight winning season; if they run the table, they can get to 10 wins for the second straight year.

They got back on the winning track with a 19-12 win over East Harrison and a 27-15 win over Princeton, a team that had beaten them last year. They fell 30-23 to Gilman City in the Mercer Tournament, only to bounce back to beat Pleasant View 32-19 and Grundy County 28-26 to come out with a winning record. They beat Albany 24-16 before falling again to Gilman City 33-18.

The big difference between the Worth County game and Friday night’s game was their improved rebounding and their balanced scoring. Against Worth County, they were destroyed on the boards in their worst loss of the year; against Grundy, they got 38 boards and kept them off the offensive glass, only giving up eight second chance points and six offensive boards. Against Worth County, Jayleigh Robins got 13 of their 15 points; against Grundy, three different players, including Robins, got six or more, while two other players chipped in with critical baskets.

Grundy was swarming, pressing, and trapping throughout the game, even doing so after missed shots. But despite a horrific 10 turnovers in the first quarter, North Harrison somehow got in front and stayed there. Baily Briggs got loose against the press and Trendi Johnson got a pullup to put the Shamrocks ahead 4-2 at the 4:07 mark. Daya Alnutt, Grundy’s best player, tied it up off a steal, but despite all the swarming and pressing, North Harrison started to take control as Trendi slipped past Amber Wilson’s screen to hit a pullup and hit a free throw off another drive. Finally, seventh grader Jaci Davis, one of the littlest players on the team, grabbed a putback at the buzzer to put her team up 9-4. Somehow, despite all the pressure, North Harrison was in front.

Jayleigh Robins finally got untracked with a shot from the left wing after Halle Morgan grabbed an offensive board to keep a possession alive. Trendi scored after Baily Briggs got a steal and Jayleigh Robins hit Trendi on the baseline to make it 15-4 with 4:15 left. North Harrison was wreaking defensive havoc of their own, forcing a five seconds call at one point. Anna Fordyce threw up a prayer for Grundy that went in, but Baily Briggs got a putback to put North Harrison up 17-6 at the break.

The defensive play of Halle Morgan was instrumental in the game; she held Allnutt to four points in the half, faceguarding her so she couldn’t get the ball. She had seven steals for the night.

North Harrison continued to pull away in the third as Trendi Johnson hit another pullup and Robins scored off a Morgan steal. Fordyce threw up another prayer that went in for Grundy, but Robins got a putback to make it 23-8. The Shamrocks were ramping up the pressure, forcing another five seconds call.

Frustration set in for Grundy County and they started to commit some hard fouls uncalled by the officials. Finally, Robins got clocked in the nose and came out bleeding late in the third. That, and Aluntt’s putback at the third quarter swung the momentum briefly back in Grundy’s favor. They continued to chip away to start the fourth, getting back to within 23-13 before Robins came back in.

Finally, Baily Briggs got consecutive putbacks to temporarily restore order for North Harrison and put them up 27-13. But that was not a safe lead with a pressing team like Grundy on the other side, and Allnutt hit a 15-footer with hand in her face and added a putback to make it 27-17. But then Robins threw a perfect skip pass to one of the littlest players on the team, Amber Wilson, who got behind the defense as they were frantically trying to get the ball back. Her layup was nothing but net and provided the dagger for the Shamrocks with 1:42 left.

Trendi Johnson had 11 points for the Shamrocks. Baily Briggs had 8, Jayleigh Robins 6, and Jaci Davis and Amber Wilson 2 each.

Jayleigh Robins had one block for the Shamrocks.

Jayleigh Robins had 13 boards for North Harrison. Baily Briggs had 9, Halle Morgan 6, Trendi Johnson 4, Katelyn Briggs and Jaci Davis 2, and Amber Wilson 1.

Halle Morgan had 3 assists, while Jayleigh Robins had 2 and Baily Briggs and Trendi Johnson had 1.

Jayleigh Robins had a double double as she had 13 tips to go with her 13 boards. Trendi Johnson had 6, Halle Morgan 5, Amber Wilson 3, Baily Briggs and Katelyn Briggs 2, and Jaci Davis 1.

Halle Morgan had 7 steals for the Shamrocks. Baily Briggs had 5, Jayleigh Robins and Trendi Johnson 3, and Katelyn Briggs 2.

JH Shamrock Boys Start Strong, Fade vs. Grundy

North Harrison’s junior high boys got off to a promising start against a red-hot Grundy County squad, leading them by as much as nine in the first half. However, they faded in the second half and fell 32-26 to the Panthers Friday night.

Grundy County finished with a 10-4 mark, winning their last six games. North Harrison goes into their home basketball tournament starting November 26th with a 3-9 mark. This includes six games that they lost by fewer than ten points.

The Shamrocks started off the year by dropping their first four games. They fell in overtime, 13-10 to Mercer. They lost 26-12 to South Harrison, then nearly knocked off Pattonsburg before falling 28-24; they fell to Worth County 27-18. They finally got their first win against archrival East Harrison, 17-12 before losing a 27-25 heartbreaker to Princeton. They fell hard 40-22 to Grundy to start the Mercer Tournament before coming alive in the other two games by beating Pleasant View 44-13 and avenging their season-opening loss with a 23-16 win over Mercer. They lost narrowly to Albany 25-20 and Gilman 36-24 before Friday’s game.

Against Grundy, North Harrison played their best two quarters of the year in building up an 18-9 lead at one point. They faceguarded Grundy’s best player, Corbin Axtell, only a seventh grader, and held him to four in the first half. In the meantime, they found success with Kamden Robertson hitting Nick Babinski inside as they built up a 9-7 lead after one.

Robertson started the scoring in the second quarter by getting a basket off a Tyson Gibson tip. He had the hot hand with eight points in the period, getting a putback, a steal, and two free throws. Cole Kampman added one as the Shamrocks led 18-9 at one point.

But right before half, Logan Foster hit an NBA three, which jumpstarted the Panthers as they trailed 18-12 at the half. That sparked them in the third quarter as they rallied to tie it at 18. Babinski’s drive made it 22-18 again, but then Grundy started pressuring the outlets and North Harrison started panicking, throwing the ball to people with their backs turned and giving up too many offensive boards. Like sharks in the water smelling blood, the Grundy County fans went into a rabid frenzy as their players were getting steals and fast breaks, beating North Harrison up and down the court. For the game, North Harrison turned it over 26 times and gave up 14 offensive boards.

The Shamrocks went into a 6½ minute scoring drought, finally breaking it when Robertson’s inside shot cut Grundy’s lead to 26-24 with 3:56 left. But then Axtell’s reverse layup following an offensive board sent the sharks into a blood frenzy again, and more fast break looks and steals followed. By the time the dust settled, the Panthers were up 32-24 before Babinski scored off a drive to break the run with one minute left, too late to affect the outcome.

Kamden Robertson had 12 points for North Harrison. Nick Babinski had 8, Cole Kampman had 5, and Tyson Gibson had 1.

Nick Babinski blocked three shots for the Shamrocks.

Nick Babinski had 12 boards for North Harrison. Kamden Robertson had 8, Cole Kampman 7, Tyson Gibson 5, and Grant Trusty 1.

Kamden Robertson had 4 assists for North Harrison. Cole Kampman had 2, and Nick Babinski and Jerry Gilpatrick had 1. Gilpatrick showed some potential in a recent game after he came out with a bloody nose. He insisted on going back in for the “B” game and went on a scoring flurry in the last three minutes, earning some playing time Friday.

Tyson Gibson had 6 tips for North Harrison. Kamden Robertson had 3, Nick Babinski 2, Cole Kampman 1, and Grant Trusty 1.

Nick Babinski had 6 steals for North Harrison. Kamden Robertson had 4, and Tyson Gibson and Karsyn Ury had 2.

Tigers Going Back to State, Play Mound City Saturday

Worth County beat Pattonsburg 56-0 and will go back to state and rekindle one of the best rivalries in eight man football when they face Mound City Saturday at 2 pm at Faurot Field. They completed their revenge tour, getting a 32-20 win over Stanberry the week before to punch a return ticket home to face the Panthers. For Pattonsburg, which ends their season at 10-2, it was a disappointing end to their best season ever. They got their first winning season ever, their first district title, and will return as a favorite to compete for state next year.

But the single season passing record of Kobe Reynolds, at 4,339 yards, remains intact. Worth County played lockdown defense for the entire game, bringing safety help on Cameron Jones and daring Pattonsburg to beat them with their other receivers. Worth County simplified its pass rush scheme and shut down the running lanes that Steven Willhite gashed the Tigers with in the first meeting, getting 149 yards. They put much more pressure on Willhite than before, forcing one errant throw after another.

On the other side of the ball, Worth County simply lined up Isaac Alarcon at the point of attack, and Isaac played like one possessed, getting a good drive block on nearly every single play. Andrew Alarcon had one knockdown block and was also blocking at the point of attack. The line was blocking well and moving people out of holes. Defensively, Isaac Alarcon got his fourth defensive score of the year, and the Tigers picked off Willhite, his first pick since September. They blocked two punts and had short fields all day to work with.

The game was played in the cold and driving snow; the temperature was 32 degrees at gametime and fell throughout the day. The wind was howling out of the north. Worth County thrived in those conditions last week against Stanberry, and they thrived against them Saturday against Pattonsburg.
Pattonsburg won the toss and elected to receive the ball and go into the howling north wind. The kickoff was fumbled by Logan Huitt, who was buried at the 8 by Austin Welch. Willhite tried a draw play, which went nowhere, and he fumbled it, prompting an angry timeout from Pattonsburg Coach Chase Roberts. Willhite tried to throw over the middle, but nobody was home as Austin Welch put him under a heavy rush. And then another draw went nowhere and the Panthers were forced to punt. The punt snap was bobbled, and Isaac Alarcon dropped Willhite in the end zone for a safety with 10:43 left in the first to put Worth County up 2-0.

Pattonsburg tried an onsides kick, but Worth County was ready for it and covered it at the Panther 28. They took advantage of one of many short fields and Caleb Parman took a power sweep 11 yards to the 17. Caleb only got three on his next play to the 14, but then Parman got the edge on the next play and got blocks from Isaac and Andrew Alarcon to get into the end zone with 9:36 left. Andrew Alarcon went off left center and Isaac Alarcon sprung him loose into the end zone to put Worth County up 10-0.

There was a heartstopping moment on the next series after Pattonsburg went three and out. The punt apparently bounced off a black shirt and one of Pattonsburg’s players scooped it up and scored, which would have cut Worth County’s lead to 10-6 or 10-8. But the referees called it back to the Panther 39 and gave Worth County the ball back; apparently, the ball had touched a Panther first, which would have blown the play dead.

It only took Worth County two plays to create a 14-point swing and put the momentum permanently in their favor. Andrew Alarcon got a block from Isaac and took it 19 yards down to the 20, and then Caleb Parman found daylight on a cutback run with 7:57 left to put Worth County on the board. Caleb got blocks from Isaac Alarcon and Bryant McCord to run in the extra points to make it 18-0.
Pattonsburg finally got its first first down thanks to a pass interference that put the ball on the Tiger 38. But then Caleb Parman picked Willhite a few plays later and ran it back to the Panther 37. It was Willhite’s first pick since September, when Pattonsburg was playing Norborne/Hardin-Central.

Bryant McCord took an option pitch and motored down to the 25 for 13 yards, and two more plays netted nine yards to the Panther 16. Worth County went to their power sweep, and Isaac Alarcon’s block set Caleb Parman free and Dakota Auffert motored down the field and threw the final block to get him into the end zone. Caleb Parman got blocks from Colton Wilmes and Bryant McCord to get in the extra points with 3:38 left.

Steven Willhite finally found some daylight and got eight yards on the ground to set up a manageable third and two at the 23. But a pass sailed over everyone’s head and Willhite bobbled the fourth down snap. He picked it up and ran with it, but ran into a black wall and was stopped one yard short of the first down at the 24. Caleb Parman took the snap, got a block from Andrew Alarcon, and got good second effort to drag green jerseys to the 14. He nearly fumbled it, but was ruled down before the fumble. Some more second effort by Parman put the ball on the six. Pattonsburg tried to make a stand as Connor Ireland dropped Andrew Alarcon for no gain and Patrick Cowley stopped Bryant McCord one yard short to set up fourth and one at the 5. But then Caleb Parman motored into the end zone after getting a block from Dakota Auffert to make it 32-0 with 53 seconds left.

Pattonsburg tried to put in Cameron Jones at quarterback, but it didn’t make any difference and the Panthers went three and out. On the ensuing punt, Colton Wilmes blocked the kick and Isaac Alarcon fell on it in the end zone as time expired. It was his fourth defensive touchdown of the year; he had two pick sixes in September along with a strip and score two weeks ago against East Atchison. Caleb Parman ran in the extra points to make it 40-0.

With the change of quarter, Pattonsburg had reason to hope things would get better with the wind at their backs. But after some initial success, Worth County stopped the Panthers again. A diving catch by Patrick Cowley in double coverage put Pattonsburg on the Tiger 27 and Brett Emig caught a short pass to the 21 to set up third and four after Willhite’s first down pass sailed over everyone’s heads. But then Caleb Parman broke up a pass and then Willhite seemingly found daylight down the right sideline. But Colton Wilmes came all the way over from his nose tackle spot to the right sideline and dropped him at the 19, two yards short of the first down and Worth County got the ball back on downs.

Caleb Parman ran into a wall of white shirts, but reversed his field and picked up 10 yards to the 29 for a first down. On the next play, Caleb got a block from Isaac Alarcon and then found nothing but daylight ahead, outrunning everyone to the end zone for a 51 yard score with 10:37 left. On the ensuing extra point try, everyone got sucked in trying to stop Caleb Parman and Andrew Alarcon took an option pitch for a score to make it 48-0. 

Despite kicking into the wind, Caleb Parman nearly got the ball to the end zone on the ensuing kick and Jaxon Anderson buried Logan Huitt at the 10. Worth County nearly got another safety as Colton Wilmes and Isaac Alarcon dropped Steven Willhite at the 3. Two incomplete passes forced another punt, and it was blocked by Jaxon Anderson, putting the ball at the Panther 17. Two plays later, from the 11, Caleb Parman weaved through traffic, got blocks from Andrew Alarcon and Bryant McCord, and got into the end zone for Worth County’s final score with 8:40 left.

Cameron Jones picked Jacob New in the end zone and ran it back to the 23 to finally stop Worth County, but the Tigers got a stop and ran out the clock to end the game at halftime.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wilbur Osborne Saved Hundreds of Lives from Typhoon

The Worth County School recognized all of the veterans during the Veterans Day Program Monday. Included were all the living World War II Vets; the number of known living World War II Vets from Worth County totals 14. Among them was Wilbur Osborne, who will turn 102 years old next month. He is one of Worth County’s oldest residents. He captained a ship off the coast of Japan and saved hundreds of lives through his actions when a typhoon arose.

Afterwards, one of his sailors wrote a letter to Osborne’s wife, which was read at the Veterans Day Assembly Monday. In it, he described “12 hours of raging hell.” They first tried to anchor their ship, without success. So Osborne ordered the ship out into the sea to avoid damaging other craft. The storm got worse and worse; the radio went out and there was no headlights. The only navigation they could go by was their radar. The barometer went down as low as 29.

Finally, Osborne ordered the crew to take the ship into the eye of the storm. At one point, at 10 pm at night, he ordered all hands to their lifejackets as the ship plowed through one huge wave after another. The ship’s engine’s rpm was running much higher than it was supposed to be, and it was barely making headway through the storm. But somehow, the ship stayed afloat, and by 3 am, while it was still stormy out, the worst was over. The ship had survived the ordeal with no casualties.
The sailor wrote that Osborne deserved all the credit for saving lives that night. “He was calm and steady as a rock,” that sailor wrote. “Many other captains in his place would have panicked.”

The Worth County VFW and American Legion did a tribute to POW/MIA’s, and Joe Marshall encouraged the people not to forget those who were missing in action.

The meaning of the colors of the American Flag were discussed. White stands for purity and purpose and devotion to duty. Red stands for courage, while blue stands for truth and fidelity. The evergreen is a symbol of everlasting life.

Elementary Principal Chuck Borey, who welcomed the assembly, said that World War I, which ended on the 11th hour on the 11th day on the 11th month 100 years ago Sunday, involved the first use of chemical weapons. 10 million people died. The US entered the war in 1917. In 1916, there was a lot of speculation that the US would be involved in the conflict, but the enemy was assumed to be Mexico, with which the US had fought a war with in the 1840’s, and with which tensions were high. However, the US went to war with Germany and its allies after the Germans had refused to respect US neutrality and were sinking passenger ships. The US entry tipped the balance in the Allies’ favor, and by 1918, the war was over.

The High School Band played the Star Spangled Banner. The Kindergarten through 3rd Grade sang, “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” The 4th through 6th Grades sang, “America the Beautiful.” Elizabeth Brown recited the poem, “Honor the Veteran” by Colan Hiatt. The High School Choir sang, “In Flanders Fields” and “My America.” Student Regan Allee recited the poem “The Silent Ranks” by Priscilla Gott. The High School Band played the Armed Forces March.

Winners of the VFW Essay Contest and the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest were named. VFW Essay Contest winners were Tanner Ridge and Taylor Sanders. Winners of the Voice of Democracy Contest were Merrideth Spiers and Lauren Moore. Teacher Jonell Cook was recognized for winning the State VFW’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Student Jeremy Wimer sang a song about Private Malone, about a private who got a brand new Corvette, but who was called off to Vietnam in 1966, didn’t make it home, and never got to use it. The car stood unused until many years later, when another kid got to enjoy it, and Private Malone was there in spirit. Finally, the kid drove it too fast and totaled it, and was trapped inside. Witnesses said that they saw an unknown man come up to the car and pull him out, saving his life.

The raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, one of the most iconic moments of World War II, was recreated by Worth County students.

Trenton Gabriel sang, “Ballad of the Green Beret.” Student Josh Freed recited, “That Ragged Old Flag” by Johnny Cash. Superintendent Dr. Matt Martz gave closing remarks, and students Jeremy Wimer and Aivry Griffin played “Taps.”

A reception was held for vets following the program. State Representative Allen Andrews spoke briefly. “On behalf of all the constituents of this district, I would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you for what you have done,” he said. “This event was truly remarkable.”

The Last Fourteen Known Living Worth County World War II Vets

Billie Fern Wake researched and came up with 14 living World War II Veterans from Worth County. She gave the list to Carolyn Hardy, who gave the list to Julia Wideman, who organized the Veterans Day Program at Worth County. Wideman also organized last year’s program. All living World War II Veterans were recognized at the Worth County Veterans Day Program Monday.

The following people are the last known Worth County living World War II veterans, as read by Jonell Cook at the program:

Galen Cook (Grant City).
Jerry Cook (Allendale).
Orlie Dean Davidson.
Wheaton Max Dawson (Grant City).
Delbert Gabbert.
Paul Jennings (Grant City).
Tony Kidney (Bethany).
Judy McConky.
Ervin Meek (Grant City).
Wilbur Osborne (Grant City).
Garland Roach (Grant City).
Glee Roach (Deltona, Florida).
Wendell Sisk.
Dean Weddle (Allendale).

Junior High Mustang Girls Beat Wolves, Win Most Games in Four Years

North Nodaway beat East Atchison’s “B” squad 49-9 to win their 9th game of the year and go to 9-3 this year at the first round of the Northeast Nodaway Junior High Tournament. They have won their most games and clinched their first winning season in four years, as they are riding a four game winning streak. Their only losses are to powerhouses St. Gregory’s, Platte Valley, and Mound City.

The game started out as a scoreless tie for the first 2:23, but then coach Sami Jackson called timeout and asked her players how bad they wanted it, and North Nodaway figured out they could steal the ball from the Wolves at will, and the rout was on. Jacquelyn Cline grabbed a steal and took it to the house, then followed it with another one and threw it to Saryn Brown. Cline scored six points in an 18 second span, all off steals, from the 42 second mark to the 24 second mark as the lead grew from 9-1 to 15-1. Then, Lauren Herndon aired one out to Saryn Brown with five seconds left to make it 17-1.

North Nodaway pulled away more slowly in the second quarter as a jumper from Herndon, a triple from Cline, and a jumper from Sarah Chesnut made it 24-1. Then, Jacquelyn Cline tipped an errant pass to Ellaina Renfro, who threw it back to her for a layup and then Saryn Brown got a tip and steal and turned it into a free throw to make it 27-1 at the break.

In the third quarter, Jacquelyn Cline tipped one from the front court all the way into the back court. East Atchison secured the ball in front of the baseline, but then Cline stole it and threw a skip pass to Saryn Brown for a 3-pointer on the right wing to make it 30-1. Cline’s free throw, a Herndon baseline shot set up by a drive from Cline, and a three point play from Brown set up when Cline pushed it and skipped it to her made it 36-1 before North Nodaway started subbing freely.

Lauren Herndon got a 3-pointer, but East Atchison started getting on the board late in the period, thanks to some sloppy play by North Nodaway to get to within 39-7. North Nodaway put most of their starters back in to start the fourth.

Angeline Parker got a tip, Kelsey Barcus got a steal, and Cline cleaned up to start the fourth. MacKenzie Titus got a putback, Cline scored off a Barcus steal, Titus skipped one to Saryn Brown backdoor for two free throws, and Parker’s diving tip to Sarah Wray capped off the scoring.

Jacquelyn Cline led the scoring with 20 points. Saryn Brown had 15, Lauren Herndon 8, and Sarah Chesnut, Mackenzie Titus, and Sarah Wray had 2 each.

Kelsey Barcus, Jacquelyn Cline, MacKenzie Titus, Ellaina Renfro, and Saryn Brown all had blocks.
MacKenzie Titus had 5 boards for the Mustangs. Jacquelyn Cline and Kelsey Barcus had 4, Ellaina Renfro, Saryn Brown, and Angeline Parker all had 3, Sarah Chesnut had 2, and Lauren Herndon and Sarah Wray each had 1. All nine players had 1 or more boards.

Jacquelyn Cline had 5 assists. Ellaina Renfro and Sarah Chesnut had 2, while Saryn Brown, MacKenzie Titus, Lauren Herndon, and Angeline Parker had 1 each.

Saryn Brown and Jacquelyn Cline had 6 tips. Angeline Parker had 4, Lauren Herndon 3, Kelsey Barcus, Ellaina Renfro, Sarah Wray, and Sarah Chesnut 2, and MacKenzie Titus 1.

Jacquelyn Cline had 15 steals for North Nodaway. Saryn Brown, Kelsey Barcus, and Sarah Wray had 3, Lauren Herndon and MacKenzie Titus had 2, and Ellaina Renfro 1.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Courthouse News for November 14th, 2018

On November 5th, Worth County Prosecutor Brett Hurst filed charges against Mary Jo Fletchall (47) of Worth alleging No Valid Plates and No Seat Belt.

On November 5th, Worth County Prosecutor Brett Hurst filed charges against Jonathan Hughes (27) of Grant City alleging Failure to Register, No Seat Belt, and No Insurance.

On November 5th, Worth County Prosecutor Brett Hurst filed charges against McKenna Boysen (18) of Sheridan alleging No Valid Plates.

On November 6th, Worth County Prosecutor Brett Hurst filed charges against Lane Craven (23) of Grant City alleging No Seat Belt.

On November 6th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Alicia Adair (29) of New Hampton in Harrison County on three Harrison County warrants. The charges include Driving While Suspended, No Valid Plates, and Failure to Secure Child in Child Seat.

On November 6th, Harrison County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer filed charges against Amber Johnson (40) of Shenandoah alleging Possession of a Controlled Substance (Felony), Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On November 6th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Emmett Scott Bates (30) of Burlington Junction alleging Statutory Sodomy and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (both Felonies).

On November 6th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Cain Francois (20) of Maryville alleging four counts Domestic Assault (Three Felonies), Attempted Sodomy (Felony), and Sodomy (Felony).

On November 7th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Bryan Pitts (31) of Maryville alleging Damage to Jail or Jail Property (Felony).

On November 7th, Harrison County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer filed charges against Sara Service (25) of Eagleville alleging three counts Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

On November 7th, Harrison County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer filed charges against Jerrod Service (30) of Eagleville alleging Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

On November 7th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Emma Jackson (32) of Woodbury (MN) on charges of No Valid License and Speeding.

On November 7th, William Gugenham, IV was arrested in the 1500 block of 140th Street near Guss  in Bedford by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department on November 6, 2018. He was charged with domestic abuse assault causing bodily injury, and is being held at the Taylor County Jail on no bond pending an appearance with the magistrate.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Jake Cerven (21) of Blanchard (IA) alleging DWI.

On November 8th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Jay Alter (46) of Princeton (IL) alleging DWI and Speeding.

On November 8th, Harrison County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer filed charges against Juan Antonio Frazier (28) of Espanola (NM) alleging Attempted Statutory Rape (Felony) and Sexual Misconduct.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Jose Sausedo-Alba (24) of Maryville alleging No Valid License and No Insurance.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Melandy Myer (22) of Maryville alleging Criminal Trespass.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Marlon Oliver (26) of Maryville alleging Driving While Revoked, Speeding, and Failure to Register.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Miranda Ferguson (31) of Maryville alleging Passing a Bad Check.

On November 8th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Jonathon Sutton (19) of Middletown (MO) alleging Possession of Marijuana and Failure to Have Two Lighted Headlamps.

On November 9th, Maryville Police obtained a search warrant for narcotics that was executed this evening in the 100 block of South Buchanan in Maryville. Assisting with the warrant service were members of the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office and the Buchanan County Drug Strike Force. Bolt is on vacation so Buchanan County sent a K9 and handler. Several individuals were taken into custody after contraband was recovered. The investigation continues.

On November 10th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Joseph De La Paz (37) of Maryville alleging two counts Domestic Assault (One Felony).

On November 10th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Thomas Wedgeworth (20) of Maryville alleging Delivery of Marijuana (Felony) and Delivery of Controlled Substance (Felony).

On November 10th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against James Tucker (22) of Maryville alleging Possession of Controlled Substance (Felony) and Possession of Marijuana.

On November 10th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice filed charges against Kelsi Ransom (20) of Maryville alleging Delivery of Controlled Substance (Felony), Delivery of Marijuana (Felony), Possession of Controlled Substance (Felony), and Possession of Marijuana.

On November 10th, Worth County residents reported that a scammer pretending to be from their insurance company was seeking social security numbers for insurance purposes. Never give out your Social Security number to someone you don’t know.

On November 10th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Ronald Hurkman (55) of Stanberry in Gentry County on a charge of DWI.

On November 12th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Jeffrey Reid (47) of Independence (LA) on a DeKalb County warrant for Failure to Appear for No Valid License. He was also ticketed for Failure to Signal.

On November 12th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Paul Thomas (60) of Bethany on a charge of Driving While Suspended.

Charges listed are mere allegations. Evidence in support of the charges must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction whose duty it is to determine guilt or innocence. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.