Thursday, July 19, 2018

Allendale Rodeo is August 10th and 11th

The Allendale Rodeo will be held once again this year. It will be August 10th and 11th at 7 pm each night. Admission is $8 for adults and free for children 12 and under.

The Allendale CBC is seeking sponsors for the event. Gold sponsors ($100 to $500) will receive a 2’6” by 4’ sign. Silver sponsors ($50 to $99) will receive a 20” by 30” sign. These signs are placed along Highway 46 and Route T two weeks before the Rodeo.

There are no signs for sponsors under $50. All sponsors get their name in the brochure and announced during the performance both nights.

If you have any questions or if you would like to be a sponsor, please call Vickie Miller at (660) 786-2268 or (660) 582-0794. Deadline is July 31st for your name to be in the brochure.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Obituary -- Edna Marshall 1930-2018

Eleanor Marshall, 87, of Albany, Missouri, passed away Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at Pineview Manor, Stanberry, Missouri.

Edna was born July 17, 1930 to Edward Eugene Hochstedler and Laurena Danti of North Judson, Indiana.

Edna married Aro Marshall July 9, 1947 in Winamac, Indiana.  He preceded her in death in 1972.  After the death of her husband, she moved to Denver, Missouri in 1976.  She worked at Rival and took care of elderly people in their homes to help support 2 of her children.

She was also preceded in death by her parents, children, Johnathan Aro, Alvin Lee, Albert Louis, Diana Lynn and John Joseph.

Survivors: children, Joseph (Sandra) Marshall, Denver, MO; Darlene  (Phillip) Batchelder, Eagle River , Alaska; Deborah (Marion) Burton, Albany; Lewis (Cathy) Marshall, Albany; Donna (Gary) Maudlin, Albany; brothers, Eugene Hochstedler, Bluffton, IN; Mike L. Hite, Valparaiso, IN; 17 grandchildren; 26 great-grandchildren; 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Visitation: 6:00-7:00 PM Tuesday, July 17 at the Roberson-Polley Chapel, Albany.  A memorial graveside service will be held in the Highland Cemetery, North Judson, Indiana on Thursday,  July 19 at 2:00 PM. Online Condolences:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bella Wins Male Beauty Contest at Hopkins

Bella won the Male Beauty Contest at the Hopkins Picnic Saturday night as a threatened rain did not materialize and the evening was clear and warm. It was all for a good cause as proceeds for the event went to Camp Quality to help a kid go to camp who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.

The first contestant, “Lexi,” was a professional dancer, although “she” was a little shy about showing her talents to the crowd. “She” said that the people “she” least wanted to win was the girl with the Mohawk “because she was so weird” and the “girl” in the sombrero “because she was worse.”

“Brenda Bugotti,” who looked like the popular wrestler Hulk Hogan, invited emcee Mike Coleman behind the stage. “She” also wanted to help the musicians set up, but they did not need her “help.” “She” said the girl “she” least wanted to win was the “girl” with the Mohawk.

“Jacqueline” liked the food and the rides at the Hopkins Picnic, and “her” talent was her smiles.
“Rogelita,” otherwise known as the “girl” with the sombrero, said “her” special talent was working the egg roller. “I go to the chickens, and I roll out the eggs,” “she” said. “She” said she had many boyfriends and that “she” didn’t want “Bella” to win “because she’s a hussy.”

“Dixie Delight” had a tattoo on like John Deere. “She” was a beautician and was full every day. “Her” talent was making Mohawks in less than two minutes. “She” said the person “she” least wanted to win was Rogelita “because she showed us how to take teeth out.”

“Freda O’Lay” was trying to drum up business and believed that Hopkins had potential. “She” said the person she least wanted to win was Rogelita, “because I haven’t seen ‘her’ Green Card.” Freda said if Rogelita didn’t produce, “she” would call Donald Trump.

“Ginger Snapp” said she deserved to win the pageant because she was the “best quality” person. “She” works all day in Maryville and said that money was good. “She” did not want to see “Brenda” win, “because I look better, and ‘she’ doesn’t work where I work.”

“Ms. Candy” was from Nebraska passing trhough. “You have a lot of beautiful people here, but you don’t know what a good football team is all about,” “she” said. “She” drives a Big Queen “Sexy Tractor” for a living and does all the fun things on the farm that people from Nebraska were expected to do. “She” said the two people “she” least wanted to win were “Lexi” and “Jacqueline,” because “I have so much more charm and experience and they’re too innocent.”

“Linda Longarms” would have dwarfed six-foot North Nodaway girls basketball standout Madison Thompson and would have come close to measuring up to either Will Runde at 6’8” or Devan Jackson at 6’5” and growing. “She” said “her” beauty tips were illegal, but all-natural. “She” said “Brenda” was too “way out there.” “Look at all that hair,” “she” said. “Linda” said “her” own hair was blue and was much more natural. And “she” said “Brenda’s” armpits didn’t match “her” hair color.

“Angel” was anything but, as “she” was serving time in prison and had to be transported up to do the show. “She” said “she” got two months off for good behavior and doing the Beauty Pageant, but still had six months left on an original one-year sentence. “She” was charged for Making Fluid Without a License and plans to open a boogaloo in Hopkins when “she” got out of prison. The hope was that “she” would hire a male technician and the ladies would come in droves to get their oil changed. “She” also knew how to toss a salad. “Angel” said that she didn’t want “Dixie” to win, because “nobody likes her.” “She” plans to go with the flow and ask no questions this time, but does plan to join the “Me Too” movement “because I got pinched and slapped in the Big House.”

“Bella” had an obvious talent as a belly dancer. All her life, “she” had wanted to hide her ID, but she had developed a reputation. “She” did not want “Dixie” to win because “she messed up my hair.” “She” did not want “Angel” to win because they had competed in dance competitions before. “She” said “she” would show off her beautiful figure if she won. “She” secretly admired “Rogetta,” because of the tattoo with the “R” and the pierced heart on “her” arm.

“Bella” and “Jacqueline” were the crowd favorites. The judges voted “Lexi” third, “Dixie Delight” as second, and “Rogelita” as first runner-up and named “Bella” the overall winner.

Hopkins Picnic Gramps & Granny Show Results

4 Year Olds
Creason Wallace, son of Brad & Kenzie Wallace, grandson of Dee Wallace – Story Teller.
3 Year Olds
Kinsley Danae Randle, daughter of Jace & Ashley Randle, granddaughter of Rick Pace – Perfect Little Princess.
2 Year Olds
Corah White, daughter of Cameron and Kenzie (Waldeier) White, granddaughter of Linda McKee – Miss Personality; Colt Redmond, son of Chris & Katrina Redmond, nephew of Amanda Keho – Mr. Social. Jillian Calfee, daughter of Jill Calfee, granddaughter of Clara Lynn Calfee – Chatter Box. Dash Wallace, son of Brad & Kenzie Wallace, grandson of Dee Wallace – Future Farmer.
13 to 23 Months
Hadley Reese Randle, daughter of Jace & Ashley Randle, granddaughter of Ida Pace – Future Queen; Dayne Smyser, son of David & Amy Smyser, grandson of Ida Smyser – Dancing King. Logan Fleharty, son of Brandi & Daniel Fleharty, grandson of Janice Fleharty – Most Content. Brentley Stevens, son of Dustin & Christy Stevens, grandson of Les Smyser – Wild Man. Brantley Marsh, son of Jennifer Marsh, grandson of Willie Gray – Runaway Baby. Julian Bix – son of Cody & Emily Bix, grandson of Melody Bix – On the Go. Abygail Brittain, daughter of Keil Brittain & Ali Ramsey, great-niece of Randy Beason – Oh, those eyes! Cooper Fisher, son of Cole & Brooke Fisher, grandson of Kelly Fisher – Best Dressed. Grace Chonko, daughter of Mark & Brooke Chonko, granddaughter of Marcia Beason – Pretty Playful Princess.
7 to 12 Months
Embree Brown, daughter of Rachel & Dale Brown, granddaughter of Doug Brown – Grandpa’s Cutie Pie. Olive Brown, daughter of Chelsie Titus & Devin Brown, granddaughter of Angie Titus – Busy Bee. Brayla Wohlford, daughter of Jeremy Wohlford & Rhonda Wiederholt – Little Miss Observant.
Birth to 6 Months
Enzlea Rachelle Lett, daughter of Trent & Christina Lett, granddaughter of Darla Roberts – Grandma’s Princess. Creed Cross, son of Brad & Laurel Cross, grandson of Kathy Cross – Curious George. Davis White, son of Cameron & Kenzie White, grandson of Linda McKee – Snuggle Bug. Bennett Roberts, son of Megan and Brent Roberts, grandson of Denise Sleep – Sweetest Smile.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Gannon Stricker, Arianna Owens-Sportsman are Little Mr. & Miss Hopkins 2018

Gannon Stricker and Arianna Owens-Sportsman were crowned Little Mr. & Miss Hopkins for 2018 at the start of the Hopkins Picnic Thursday evening. Cannon is the son of Jesse and Kristi Stricker. Arianna is the daughter of Kary Owens and Andy Sportsman. They were crowned by last year’s royalty Gwen Rolofson, daughter of Pete and Bess Rolofson, and Trenton Roberts, son of Brent and Megan Roberts.

Other contestants were Cade Miller, son of Josh and Erin Miller; Caspian Halvin, son of Tyler and Danae Halvin; Aria Oberhauser, daughter of Bart and Sheena Oberhauser; Tristen Wray, son of Matt and Gina Wray; Kloey Langley, daughter of Harold Langley and Kaleigh McNeeley; and Teanna Adams, daughter of Kyle and Tanisha Adams.

Auditor Galloway Finds Coffey Missing $60,000+

An audit of the city of Coffey released Thursday by State Auditor Nicole Galloway shows more than $60,000 missing from the small northwest Missouri town. According to the audit, over a period of almost two years the former city clerk failed to make deposits, received improper payroll payments, and falsified board minutes and various financial reports. Coffey, located in Daviess County, has a population of 166 (2010 census).

“My audit found a pattern of missing deposits, suspicious checks, and falsified minutes and financial reports, along with what can only be described as a shell game of moving money between various city accounts in order to avoid detection,” Auditor Galloway said. “All of this was compounded by minimal, and often non-existent, oversight by city officials.”

As Coffey city clerk from September 2015 to August 2017, Mary L. Browning was solely responsible for the financial accounting functions and records of the city. She was terminated on August 2 of last year. The audit found that during her employment, Browning did not deposit almost $34,000 in utility payments, including $2,645 she credited to her own utility account.

In addition to the missing deposits, improper payroll checks totaling $24,634 were written to Browning from the city’s water and sewer bank accounts; payroll records also indicate she was overpaid an additional $1,556 because she entered in a different number of hours on the payroll report than what was recorded on her timesheets. Although city payroll checks require the signatures of both the mayor and the city clerk, members of the city’s Board of Aldermen indicated to the Auditor’s Office that the former mayor often signed blank checks in advance.

As part of the scheme, Browning created false meeting minutes to make it appear the Board of Aldermen authorized her making a withdrawal and deposit between accounts. Over the course of her employment, Browning made numerous transactions between the city’s nine checking accounts and a savings account. She also prepared false financial statements for the city that significantly over-stated the balances in the city’s accounts.

The audit cites lax oversight by both the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen, which at the time included Browning’s husband. Alderman Browning voted to approve a pay raise to his wife, a violation of Missouri law, and also approved paying bills at many meetings that included improper payroll checks and regular payroll checks to his wife. In addition, there was a lack of safeguards through basic accounting controls and procedures, including the city’s failure to obtain annual audits as required.

A bank official contacted a Board member last August regarding suspicious activity on city bank accounts. After terminating the city clerk once this information came to light, the Board asked local law enforcement for assistance.

The Daviess County Prosecuting Attorney subsequently requested an investigation by the State Auditor’s Office. After an initial investigation by her office, Auditor Galloway determined further investigation through an audit was warranted. The Board of Aldermen then passed an ordinance formally requesting and authorizing the audit, the results of which were announced today.

“Particularly for a town this size, the amount of missing money we discovered can have a direct impact on the services available to residents,” the Auditor said. “This is a serious breach of public trust at the expense of citizens. In addition to the recommendations the audit gives to city officials to help them work to restore that trust, I’ve provided information from the audit to appropriate law enforcement agencies to determine further action.”

Auditor Galloway has turned the report results over to local, state and federal law enforcement authorities and says her staff stands ready to assist prosecutors in any way possible. The full report on the city of Coffey, which received an overall rating of poor, can be found online.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fire Destroys Home on West End of Sheridan

On the morning of Wednesday, July 4th, fire units were called to the home of Robert Morrow on the west end of Sheridan at around 1 am. More fire trucks came to the scene at around 2 am and remained until 4 am.

However, the fire flared up again in the morning and Sheridan and Grant City units came out and battled the blaze until about 1 pm. They succeeded in getting the fire extinguished. The house was too far gone to be salvageable, and the rest of the structure was brought down in a controlled burn Sunday.

Sheridan Fire Chief Tyler Paxson said, "I'm very proud of the guys on our department; they do good work with what equipment we have. We are able to get done what needs to be done with half the workforce of people it should take. That being said, we are always looking for volunteers. Also, a big thanks for our big brother next door, the Worth County Fire Protection District out of Grant City; if it weren't for them we would have exhausted our little workforce. Thanks to anyone who helped in anyway!”