Thursday, May 13, 2021

Josh Smith Says Good Bye to Worth County FFA; Keelin Engel, Tate Welch Get Special Recognition

It was a time for good byes Wednesday as FFA Advisor Josh Smith hung up his jacket along with the seniors following the Worth County FFA Banquet. Outgoing FFA President Keelin Engel presided over her last meeting before turning the gavel over to Justina Wimer; she and Tate Welch were given special recognition in the form of FFA Career Excellence awards for all their hard work and service to the program for the last four years. Josh Smith will remain at Worth County, but in a new role; he will become Athletic Director and Curriculum Director for the school. 

New officers were installed for the 2021-2022 school year. They were Justina Wimer (President), Drew Welch (Vice President), Taylor Sanders (Secretary), Molly Miller (Treasurer), Elizabeth Brown (Reporter), and Ali Brown (Sentinel).

Drew Welch recited the FFA Creed at the start of the program. Tate Welch got recognized for being an Area II FFA Officer for last year, while Justina Wimer was recognized for being Area II FFA Sentinel for this year.

Top sellers this year were Justina Wimer, Jill Hardy, and Molly Miller.

Leadership awards were given to Autumn Cousatte, Tyler New, Drew Welch, Taylor Sanders, Ali Brown, Justina Wimer, Molly Miller, Anna Spainhower, Jill Hardy, Tate Welch, Braidy Hunt, Keelin Engel, Megan Cassavaugh, EmiLee Brown, and Wyatt Abplanalp.

Chapter Scholarship awards were given to Brylee Rush, Drew Welch, Justina Wimer, and Tate Welch.

Greenhand Degrees were given to Tyler New, Autumn Cousatte, Dillan Gavigan, Brylee Rush, Kolten Smith, Tuker Riley, and Landon Moser. Star Chapter Greenland award was given to Autumn Cousatte.

Chapter FFA Degrees were given to Lance Abplanalp, Hailey Adwell, Ali Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Colt Cameron, Levi Cassavaugh, Wyatt Craven, Braxton Hightshoe, Cash Jacobs, Jase Latham, Tanner Ridge, Damian Roush, Taylor Sanders, and Drew Welch. Star Chapter Farmer awards went to Taylor Sanders and Drew Welch. All of them got Star Chapter Placement awards.

Proficiency awards went to Justina Wimer (Diversified Livestock), Molly Miller (Equine Science), Zach Bounds (Grain Production), Grant Cameron (Ag Services), James Gladstone (Forest Management), Aydan Gladstone (Beef Production), Marshall Ruckman (Landscape Management), Megan Cassavaugh (Diversified Agriculture), Wyatt Abplanalp (Ag Mechanics, Design, and Fabrication), Keelin Engel (Diversified Livestock), Braidy Hunt (Sheep Production), Jill Hardy (Beef Production Entrepreneurship), Tate Welch (Swine Production Entrepreneurship), EmiLee Brown (Equine Science, State Plaque), and Anna Spainhower (Goat Production, State Plaque). 

The BTC Bank Scholarship went to Ali Brown. The Farm Bureau Scholarships went to Keelin Engel, EmiLee Brown, Braidy Hunt, and Jill Hardy.

State FFA Degrees were awarded. Recipients are among the top 10% of all FFA members in the state. Honored were Keelin Engel, Tate Welch, Braidy Hunt, Nate Adwell, EmiLee Brown, Wyatt Abplanalp, and Anna Spainhower. American FFA Degrees were awarded to Haley Hunt and Jeremy Wimer. 

All of the contest teams were recognized. Brylee Rush was recognized as the top FFA Knowledge contestant. She was 13th overall in districts. The Poultry team was 11th in districts. Tuker Riley was 19th overall. The Soils team was 12th in districts. Anna Spainhower was high individual. The Horses team was 3rd in districts. Justina Wimer was 8th, Molly Miller 11th, and Drew Welch 12th overall.

The Meats team was 6th in districts. Keelin Engel was 10th overall. They competed in state, where they placed 21st. The Dairy Cattle team was fifth in districts, with Wyatt Abplanalp fourth overall. The team went to state, where they were 14th, with Ali Brown 12th at state with a Group I rating. Wyatt Abplanalp was high individual.

The Livestock team won districts, with Tate Welch first overall. Braidy Hunt was fifth and Megan Cassavaugh was sixth. They went on to state, where they were sixth overall with a Group 1 rating. Tate Welch was second overall at state and was high individual.

The Blue and Gold award, given to people for their service to the organization, was given to Brett and Stephanie Hardy along with Craig and Sheila Hunt. Outgoing school secretary Kandi Hughes was named an honorary member.

The Bev Pickering, Ted Foland, and Arthur Knight Memorial Scholarships all went to Keelin Engel.

Skidmore Man Injured in Wreck Near Burlington Junction

A Skidmore man was injured in a wreck near Burlington Junction Wednesday morning at around 2:35 am. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2013 Dodge Charger driven by Stephen Lomeli (37) of Skidmore was westbound on Route 136 five miles west of Burlington Junction when he crossed the center line and traveled off the south side of the roadway. He then struck an embankment and overturned several times, coming to rest in the eastbound lane on the top.  Lomeli received minor injuries and was taken to Mosaic in Maryville.

One Injured in Semi Collision Near Eagleville

One person was injured when two semi trucks collided two miles south of Eagleville Tuesday, May 11th at around 4:09 pm. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2013 Freightliner Cascadia driven by Summer Cook (47) of Panama City Beach (FL) and a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia driven by Abubaker Abdi (33) of Fridley (MN) were both southbound on I-35 two miles south of Eagleville. The truck being driven by Abdi was coming to a controlled stop on the west shoulder when the truck being driven by Cook struck the rear of the Abdi truck. Cook received moderate injuries and was taken to Harrison County Community Hospital. Abdi was not injured in the wreck. 

16 Year Old Girl Injured in Wreck Near Maryville

A 16 year old girl was injured three miles southeast of Maryville Tuesday morning, April 11th at around 7:30 am. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2007 Toyota Camry was southbound at Katydid and 280th street three miles southeast of Maryville, attempted to make a left turn, and traveled off the south side of 280th, striking an embankment. The 16 year old received minor injuries and was taken to Mosaic in Maryville.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Courthouse News for May 12th, 2021

On May 4th, Harrison County Prosecutor Johnathan Meyer filed charges against Dallas Lowrey (96) of Pattonsburg alleging Careless & Imprudent Driving (Accident) and No Seat Belt.

On May 4th, Harrison County Prosecutor Johnathan Meyer filed charges against Garrett Guy (19) of Eagleville alleging Careless & Imprudent Driving (Accident) and Minor Visibly Intoxicated.

On May 4th, Harrison County Prosecutor Johnathan Meyer filed charges against Timothy Saydee (37) of Urbandale (IA) alleging Speeding (20-25 mph over) and Possession of Marijuana.

On May 6th, Worth County Prosecutor Janet Wake Larison filed charges against Dagon Cooper (21) of Grant City alleging two counts Violation of a Protection Order. Bond was set at $2,000, cash only.

On May 6th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Caleb Phillips filed charges against Harry Guest (43) of Graham alleging Possession of Controlled Substance (Felony).

On May 7th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Caleb Phillips filed charges against Christopher Wiederholt (61) of Conception Junction alleging Possession of Controlled Substance (Felony).

On May 8th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Todd McGinley (50) of Stanberry in Gentry County on a charge of Harassment (Felony). Both Prosecutor Jessica Jones and Judge Rebecca McGinley disqualified themselves from the case. Worth County Prosecutor Janet Wake Larison was appointed as Special Prosecutor in the case and filed a charge of Harassment.  Judge Robert Rice was appointed to the case and denied bond.

On May 8th, the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Isaiah Smith (29) of Kansas City on a charge of No Seat Belt and a Felony Warrant (Out of State).

On May 10th, Nodaway County Prosecutor Caleb Phillips filed charges against Constance Terry (22) of Clarinda alleging Careless & Imprudent Driving (Accident).

On May 11th, a Ravenwood woman reported that people were littering trash along her road and that of her parents’ home.

Charges listed are mere allegations. Evidence in support of the charges must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction whose duty it is to determine guilt or innocence. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

From St. Joseph to Grant City: The Wild Stage Coach Ride of 1871

In the October 14th, 1931 issue of the Times-Tribune, Robert Birbeck of Denver submitted this story about a wild stagecoach ride that took place in 1871. He attributed it to a stage driver living in Stanberry:

“It was a cold winter 60 years ago. I took two families (from Kentucky) from St. Joe to Grant City on the stage. It took two days to make the trip and two to come back. We stayed overnight at the C.K. Wood place on Empire Prairie and the next night on the east side of the square in Grant City. There was then a hotel and livery barn there at that time.”

“That was a cold ride; I nearly froze to death driving two span of mules. I had to run them downhill, it was so icy. If I didn’t lay the black snake to them and run them all the way down the hills when I got to Mount Pleasant, the darned thing would turn over. One of the men rode on the outside to look out for a man who was to meet these people from Kentucky, and who were going to Grant City to live. It was so cold on the outside, he couldn’t stand it, so he got inside. Somewhere along the way, we passed the man who went on to St. Joe.”

“That trip, I think, cost these people $12 to make the two day trip. I would like to know just who these people were.”

Mass Panic in East Coast as Customers Make Runs on Gas

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that mass panic is setting in at gas stations around the East Coast following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline fuel line that is responsible for 45% of the fuel on the east coast. Massive gas lines are forming, similar to the gas lines that formed in the 1970’s around the country, and stations were running out of gas. 

As many as 7.5% of gas stations in Virginia had run out of gas. In North Carolina, the figure was 5%. 

This area had not been affected as of Monday; Casey’s in Grant City was still charging $2.64 a gallon, where it had been for the last few months. But in many other parts of the country, gas prices had already been approaching $3 a gallon.