Monday, June 30, 2014

Worth County Sheriff's Report

6-23 -- Person in to report window damage to Denver church.
6-23 -- Officer in for bailiff duty.
6-24 -- Persons call about dog problem in Denver.
6-24 -- Court has papers to serve; officer serves papers and arrests female on bond revocation and transports to Ringgold County Jail.
6-25 -- Worth County Deputy assists Highway Patrol on non-emergency backup; three people transported to Sheriff's Office; summons issued by Highway Patrol.
6-25 -- Officer investigates domestic dispute in Grant City.
6-26 -- Grant City resident in to report gas theft from car at their residence.
6-26 -- Officer serves papers in Grant City.
6-27 -- Officer investigates domestic dispute in Grant City.
6-27 -- Officer investigates report of adult buying beer for minors.
6-27 -- Report of cattle out on PP Highway.
6-28 -- Officer serves papers in Sheridan.

Sheridan Birthdays & Anniversaries

July Birthdays
1 -- Lisa (Allee) Reidlinger, Margaret Findley; 2 -- Trent Hamblin, Les New, Betty Thrasher, Jack Fisher; 3 -- Brooke Monticue, Jared Simmons; 4 -- Sharon Paxson, Ron Van Fossan; 5 -- Jana (Runyon) Finch, Margie Conrad, Samantha Morrow; 6 -- Brandon Allee, Jessica Garrett, Shane Morrow, Pete Belekonny, Terry Lee, Kirby Bradford; 7 -- Mattie Dimmitt, Dale Rowe, Haley Hunt, Susan Schaffer; 8 -- Chris Smith, Tina Fletchall; 9 -- Stormy Sherer; 10 -- Laura LeBow, Brian Hunt, David Rowe; 11 -- Langston Smith, Brad Hardy, Yalonda Verbick; 13 -- Corey DeMott, Kim Brand, Deb Parman; 14 -- Lori (Constant) Haws Slagle; 15 -- Terrill Owens, Tim Wall; 16 -- Larry Dowis; 17 -- Garrett Hawk, Fern Parman; 18 -- Chase Virgil Davidson, Della Sue Asher, Duane Finch, Daniel Finch; 19 -- Elaine Mitchell, 20 -- Sandra Meredith, Kim Fletchall, Bo DeMott, Venita Jennings, John Williams; 21 -- Valerie Hines; 22 -- Brylea Dixson, Debra (Parman) Dukes, Viola Jennings; 23 -- Josh Parman, Shirley Troutwine, Kay Smith; 24 -- Chandler Smith, J.T. Titus; 25 -- Gary Cotter; 28 -- Shelly (Fletchall) Barnett; 29 -- Alexis Hawk, Dustyn Rauch; 30 -- Mary Kay Hunt, Morgan Hawk; 31 -- MacKenzie Hawk.

July Anniversaries
3 -- Harold & Dee Wake; 4 -- Bobby & Sue Heideman; 7 -- Steve & Patty Paxson; 8 -- Chris & Tina Fletchall; 9 -- Paul & Sarah Hoff; 14 -- Bill & Ramonia Parman; 22 -- Jarod & MiTasha Loseke; 23 -- Jeff & Debbie Thummel.

Gateway Singers Bring Patriotic, Christian Music to Sheridan

The Gateway Singers brought their brand of patriotic and Christian music to Sheridan Saturday evening to conclude Old Defiance Days. The Centerville (IA) based group is a regular visitor to the area and will come to Blockton in August. The joke is that anytime Sheridan needs rain, all they have to do is call the Gateway Singers. They have been to town five times in recent years and nearly always, the event has been moved indoors due to the rain.

The singers are Don & Vikki Hunt and Dave & Jan McSpadden. Together, they have performed for 45 years and have enjoyed 12,000 church dinners as they have traveled all over the Midwest. They know a wide variety of songs including the popular Lee Greenwood song "Proud to be an American" to old-time gospel songs such as "Turn your Radio On" and timeless classics such as "He Touched Me" and "I'll Fly Away."

There were plenty of lighthearted moments during the performance, such as "1st Jereboam Drive," a satirical look at the King of Israel who led his country to sin. Instead of going to Jerusalem to worship, Jereboam instituted what the song called easy-believism, where people did not have to make changes to their lives or do what was commanded in the Mosaic Law in order to follow God. The comparison was made to what the song referred to as drive-through churches, where people did not have to make drastic changes in order to follow Jesus.

But the service also included challenges for people to become more committed. Jeff Blaine spoke during the intermission, while the singers were taking a break. He said that the biggest problem in our society is boredom and said that we were so fixated on cell phones that when we are alone for five minutes, we don't know what to do. He noted that the reason that the creature in heaven in Revelation had eyes all over his body so that he could always keep his eyes on God no matter what he was doing.

He contrasted this with the story of Albert, a young man who fought for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. While the rest of the soldiers treated the war like it was a holiday, Albert read his family Bible knowing that a serious battle was at hand. During Sharpsburg, he was wounded and amputated in an unsuccessful effort to stop the hemoraging. During that time, as William Cromley, a chaplian, spent time with Albert, the latter was constantly focused on the Bible in an effort to find comfort and solace in those final hours. Blaine encouraged the audience to live a lifestyle of worship, not boredom.

Samuel Stephenson, JoLynn Hawk are Mr. and Miss Defiance

Samuel Stephenson was Little Mr. Defiance and JoLynn Hawk was Little Miss Defiance Saturday. They both rode in the parade at 11 that day. Festivities started the evening before with a CBC dinner and poker run with around 50 participants. Named as Citizen of the Year by the Sheridan Shamocks 4-H was Butch Thomas.

The Parade featured the Sheridan and Parnell Fire Departments, horses, and all four candidates for Republican State Representative shaking hands with prospective supporters and handing out literature. They stayed afterwards to take in the BBQ and talk to people. They then went to Elmo, which was also having festivities that day. The parade was for people of all ages, as kids as young as two, such as Garrett Troutwine, got to ride.

The LifeNet helicopter came that afternoon and a few kids got to sit inside of the helicopter. The Mic-O-Say Tribe performed and there was a scavenger hunt and a 4-wheeler race that drew a good crowd despite the constant threat of rain. The Sheridan Christian Church had an ice cream social, while the United Methodist Church took advantage of the new building and did their bake sale underneath the front to get away from the rains. The 6th Grade Girls Basketball team used the water slide just north of the basketball court to raise funds for upcoming basketball trips; there was no shortage of kids wanting to go up with the weather getting hot in the afternoon.

The Saturday festivities ended with the Gateway Singers performing at Sheridan Christian Church along with a band and fun at Snakebite. People were sporting the new "Sheridan 'Merica" shirts.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sheridan CBC Plans to Hold Rodeo by Next Old Defiance Days

The Sheridan CBC announced at the Horse Show Sunday in Sheridan that they plan to hold a rodeo at next year's Old Defiance Days. The immediate goal is to put up lights so that they can hold events during the evening. The poles were donated by LCP&L and Jana Findley. Numerous people came to Sunday's event to compete. It would be the second rodeo to be held in Worth County along with the Allendale Rodeo.

Contestants could run twice if they ran with another horse the second time. Winners of Sunday's events were as follows, listed in order of finish:

0-12 -- Gracie Couch, Megan Cassavaugh, Tyler Growcock.
13-18 -- Emily Adams.
Adult -- Henry Rowen.

8 + Under -- Tyler Growcock, Skyler Florea, Garrett Troutwine.
8-12 -- Maggie McClurg, Sophia Ramsey, Justin Dye.
13-18 -- Skylea Beason, Dustin Rowen, Emily Adams.
Adult -- Rod Jackson, Brad Florea, Lisa Runde.

8 + Under -- Tyler Growcock 22.49, Garrett Troutwine 29.49, Kylie Runde 35.56.
9-12 -- Megan Cassavaugh 15.19, Maggie McClurg 23.88, Gracie Couch 28.63.
13-18 -- Shylea Beason 28.73, Dayna Rowen 30.88, Emily Adams 36.14.
Adult -- Lisa Runde 14.43, Kayla Wentz 16.76, Amanda Rowen 19.09.

8 + Under -- Skyler Florea 11.20, Kynder Florea 16.24, Eliza Clements 17.69.
9-12 -- Ella Heinamen 8.00, Justin Dye 9.55, Gracie Couch 9.76.
13-18 -- Dustin Rowen 7.61, Dayna Rowen 8.08, Skylea Beason 8.27.
Adult -- Lisa Runde 7.22, Brandi Force 7.38, Joni Beason 7.46.

8 + Under -- Coby Martin 25.55, Skyler Florea 30.16, Kynder Florea 37.43.
9-12 -- Ella Heinamen 19.81, Allison Larison 21.10, Megan Cassavaugh 25.22.
13-18 -- Dayna Rowen 10.07, Skylea Beason 10.22, Dustin Rowen 10.50.
Adult -- Henry Rowen 9.037, Laura Runde 9.164, Tyson Troutwine 10.56.

8 + Under -- Kynder Florea 49.091, Tyler Growcock 58.849, Eliza Clements 1:01.214.
9-12 -- Ella Heinamen 23.743, Maggie McClurg 24.919, Ella Heinamen 30.486.
13-18 -- Skylea Beason 18.87, Alisha Woods 24.209, Dustin Rowen.
Adult -- Lisa Heinamen 17.99, Henry Rowen 19.33, Rod Jackson 19.98.

8 + Under -- Skyler Florea 27.885, Kynder Florea 40.358, Coby Martin 49.45.
9-12 -- Gracie Couch 25.13, Ella Heinamen 25.41, Megan Cassavaugh 26.27.
13-18 -- Skylea Beason 22.27, Dayna Rowen 26.13, Alisha Woods 26.49.
Adult -- Laura Runde 18.20, Lisa Runde 18.62, Lisa Heinamen 18.68.

8 + Under -- Skyler Florea 40.03, Kynder Florea 51.75, Garrett Growcock 57.22.
9-12 -- Megan Cassavaugh 35.95, Sophie Ramsey 37.27, Allison Larison 38.52.
13-18 -- Dayna Rowen 31.22, Skylea Beason 31.55, Alisha Woods 31.67.
Adult -- Lisa Runde 24.54, Laura Runde 26.94, Lisa Heinamen 27.75.

8 + Under -- Skyler Florea 17.04, Tyler Growcock 18.15, Kynder Florea 21.99.
9-12 -- Justin Dye 13.40, Megan Cassavaugh 13.55, Ella Heinamen 13.83.
13-18 -- Dustin Rowen 9.81, Dayna Rowen 12.64, Alisha Woods 13.16.
Adult -- Tyson Troutwine 10.25, Joni Beason 11.95, Amanda Rowen 11.96.

Doin' God's Work -- Old Defiance Bake Sale

We want to thank our supporters for a successful Old Defiance UMC Bake Sale. God did His part to try to keep us dry. The new community overhang was good protection. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd.

All Parish at Lake Mozingo on Sunday, God also provided decent weather to worship in the open world. I'm sure the birds wanted to join us in "I'll Fly Away" as our voices chimed across the lake. For those who were unable to attend, sorry, they missed a great worship, fellowship, and a lot of good food! Music specials were also a blessing. I thank God for bringing us all together. "And we know that God causes all things to work together for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." I hope we can put our gifts and talents together often.

Habitat for Humanity is building a home in Ravenwood. Throughout the summer, they need 15 skilled and unskilled workers on Saturdays. Soon, they will be putting the siding on!

July 6th, WCCC Communion service at 3 pm. Ravenwood Board meeting 7 pm July 7th. Pickering UMC 6:30 July 9th. July 13th, Hopkins Community Worship Service at 10:30.

As we work together to bring God's peace and joy to others, please have a safe 4th of July.

Doing God's work doesn't end when church dismisses. May God guide us to do His will this week. Keep a song in your hearts of praise. See you in your home church next Sunday!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Doin' God's Work -- All Parish Worship

Spring came and sailed past us. Welcome summer; I may add thank God for A/C. The crops seems to enjoy the recent rains. Unfortunately, Nebraska and South Dakota were hit with tornadoes this past week too. UMCOR was there to assist them with emergency supplies. If you would like to make a donation, contact one of the church or lay leaders.

All Parish Worship will be next Sunday at 10:30 at Mozingo Lake at the Lions Shelter. In case of inclement weather, we will move it to Ravenwood UMC. There will be a PPR meeting following the carry-in dinner. Bring your service settings too.

Travis was at Worth County UMC with a history lesson on unity. We are all descendants of God. HIS desire is for us to live in unity, working together to share the message of His love and eternal life.

Habitat for Humanity is building a home in Ravenwood. They need 15 volunteers, both skilled and unskilled, each Saturday throughout the summer from 8-1 pm. Why not unite with some friends and make it a "Praying Hands and Dirty Fingernails" lesson from last year put into action? Call Stacey at (660) 254-4410 to schedule your date.

Sheridan began "Pray and Praise" a few weeks ago at 3:30. Join us as we spend time in fellowship and encourage each other so we may draw closer to God.

As summer begins, we find new, old ways to serve God. Old Defiance UMC Bake Sale June 28th at 8 am. The ladies will be busy this week as we prepare goodies to sell. Life may be like a box of chocolate and you may not know what goodies you will find, so be sure to stop by and check it out.

July series starts on the 6th with "Loving God Back." That reminds me of "Paying it Forward." Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins. It is so easy for me to praise God for the promises He made and I want to love Him back. Praising and serving God is the best way I know how to "Pay it Forward." I hear the retirement plan is out of this world!

See you at Mozingo Lake Worship Sunday, June 29th at 10:30 under God's open sky to unite in His vision for us!

Old Worth County School Fight Song: "Faithful and True Hearted" Lyrics

Lyrics for the old Worth County School Fight Song "Faithful and True Hearted:"
Faithful and true hearted, let us boost for our old high;
We revere her and defend her, as her colors proudly fly;
We will stand for her united; of her deeds we gladly tell;
Her colors streaming, glad faces beaming;
So here's a cheer for her that we all love so well!

Joyous and ever loyal, we will boost for our old high,
Let every heart sing, let every voice ring,
There's no time to grieve or sigh!
It's ever onward, our course pursuing, may defeat ne'er our ardor cool;
But united, we will boost for her, our Old High School!

C.B. Adams Entertains Worth County Alumni Crowd

C.B. Adams spent his time as a successful businessman after serving his country in Vietnam. However, he showed at Sunday's Alumni Reunion that he had talent as an entertainer as well. He kept everyone rolling on the floor as he looked back at the 1960's. Adams and the rest of the Class of 1964 were honored for their 50th anniversary. The Class of 1954 was also honored.

At the start of his speech, C.B. quipped that he was invited to speak just so they could get him to come and that he was the first name on the list. The Class of 1959 was the first class which spent their time from 8th grade onwards at the new school. They grew up in one and two room schoolhouses around the county and then transitioned to High School in the new building, where Adams said that Rex Thrasher was always chasing them around for messing up his floor and Mrs. Parman was always very particular about penmanship. "She wanted us to draw a perfect circle with one stroke," he said. The Worth County Class of 1964 graduated 40, with five now deceased.

Adams noted a US News & World Report article that called the 1960's "the best of times and the worst of times." It was a decade of extremes that featured flower children, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassinations of King and the Kennedys, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, the Watts Riots, Woodstock, Vietnam, the man on the moon, and three Presidents. Adams' theory was that John Kennedy was shot because he was planning to pull the US out of Vietnam.

"I always thought the plateau was at the end of the hill," said Adams. But then, he said he realized that retirement involved sliding down the hill fast. "I've got more hair growing out of my ears and nose than my head," he said. He said that he was truly blessed with his wife, his sons, and his five daughters-in-law, who he sees as daughters. "If you had told me I was going to own a monument company, I would have thought you were crazy," he said.

There were 97 people present at the reunion; there were 71 alumni present and 26 guests. The oldest two people present were Victor Fletchall, Class of 1940 and Avis Parman, Class of 1941. The person who came from the farthest away was Becky (Dunfee) Parra, who came from St. Petersburg, FL to be at the reunion. The alumni committee took in $606 from the collection. There were 15 members and 11 spouses present as the Class of 1954 reunited. There were 24 class members present and 17 guests in Allendale at the Oldtowne as the Class of 1964 reunited. The highway patrolman stopped by and asked what they were doing. The Class of 1957 had a reunion at which they celebrated their 75th birthdays; 17 members were present.

The Alumni Association voted to increase scholarships from $200 to $250. Every year, they award scholarships to two Worth County students. This year, the scholarships went to Kristen Andrews and Stormy Sherer. Board members Mary Kay Hunt and Edith Miller were reappointed. 12 veterans were present; all of them were recognized.

The alumni directory is on sale for $15 each. Contact board members Carolyn Hardy, Helen Foster, Mary Kay Hunt, Edith Miller, Carol Kerwin, or Rosa Williams or trustees Clella Goodwin, Mary Carroll, Amy Garrett, Carmen Davidson, or Marvin Mercer if interested. Proceeds will be used for scholarships. This year, two new sections were added. A picture of the war memorial was added; eligible veterans or family members of eligible veterans who are left off the memorial can still contact Ralph Kobbe to get on. Over 40 names were recently added. A section on Glenn Miller and his time in Worth County, including a picture of him from when he was in 8th grade was added as well.

The people sang the old fight song, "Faithful and True Hearted" as played by the Worth County Community Band; many people still remembered the words at heart despite not having heard it for over 30 years. Worth County student Jacy Gabriel sang "Suds in the Bucket" and "Where the Boys Are."

Worth County Hires Three Bus Drivers, Cheer Coach

The Worth County School Board hired four new personnel after a closed session following their regular Board of Education Meeting Thursday. They hired two full time bus drivers, one part-time bus driver, and one cheer coach for the 2014-2015 school year contingent on approved background checks. Hired as full-time bus drivers were Andy Welch and Johnny Thurman. Hired as part-time bus driver was Dale Healy. Hired as cheer coach was Becky McElvain. All votes were unanimous.

Obituary -- Margaret Loren Stephens 1919-2014

Margaret Loren Stephens, age 94, died peacefully on April 15, 2014 at her home in Anthem , AZ.

Margaret was born on December 5, 1919 in Grant City, MO.  She was the daughter of Charles Loren McLaughlin and Zelma Dixson (Morgan) McLaughlin.  She was united in marriage to Raymond L. Stephens in 1944.  To this union were born two children:  Charles R. Stephens of Albuquerque, NM and Dixie Jo Lineberger of Anthem,  AZ.  She was a Graduate of Grant City High School and Northwest Missouri State Teachers College.  She taught Business Education in Grant City from 1956-1966 and in St. Charles,  MO from 1966-1984.  She retired to Southern California in 1985 and spent the last years of her life in suburban Phoenix, AZ.

Margaret was an active member in the PEO Sisterhood and United Methodist Churches in Grant City, MO , St Charles, MO and Escondido, CA.  In retirement she traveled extensively to destinations that included Europe, China, Australia, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.  Her hobbies were needlework, music and bridge.  She was an active member in church choirs for many years.

Her husband Raymond, her brother, Chase M. McLaughlin, a brother-in-law, R.V.Humphrey and a Great-Granddaughter Maya Montes de Oca, preceded her in death.

Her son Chuck and his wife Diana, her daughter Dixie Jo and her husband Carl, her sister Billie Fern Humphrey, her sister-in-law Doris M. McLaughlin, survive her.  Two grandchildren, Carey Gail Smith and husband Kyle of Brookfield, MO and Megan Montes de Oca and husband Juan Bernardo of Chula Vista, CA.  Five Great Grandchildren, Kaley Gail Smith, Valentina, Emilia, Carmela and Luisa Montes de Oca and  numerous friends and relatives also survive her. 

Margaret had a wonderful balance of authority and tolerance, which was her classroom strength and demeanor.  One might imagine a conversation along these lines…”We have been waiting for an excellent teacher of Business Law as we are deficit in that area.  Here is a list of what we want you to cover.” “Well, your list is all very nice, but are you going to teach this course or am I?”

Margaret loved her family and her church, her many friends and a good joke.  We will miss her great personality and wonderful laugh.  She touched many lives and will be deeply missed by all.

A memorial celebration will be held on Friday, June 27 at 2pm at Meyers Funeral Chapel in Parkville, MO.  A graveside inurnment service will be held on Saturday, June 28 at 1pm at the Grant City Cemetery, under the direction of the Andrews-Hann Funeral Home. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Grant City Grants Liquor License for Country Corners

A Public Hearing was held on “Proposed Sewer Rates Increases” at 6:45 p.m. City Hall.
Present: Mayor Debbie Roach, Aldermen: Dennis Downing, Bruce Downing and Cathy James, Catherine Runde Absent. Clerk: Ayvonne Morin, Water/Wastewater Superintendent: Greg Miller.
Mayor declared a quorum was present and opened the Public Hearing.

A brief discussion on the rates between board members, as no further comments, Mayor closed the Public Hearing. 7:00 p.m.

Mayor called regular meeting to order.

Present: Mayor Roach, Dennis Downing, Bruce Downing, Cathy James. Catherine Runde absent.   Ayvonne Morin, Greg Miller. Bridget Gibson and Jesse Stark.

Minutes: Dennis Downing, made motion to approve the minutes for May 21, 2014 as written,
 Bruce Downing, seconded, motion carried.

List of Bills/Supplies: Cathy James made motion to approve the list of bills/supplies, Dennis Downing, seconded, motion carried.  Dennis Downing made motion to pay Vance Brothers out of the 1% streets, $2,314.00, Bruce Downing seconded, motion carried.

Bill# 61814 Ordinance# 3675: Clerk read by title 2 xs; Dennis Downing made motion to approve
Bill# 61814 Ordinance# 3675, Bruce Downing, seconded, motion carried. All voted aye.

Resolution 6-18-14:  Clerk read resolution for “Accepting Project Engineer’s Certificate of Approval for final inspection on Grant City Water Transmission Line Replacement”. Bruce Downing made motion to Approve the resolution, Cathy James, seconded, motion carried.

Waterline Project:  Mayor and Clerk signed the project engineer’s certificate of approval.
Dennis Downing made motion to approve the “Estimate of Funds needed” for legal reimbursement
$1,005.00, Bruce Downing seconded, motion carried.

Liquor License Application:  Bruce Downing made motion to approve a liquor license for
Ahmed Ejaz, DBA: Country Corners, contingent on approval from the State Supervisor of Liquor Control, Cathy James, seconded, motion failed. Mayor entertained another motion; Bruce Downing made motion to approve a liquor license for Ahmed Ejaz, DBA: Country Corners, contingent on approval from the State Supervisor of Liquor Control, Cathy James, seconded, motion carried.

Water/Sewer/: Greg Miller was present to answer any questions. Board discussed the upcoming upgrades concerning the lagoon. Discussion on adding a coin operated machine at the access for water. Mayor suggested putting a lock on it until a decision is made on whether or not the city will sell water from that access.

Water Usage Agreement/Fire Dept.:  Dennis Downing made motion authorizing the Mayor to sign the water usage agreement, Cathy James, seconded, motion carried.

Pool: Alderman James stated that everything was going well at the pool. The board stated they would like to see the concession stand left open instead of “as needed”.

Bldg. Permits:  No building permits.

Mayor/Aldermen/Report/Topics/: Mayor informed the board the City needed to update the
Strategic Plan. Northwest Regional Council of Governments estimated costs: $2,413.00. After discussion Cathy James made motion to approve the update $2,413.00, Dennis Downing, seconded, motion carried. Meetings concerning this will start in the fall.  Board approved $25.00 donation for the Back to School Fair.  The board meeting for July has been rescheduled to July 23rd, 2014.

Applications: Part-time summer help: Board suggested running another ad, to include must
have valid driver’s license.

Employees/Closed Pursuant to: 610-021-(3): Cathy James made motion to adjourn meeting and
go into a closed session, Dennis Downing, seconded, motion carried.

Closed Session:  Discussion only. Dennis Downing made motion to end closed session and meeting, Bruce Downing, seconded, motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m.

Obituary -- Otto Kay Griffin 1927-2014

Otto Kay Griffin was born February 2, 1927 in Glendale, Arizona to Ray and Gladys (Allen) Griffin. He passed away June 19, 2014 at the Village Care Center in Maryville, Missouri at the age of 87. His parents preceded him in death.

Otto served in the United States Army during the Korean War from 1952-1954.He was a member of the American Legion Post #100. He worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. On May 14, 1994 he was married to Maxine Toms –Shipman in Willis, Kansas. 

Surviving are his wife Maxine of the home in Maryville, Missouri; daughters: Terry (Charles) Brand of Marshall, Minnesota; Angela Moore of Winterhaven, Florida; son Lonnie (Linda) Moore of Bellvue, NE; sisters: Elaine (Dale) Smith of Bozeman, Montana; Mayone Burd of Lebo, Kansas; sister-in-law Irma Griffin of Burlington, Kansas; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Otto will be sadly missed by family and friends. 

Graveside services and interment were at 11:00 A.M. Saturday, June 21, 2014 at the Isadora Cemetery in Grant City. Rev. Charles Brown and Charlie Bottiger officiated. Military Rites by American Legion Post #100. Arrangements were under the direction of the Prugh-Dunfee Funeral Home in Grant City, Missouri.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Teens Driving 50 Miles Per Hour on High Street in Grant City

Teens driving up and down High Street as fast as 50 miles per hour have drawn the ire of residents and Grant City Council Members. In an angry letter to the Grant City Council, one resident asked, "Why do we pay taxes and we vote for a sheriff, but we can't get law enforcement in our town?" Currently, the Worth County Sheriff's office will enforce state laws within city limits, but not municipal ordinances. The county has discontinued support for a city cop due to budget constraints. The city does not have its own police officer; that position was discontinued several years ago. The city does have an elected City Marshall position; however, that position is title only according to the city.

"Kids have no respect for the law," said Councilwoman Cathy James. "All we want is for law enforcement to be visible." She said that there were speeders going down her street as well. Mayor Debbie Roach said that they had driven by her home and that some of them were from out of town. One possible solution was a speed sign; however, that was rejected due to the fear of turning it into a speeding contest. Another possible solution was speed bumps.

WCCC Therapy Seeing 15 Patients Per Day

The WCCC's therapy department is seeing around 15 patients per day, Administrator Bev Miller told the WCCC Board at their regular meeting last Wednesday. This is much higher than a few months ago, when they were lucky to see one or two patients per day. Currently, there are five Part A patients, five part B patients, and five outpatients. Before, the WCCC had a dilemma about how to get patients into therapy. Now, the problem is how to manage things so that they can see everyone. The WCCC now offers therapy for people of all ages; appointments are necessary to schedule a treatment. Patients have a choice in who to use for their therapy, meaning that people can choose to take their therapy close to home rather than go to Maryville or Albany.

A drain failure in the basement led to flooding; Miller will call around for solutions involving the guttering. Miller also reported that she was working on the WCCC website and that the Employee Recognition Day went well.

The board approved the new budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This is the earliest that they have approved the budget in recent times. It projects an estimated $80,000 surplus, including the tax revenues that were approved by voters several years ago. Revenues were expected to rise from $1,164,327 to $1,519,530. This includes an increase in $200,000 worth of revenues from room and board, Medicare, and Medicaid. Revenues from services like Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy were expected to rise by $30,000 next year. Expenses were expected to rise slightly, from $1,506,831 to $1,530,498. Property tax revenue was expected to bring in $91,000, for a net profit of $80,032. The budget was written for 25 residents. The census is currently at 29, meaning that these figures could be better than projected. This is up two from last month; two patients were able to return to their homes last month. Miller cautioned that she had no idea how to budget the Physical Therapy revenues.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mike Hall Elected President of Grant City Lions

New officers were elected for the Grant City Lions for the 2014-2015 year. Mike Hall was elected President, Paul and Marty Myers were Vice Presidents, Bill Calhoon was reelected as Treasurer, and Carol Hall was reelected as Secretary. They were inducted at the regular meeting Tuesday by District Governor Elect Richard Warner.

Proceeds from the recent Garage Sale in Allendale came to $1081. This includes $951 in sales and $130 in donations.

Community Action Partnership wrote a fundraising letter regarding the annual Back to School Fair, which serves over 100 children each year for Worth County. The Grant City Lions will help with the Fair this year once again and they agreed to donate $300 this year. They will also run the diabetes screening clinic that will be held there. The Bethany Lions will do the eye exam and the Tri-County Health Department will do free shots. The event is funded entirely by donations, and all money donated will stay local.

The Lions Club voted to donate $25 towards the Lions Football All-Star Game.

The Lions will sponsor a youth organization at the school starting with the next school year, which will perform community service activities.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Worth County Sheriff's Report

6-9 -- Person in to file harassment complaint.
6-9 -- Report of cow out on Route E; owner notified.
6-9 -- Person calls regarding cabin breaking in Taylor County, IA.
6-9 -- Person calls regarding drunk driving with golf cart.
6-10 -- Officers and DFS in Sheridan on child welfare case.
6-10 -- Officer recovers stolen gazing balls; one person in to claim one gazing ball.
6-11 -- Person in to report stolen Snapper riding mower and compressor.
6-12 -- Person calls about suspicious pickup on Mallard Trail; officer investigates.
6-12 -- Officer arrests subject on Worth County warrant.
6-13 -- Officer investigates domestic problem in Denver.
6-13 -- Grant City resident reports vandalism to her property.
6-13 -- Cow out on Route M; owner notified.
6-13 -- Officer assists Highway Patrol on DUI arrest; officer transports female subject to Ringgold County Jail.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Doin' God's Work -- Father's Day in Worship

Many celebrated Father's Day in worship. One day a year, we honor our earthly dad, while we are called to honor our Heavenly Father in all we do 24/7. 80% of what a child learns in their first 12 years is through the eyes of what they see their parents do. Dads have the powerful example they tend to follow. May we learn from a godly dad that we can live fruitful lives that glorify God 24/7. For those whose dad is absent, help us as a community to set examples for children to see God in our actions. School is out for the summer, and children can especially use some extra guidance to help working parents.

Cowboy Church will be at Burlington Junction at the park or Methodist Church if it is raining on June 22nd at 10 am.

We will be continuing the series next Sunday with "One Holy Catholic* Church." Pastor Janis was at the pulpit Sunday here. Conference was refreshing for her. It was good to see her back "refueled" and excited for where God will be leading us.

All Parish Worship will be June 29th at 10:30 at Lake Mozingo. We are praying God will provide a beautiful day to congregate under His skies this year!

Sheridan will congregate for Praise & Prayer at 3:30 again this Wednesday. All are welcome to join us for a midweek "refuel" outreach to encourage and strengthen us.

June 25th, Grant City Ministries and Board Meeting at 6:30.

Old Defiance Bake Sale, June 28th, begins at 8 am. I imagine unless weather changes, we will be at the usual spot in the Park across from the Bank. Check out the goodies we will create with God's helping hand.

There are many ways we can be a fruitful community and do God's work. Ravenwood is getting a new home built by Habitat volunteers. Sheridan's new community building has really taken shape this past week! Let's roll up our sleeves and join hands in helping others. By doing so, we can also "pay it forward." We may not see the blessings that follow, but perhaps in the eyes of a small child, they will see that doing God's work can be fulfilling.

See you in the community doing God's work, or in church!

WCCC Employees Honored at Recognition Day

All WCCC employees were honored at the 2nd annual Recognition Day Thursday afternoon. A light lunch was provided. Honored for one year of service were Jennifer Pettijohn, Nichole Ware, Doug Parker, and Jesse Stark. Honored for five years were Lori Jennings, Laurie Holmes, and Gloria Holland. Honored for 10 years was Andrea Chapman. All employees got certificates, ribbons, and a t-shirt showing appreciation for their service. They worked together to put together a puzzle which said, "The strength of the team is each individual member; the strength of each member is the team."

50 Attend EMS Honor Guard Fundraiser

Around 50 people attended the EMS Honor Guard fundraiser Saturday night at the Worth County School. They were treated to a dinner and a concert featuring old time rock n' roll.

The EMS Honor Guard is an organization that honors EMS personnel throughout the state who have died either in the line of duty or while off duty. They guard caskets and urns at funerals, fold flags, and form a sea of blue. "It is our way of showing honor and respect to EMS workers," said Diann Jones of the EMS Honor Guard. They also travel to Kansas and Iowa. They do a minimum of 10 funerals every year, including two last week.

The Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team is a 501(c)3 organization; to make a donation, go to their website at You do not have to be an EMS person to help out; you can be a supporter for $20/year.

Among those present Saturday was 1st District State Representative Candidate Roger Parshall; he came with his family after they had enjoyed a dinner at Snakebite.

For those who missed out, July 5th will be another opportunity to help out the EMS Honor Guard. A Car Show and Poker Run will be held in Albany. The Car Show will start in the Albany football stadium parking lot starting with registration from 8-9 am. Trophies will be given for first place of each class at 11:30. Breakfast and raffle tickets will be sold. A free will donation lunch will be served at the Albany Fire Department from 11-12, followed by a Poker Run that starts at 12. This event will be held the same day as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert; it will end in time for the concert.

Garrett Hawk Continues Sheridan Christian Church Tradition of Training Ministers

Sheridan Christian Church has a whole history of training young people for the ministry. Jason Hawk, Jonathon Mitchell, and Mike Moser come to mind. Now, Garrett Hawk, the son of Jason and Joni Hawk, has entered the ministry; he is now in his second year as Christian Campus House's minister at Northwest Missouri State University. Garrett gave a talk about his work at Sheridan Christian Church on Sunday. SCC has supported Campus House substantially over the years; they have contributed $27,000 to their work over the last nine years.

Hawk's entire life has been leading up to this moment. For many years, he was a fixture at CCH as his dad came and preached there regularly when he was back in town. Starting his freshman year in college at Northwest, he saw a need and began transporting college students who had too much to drink back home late at night. This has allowed CCH to form partnerships with organizations and people that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

The goal of Campus House is to equip people to be missionaries for Christ wherever they wind up after they graduate. Hawk said that one person is teaching English in Thailand while another is working for a seed company. But he said both are important mission fields.

Garrett's work in giving drunk college students a safe ride home found him some unlikely partners on campus. The sorority Phi Mu is now partnering with them in various projects, including one in which 100 of their girls took nothing but water for two weeks and donated their savings to a clean water project in Haiti. International students are another partnership that CCH values; they have a Chinese service where a minister comes up from Cameron and preaches to Chinese students and authentic Chinese food is served.

Hawk noted that 85% of international students never set foot in an American home while they were there; to change that, he has formed a partnership with Countryside Christian Church to host Indian students and share hospitality with them. He once brought three Indian students out to a farm, where they freaked out at the large combine present. There are 500 Indian students at Northwest, of which 495 are Computer Science majors; the university is having a challenge housing and accommodating them all. The university reaches out to Maryville area churches to house international students over the winter break, but Hawk said there was a great need for more.

CCH has a regular meeting every Tuesday night at 8:04 while school is in session. There are multiple small group Bible students, mentoring, and regular fundraising with area churches. Frequent points of emphasis are finances, Bible interpretation, family, and church leadership. These efforts all bear fruit; they have baptized seven students into Christ this semester. They have a satellite ministry at Missouri Western; currently, it is in transition with Jason and Joni Hawk ministering down there currently.

Being a young man with so many responsibilities can be overwhelming, but Garrett said that getting away for one day and shutting out the world helped keep him going. During the other six days, he makes time for prison Bible studies at Nodaway County Jail as well as his regular duties at CCH. But much of the time, he walks the campus, prays over it, and meets new students. For him, it is not about any elaborate theology, but about forming relationships with people. That is something he is natural at; during his high school years, he was always going into the Trails End Cafe and buying snacks for people and striking up a conversation. "Students can smell a phone a mile away," he said. "The key is authenticity."

He said that the biggest challenge of his job was to balance the needs of the ministry with the fundraising needs of CCH. His duties require him to go to at least one church a month, but he usually makes time for a lot more than that.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Worth County Sheriff's Report

6-2 -- Officers investigate report of suspicious car north of Allendale.
6-2 -- King City police need phone number of Worth County resident.
6-2 -- Denver resident in for a police report.
6-2 -- Grant City resident files complaint of 4-wheelers damaging property on North High Street in Grant City.
6-3 -- Officer investigates hit and run on the square in Grant City.
6-3 -- Minnesota resident calls for police report of abandoned car.
6-3 -- DOT picks up recovered road signs.
6-3 -- Storm watch.
6-3 -- Officers assist DOT and electric company with reports of electrical lines down and culvert washouts.
6-4 -- Person reports breakin of trailer in Worth County.
6-4 -- Person in for accident report.
6-4 -- Department of Ag kennel inspector calls for sheriff.
6-5 -- Kennel inspector reports finding one dead horse and two dead dogs at a Worth County residence.
6-5 -- Officers transport prisoners to and from jail for court.
6-6 -- Report of moneybag and money theft at a Worth County business.
6-6 -- Officer investigates report of two suspicious people messing around a Grant City business.
6-7 -- Officer assists Highway Patrol on an arrest in Worth County.
6-7 -- Report of cows out on Route B; owner notified.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Worth County Sheriff's Report

5-27 -- Person in with statement about stolen items from Denver breakin.
5-27 -- Person calls needing ID/OD on truck.
5-27 -- Two residents in for CCP renewal.
5-28 -- Gentry County Sheriff's Office inquiring about Worth County resident.
5-28 -- Officer assists Highway Patrol on car stop on 169 South.
5-28 -- Report of stolen "For Sale" sign.
5-29 -- Person calls about a breakin north of Allendale.
5-29 -- Worth County officer and DFS have investigation on child welfare.
5-29 -- Person reports a blue gazing ball along with other items.
5-29 -- Person calls with 4-wheeler complaint.
5-30 -- Person reports suspicious item behind a city flower pot on north side of Square in Grant City.
5-30 -- Person calls about hardship driving permit.
5-30 -- Report of possible burglary in Grant City.
5-31 -- Report of accident on 46 & Orion Road; notified Nodaway County.
5-31 -- Person calls about protection order.
5-31 -- Officer investigates an assault in Grant City.

Worth County Commission Explains Brush Enforcement Policies

Two landowners came to the regular Worth County Commission meeting Monday morning to discuss brush letters that they had received. One has partially cut trees down from his fencerow, while he stated that he plans to cut the rest this summer. The other one didn't have any brush along his section of the road. Commissioners explained the county's policies towards brush enforcement.

When landowners get brush letters, they are not required to build up their road by putting on gravel base; they are simply required to clear the brush from their fencerows along the roads. Landowners are only responsible for the brush that is along their fence; they are not required to cut down brush along someone else's fence. Therefore, landowners who get brush letters who do not have brush along their fencerows can disregard the letters that the county sends out. Landowners are required to remove stumps as well as trees so that the tree cannot grow back in a few years. The purpose of brush enforcement is to allow county vehicles to get through so that they can maintain roads and allow gravel trucks to deliver gravel. It is also used to maintain school bus routes and mail routes.

Commissioner Reggie Nonneman said that the policy of the county was to send out brush letters to all landowners along an affected road. He said that in the past, the county had complaints due to one landowner along an affected road getting a brush letter, but not the others. The county will cost-share on some roads and will reimburse $1200/mile for eligible roads.

The county approved a request by Jerry and Ann Roach to cost-share for a road along the state line north of Grant City.

Governor Jay Nixon has sounded the alarm over tax cuts passed by the Missouri State Legislature after the budget had already been approved. The governor has estimated that both the county and the City of Grant City will lose money due to these tax cuts. However, county officials said that as of Monday morning, the county had not been notified of any specific cuts that are coming down the pipe. The legislature approved up to $776 million in tax cuts. The governor has the authority to withhold funds in order to balance the budget. Missouri has a mandatory Balanced Budget Amendment.

Road & Bridge Foreman Jim Fletchall reported that the Case Grader was making growling noises and that it would cost as much as $1,000 for the people to come up and inspect it from Kansas City. It would cost the county a similar figure to haul it down there. The worry is that it might take several trips and a lot of expense since trip charges are not part of the warranty.

The county is running around $50,000 ahead of last year in its General Revenue fund and around $36,000 in the Road & Bridge Fund.

Jackie Spainhower came to the meeting and met with commissioners. The DNR asked for and the county approved, a resolution for household hazardous waste collection. There will be a joint TAC meeting in King City to discuss transportation needs of the region and two others. This area will get $20 million over the next ten years. The Sales Tax initiative will be on the August ballot this year; Governor Jay Nixon sent a news release opposing it. If approved, it would put more money into transportation funding.