Friday, May 30, 2014

Number of Individuals in Worth County Taking Commodities Sharply Higher

The number of individuals in Worth County taking commodities under the Community Services program rose sharply to 232 in April, up from 202 in March. 104 families took commodities in April, up from 99 in March. 50 people took senior boxes in April, up from 50 in March. Worth County had more people take advantage of the program for families and individuals than Atchison, Gentry, or Holt Counties. This was part of the reports that were given to the Community Services board during their regular meeting Wednesday night.

Community Services held three poverty simulations, including one at Worth County School. They all went successfully.

Target enrollment for the Worth County Head Start for next school year is 15. Census data shows that there are around 13 children under the age of 5 living in poverty in Worth County. Head Start estimates that there are 9 returnees and three prospective enrollees for next year. They plan to use over-income children to meet their goal of enrolling 15. The Worth County school system's preschool program plans to serve 10 for the next school year. The Assembly of God Church operates a child care program in Grant City; they report serving 20 children. The large majority are over-income for the Head Start program.

The majority of families served in Worth County own their own vehicle, obtain their own insurance, and have a valid driver's license. The biggest obstacle throughout the five-county area is the cost of fuel to travel. The cost of fuel has risen from around $2.89/gallon last fall to around $3.39/gallon after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine.

Community Services weatherized four homes in April and three in May. The goal is to do one more in June to expend all funds.

There are 122 on the Section 8 Housing roll, with 16 vouchers on the street and 8 who have been sent vouchers. Viability of construction of rental homes was a factor in the low number of rentals. Community Services is in the process of determining whether a grant to address this is feasible.

Three Home Sealers projects for the USDA are planned towards the end of June.

Funding levels for 2014-2015 for certain programs are up in the air for Community Services programs. While CSBG, Head Start, and LIHEAP programs are secure, the Weatherization funding is up in the air. Community Services has received $22,097 in Utilcare money. This is to help pay for winter and summer utility bills for clients. There was a waiting list after they ran out of energy assistance in March due to the extreme weather fluctuations last winter.

Worth County's Head Start enrollment was 15 in April, down one from March.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Closure of Abandoned Road Between Sheridan & Oxford Proposed

Richard Mullock came to the regular Worth County Commission meeting Tuesday and requested closure of an abandoned road, County Road #54 East, which cuts east from Route B between Sheridan and Oxford. Mullock stated that the road had not been used in years, but had never been formally closed by the county.

To formally abandon a road, 12 residents residing in the township (Greene) must sign a petition requesting the closure of the road. The location must be a described location, the petition must be completed 20 days before the start of the next County Term (July 1st), and the petition will then be read at the start of the next term. If any resident objects, then that will end the closure process. This was the process that was used to close a stretch of Old 169 north of Grant City recently.

Emergency Management Director Pat Kobbe reported that all emergency sirens have worked for the last two months. A lightning strike knocked out her computer. The county has discussed the logistics of using the school as an emergency management shelter. The school requires sufficient advance notice to secure school property. The county would act as a shelter in the event of a major earthquake in the east part of the state, near the New Madrid Fault.

Kobbe reported that the Obama Administration is looking at doing a whole new communication system for emergency purposes, including the use of communication drones. It would allow emergency planners to have priority access. Kobbe also reported that 13 people showed up to the Red Cross shelter training, while nobody showed up to Harrison and Livingston County's. During the training, they learned that the MRE's are three years out of date and that the batteries for the generator are old.

Commissioners discussed progress on roads targeted by brush letters that were sent out recently. They will write thank you letters to landowners who have cleaned out brush and tree stumps as required by the voter-passed brush ordinance. Commissioners will look at other roads to assess compliance. Second letters will be sent to landowners who did not respond to the first letter and who did not request an extension.

The General Revenue Fund is running $26,000 ahead of last year while the Road & Bridge Fund is running $22,000 ahead of last year. All tax and patron rock has been delivered this year; the county is running ahead of schedule since it had not been done at this point last year. The Road & Bridge Crew is working on a bridge on Road #156, Plum Trail, near Denver.

Cleanup of old, unneeded county records is continuing. Becky Carlson was in the Courthouse Tuesday to throw out another truckload of records that the county had marked for destruction. County Clerk Roberta Owens said that some of it had been marked for destruction as early as 20 years ago, but that the work had never gotten done.

The commission voted to allow Owens to spend $540 to replace the lights in the lobby. She said that the current lights were too dim, causing problems for lawyers trying to read documents before court hearings.

Worth County Sheriff's Report

5-19 -- Report of broken door glass at building in Grant City; owner notified.
5-20 -- Officer investigates report of suspicious car north of Grant City on 169; people doing a hobby of geocaching.
5-20 -- Officer detains person and transports him to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.
5-21 -- Person in to register as sex offender.
5-21 -- Officer and DFS out on investigation.
5-21 -- Officer investigates report of stolen tools near Denver.
5-21 -- Missing person report -- person was located.
5-22 -- Report of bull out on Route B; owners notified.
5-22 -- Report of missing black bull north of Grant City.
5-22 -- Officer responds to alarm at residence near Denver; nothing found.
5-23 -- Officers serving papers in Worth County.
5-23 -- Officer investigates breakin report at Denver.
5-24 -- Officers assist Highway Patrol on domestic disturbance in Grant City; two subjects transported to jail for 24-hour hold.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Basketball Court Vandalism Discussed at Grant City Council Meeting

Chronic vandalism at the Grant City Basketball Court near the Firehouse was discussed at last Wednesday's regular city council meeting. One picnic table was torn up and tables were cut. Hoops were torn up with the north basket having no nets and the south basket having the chain link net undone. The rims had been hung on. Kids are facing a summer without a basketball goal to shoot at or picnic tables to sit on if this keeps up.

The council granted Dave Moyer permission to hook up to the Grant City sewer line at his own expense.

Randy Mehendall of Snyder and Associates reported that grading was done, seeding was done, gravel restored, and that all that was needed to do with the 11-mile water line project was the final walkthrough.

Water Superintendent Greg Miller reported that the pool was almost ready for opening for this summer. The baby pool was patched up. He also reported that DNR has now put Grant City on the 18 month clock to come into compliance with DNR regulations that have not been written or communicated to the city by the DNR. Ways were discussed of coming into compliance.

The city made a required $6,000 payment on the loan for the pool. There is $17,316 remaining on the loan.

Mayor Debbie Roach reported that she will attend a Regional Council of Governments meeting about municipal enforcement this Wednesday evening.

The council hired new lifeguards for the pool year. Bryson Scott was appointed manager for the pool at a pay rate of $9/hour. Lifeguards were hired on an as-needed basis.

Preliminary WCCC Budget forecasts $80,000 Surplus

The preliminary WCCC budget that was drafted by Administrator Bev Miller and which is currently being reviewed by the board shows an $80,000 surplus. It was presented to the board at last Wednesday's regular meeting. It is subject to further revisions before receiving final approval at next month's regular meeting. The budget forecasts increased revenues from new therapy offerings as well as a census of 25 residents. The current census is around 27 residents, which means that the surplus could be higher than that.

Most departments cut their expenses over the last few years, while activities and maintenance went up after the Social Service expenses were eliminated and consolidated. This forecast includes tax revenues that were approved by voters several years ago.

There are three new outpatient customers, two new Part B patients, two Part A patients, and one student using the new services for rehabilitation. The WCCC offers therapy for people of all ages including rehab for athletes who are injured. The facility is now able to meet rehab needs for injured athletes, who no longer have to travel to Maryville or Albany to receive services. Miller reported collecting on more old accounts as well as doing more radio spots. Board member Patti Spainhower reported that she had gotten a positive comment from the public about the new staff taking their time and getting to know the patients.

An employee recognition day will be held in June. The new washing machine is up and running; hot water system needs were discussed. One new room was completed for the Renovation Project; there are six rooms left to go as well as work on the shower and back entry.

Gallatin Man Injured in Darlington Wreck

A Gallatin man was injured in a wreck six miles south of Darlington at around 9:00 pm last Wednesday. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2000 Ford driven by David Parmenter (48) of Gallatin was northbound on Route H and traveled off the west side of the roadway and struck a ditch. The driver overcorrected to the right and returned to the roadway. The vehicle overturned and traveled off the east side of the roadway, struck a fence, and came to rest on its top facing east in a field. Parmenter received moderate injuries and was taken by private vehicle to the Northwest Medical Center in Albany. The Ford was totaled and was towed from the scene.

Albany Man Injured in ATV Accident

Austin Konopasek (19) was injured in an ATV accident one mile northeast of Darlington Wednesday. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2003 Honda ATV driven by Konopasek was trying to climb a riverbank when it rolled over backwards and onto the driver at around 6:15 pm. Konopasek received moderate injuries and was lifeflighted to Heartland Hospital in St. Joseph. The ATV received minor damage and was driven from the scene.

Brad Peve Killed on 148 in Motorcycle Accident

Brad Peve (39) of Hopkins was killed in a pickup-motorcycle accident on 148 one mile north of Hopkins on Saturday, May 17th. It occurred around 8:40 pm. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that a 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 motorcycle driven by Peve was southbound and a 2012 Dodge 2500 Pickup driven by Glenda Wetzel (60) of Bedford was northbound. The motorcycle crossed over the center line of the highway and struck the passenger side of the pickup. The pickup attempted to avoid the collision, but stayed in the northbound lane. The motorcycle traveled off the east side of the roadway and Peve was ejected. The pickup came to a controlled stop on the northbound shoulder of 148. Peve was pronounced dead at the scene by Coroner Dr. Vince Shelby at 9:40 pm. Peve was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Wetzel, who was not injured, was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. The motorcycle was totaled and was removed from the scene by a private party. The pickup received extensive damage and was towed from the scene. Peve was taken to the Bram-Danfelt Funeral Home in Maryville.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Worth County Sheriff's Report

5-12 -- Officer transports female prisoner from Nodaway County to Worth County for court.
5-12 -- 911 hangup, checked location, all OK.
5-12 -- Officer arrests Gentry County resident on a Worth County warrant and transports to Ringgold County Jail.
5-12 -- Officer investigates 4-wheeler complaint.
5-12 -- Officer investigates report of stolen pickup. Pickup was recovered.
5-13 -- Owner of stolen pickup in with statement.
5-13 -- Worth County resident in to file a fraud report.
5-14 -- Officer investigates report of trash being dumped on Lyon Avenue.
5-14 -- Report of goats out on 46 west of Grant City.
5-14 -- Leann Grabb, Kerwin's cow out in their yard again. Kerwins notified.
5-15 -- Officers assist Missouri State Highway Patrol on car stop in Denver; Worth County officers transport three people to jail.
5-16 -- Officer serves papers on Grant City resident.
5-16 -- Officer transports two prisoners to Holt County on Holt County warrants.
5-17 -- Officer investigates unattended death in Grant City.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Worth County School Forecasts Small Surplus for End of Year

Budget figures for the 2013-2014 school year provided to the Worth County School Board by Superintendent Dr. Matt Martz show that the school is on track to have a small surplus for the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Revenues are estimated at $3,414,592 while expenses are forecast at $3,385,412 for a projected surplus of $39,180.

Two taxpayers addressed the school board during their regular meeting Thursday. Joan Ford expressed her opinion that she felt the Basketball program would benefit from using the same coach as they have not had a continuous coach for a number of years. Deb Thummel stated she had a concern of hiring another certified position for physical education with the tight funds of the district and expressed interest in the possibility of different personnel for the Girls Basketball Team.

Teacher Jonell Cook brought students Taylor Causey and Kenna LaFollette to the board to present their display board that they used at the State FCCLA convention. They discussed some of the activities that they were doing such as the food drive, Reading Night, Worth Treating, three successful blood drives, Pennies for Patients, the Holiday Bazaar, Heart to Heart, Spina Bifida Awareness, seat belt safety, and the Star of the Month. 25 students went to regionals and 21 went to state. Taylor and Kenna are going to nationals and are in the process of raising funds. They will be in San Antonio this summer.

Jeff Ellison, the architect for the capital improvements project that the school is undertaking, met with the board and discussed plans for the upcoming project this summer. Electronic security doors will be installed, the fire escape out of the band room will be replaced, the stairs leading from the east entrance of the school will be replaced, a new roof will be put on the Ag room with a 20-year guarantee, new football bleachers will be installed, and the all-weather track will be replaced.

Principal Jon Adwell reported that the EOC and MAP testing was complete. Summer school will be held from June 2nd to 13th from 8 to 3 each day. It will be for students to recover credits. The school is in the process of updating its distance learning program along with other schools in the area. There will be 47 students in elementary and 18 in high school doing course recovery offerings this summer for a total of 65. Assistant Principal Chuck Borey reported that K-3 will take a field trip to Mount Ayr while 4-6 will take a field trip to the Park and Skating Rink.

Dr. Martz reported that the school was seeking a fresh foods and vegetables grant for between $8,300 and $12,450. It would feed students separate from the regular meals that the school currently offers. Martz is also looking for funding to replace the convection oven, which is 37 years old and which does not have any more parts available for it. The school is also seeking $10,625 for the Missouri Preschool Project for their preschool. After that, the school will decide whether to continue offering it, since the funding will run out. The school plans to raise fees to meet 80% of the costs.

In what amounts to a backdoor tax increase by the feds, the school is raising their lunch prices by 5 cents a year.

The school is switching from an 8 period day to a 7 period day, which will shorten the school day slightly. Martz said that the teachers had requested the change citing discipline problems during the 8th hour and the need for more one on one interaction with students that needed the help during classes. The school will reduce its credits to 25 hours over the next few years, of which 17 are required by the state. The school will still have tutoring for students that need it.

WCCC Celebrates National Nursing Home Week

The Worth County Convalescent Center celebrated National Nursing Home Week last week with a Hawaiian theme. The facility was decorated with Hawaiian art and residents and employees wore Hawaiian garbs. A lunch for the public was held Friday, with a Hawaiian-themed concession stand for drinks. The facility is currently at 26 residents. Administrator Bev Miller said that she had gotten a lot of calls about therapy since they started offering it for people of all ages at the patient's convenience. She said that there were six rooms left to go on the Renovation Project, along with the Shower Room in the West Wing.

Tiger Teams Qualify for State in 10 Events

Worth County's teams qualified in 10 different events for state at sectionals in Kearney, MO last Saturday.

Sydney Thummel was 4th in the 100 Hurdles, qualifying for the State Meet with a time of 17.54. It was one of her better times of the year in that event.

All three relay teams on the girls side qualified for state. The 4x100 Relay Team qualified, finishing third with a personal best time of 54.15.  The 4x200 team qualified by finishing second to Mound City with a time of 1:53.49. And the 4x400 team got their best time of the year as they finished third and qualified with a time of 4:26.

For Northeast Nodaway, Taryn Farnan narrowly missed qualifying for the High Jump as her jump of 4'8", matching her personal best, was only good for 8th place.

Both Kenna LaFollette and Katie Mullock missed qualifying in the Long Jump. Katie was 8th with a jump of 14'3 1/2". Kenna LaFollette jumped a personal best of 14'9", but still finished 7th.

 Claire Andrews and Amy Gully continued their pole vaulting duel that they have done for the last two years. Claire matched her jump of 9'6" from Albany, but Amy Gully jumped a personal best 10'0" to win the event. Both qualified for state.

Kaitlyn Davidson narrowly missed qualifying in the Shot Put, finishing 5th with a throw of 34' 3/4".

For the boys, Brevyn Ross qualified for the 110 Hurdles with a time of 18.03. That was good enough for a 3rd place finish. Brevyn also qualified in the 300 Hurdles and got Worth County's lone first place finish on the afternoon, getting a time of 42.37.

The 4x400 team narrowly missed qualifying, finishing 5th with a time of 3:44.49.

Josh Warner was beaten in the Discus for the first time all year. He was 2nd to Max Carrillo (St. Joseph Christian) as they resumed their duel in that event and left everyone else far behind. Warner had a throw of 149'3".

Ben Badell got a personal best in the High Jump but missed qualifying as he finished 8th with a leap of 5'6".

Both Andrew Mullock and Jared Simmons qualified in the Pole Vault. They finished second and third respectively with a vault of 10'6". Jared Simmons' vault was a personal best.

Josh Warner was 2nd in the Shot Put, beating his previous best by 2 feet and getting a throw of 48'9". He was second to Carrillo in that event.

For Northeast Nodaway, Steve Schulte came heartbreakingly close to qualifying, getting a season best 40'8" in the Triple Jump, but missed qualifying on tiebreaks, finishing 5th.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Worth County School Board Makes Coaching Changes, Hires New Personnel

The Worth County School Board made changes to the basketball coaches following a 90-minute closed session following their regular Board of Education Meeting Thursday. The board voted to hire Bryce Schafer as a probationary teacher contingent on proper certification for the next school year on a 4-2 vote. The board also voted to rehire Schafer as boys basketball coach on a 4-2 vote. The board then voted unanimously to make last year's assistant Josh Smith the girls basketball coach. Smith was assistant to Schafer for both girls and boys last year and managed the girls team for one game at Albany to victory. The board took no action at Thursday's meeting on hiring assistants.

Schafer will be managing the school's At Risk program for four hours, according to Superintendent Dr. Matt Martz. He will also teach Junior High PE and help track students who are on Gradewatch. He will also assist with Junior High Girls Softball.

Cassie Gilland will be varsity girls softball assistant to Coach Dave Gilland, replacing Schafer. She will be teaching math as well. Gilland had been hired as a math teacher at a previous meeting.

The rest of the board's votes were unanimous. Jon Adwell was named as assistant track coach, replacing Emily Cloughly, who has resigned. Abby Hearn was hired as a part-time health aide. Johnny Thurman was named as a full time paraprofessional and Ayrica Fletchall was named part-time paraprofessional. The board voted to name Elizabeth Martz as Parent Educator for the Parents as Teacher's Program. She will also help with federal programs and serve as a clerk for the preschool program. The board appointed Dr. Matt Martz as Student Council Sponsor. The board appointed Stormy Hayes as Curriculum Coordinator for the school. The school is currently in transition from an eight period day to a seven period day. The board voted to hire Kylie Till to be Color Guard coach. She is the wife of Stephen Till, who the board hired at a special meeting on April 28th to become band coach and music teacher.

Martz said that the school will promote Amanda Pottorff to counselor for K-12 to replace the retiring Clella Goodwin and appoint Nanci Drury as her assistant. Drury will be responsible for management and handling the A+ Program. Drury will also take over for Janice Borey as school librarian. Borey is retiring from that position at the end of this school year. Borey will continue as Girls Golf and Girls Track Coach.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Obituary -- Ina Fern Jones 1918-2014

Ina Fern Jones, age 95, Grant City, Missouri, died Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at the Worth County Convalescent Center in Grant City. 

Ina was born November 30, 1918 near Denver, Missouri.  She was the daughter of the late Andrew Jackson and Alta (Stephens) Miller. 

Ina was united in marriage to Truman Kenneth Jones in 1934 at Denver.  Truman preceded her in death on March 14, 1994.  Others preceding her in death were a sister Carrie Darby, two brothers Herbert and Billie Miller, and her son-in-law Ray Wemple.

Ina had formerly worked as a clerk for the F.C. Grace Grocery and as a machine operator for the Grant City Manufacturing Company.   She was a member of the Allendale Baptist Church, Allendale, Missouri and a past member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Survivors include: Daughter Madelyn Jones Wemple, grandchildren, Dr. Susan (Neal “Bear”) Groom and Thomas Dale Knight, all of Grant City; great grandchildren, Travis Groom, Van Nuys, California, Thomas Dean Knight, Worth, Missouri, and Andrew Joseph Knight, Stanberry, Missouri; great great granddaughters, Brighid Groom, Higgensville, Missouri, Chloe, Ina Jean, and Avah Knight, all of Worth.

Graveside Funeral Services and Interment will be held Friday, May 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM, at the Prairie Chapel Cemetery near Denver, Missouri.  Pastor Darrell Darby officiating.

 Service arrangements:

Northeast Nodaway FFA Selected as Superior Chapter for 9th Straight Year

Northeast Nodaway's FFA was selected by the state as a superior chapter for the 9th year in a row. One of the main reasons is student participation -- 26 students received Leadership Awards at the FFA Banquet Wednesday night; this is over one third of the student body. Seven seniors received awards, over half the graduating class. These awards are given to students who go above and beyond the call of duty for the Northeast Nodaway FFA.

Given Leadership Awards this year were Dalton Auffert, Andrew Freemyer, Wyatt Henggeler, Vanessa Riley, Amanda Standiford, Rowdy West, Tanner Wilcox, Korey Adwell, Dallis Coffelt, Mikeala McCoy, Talina Nelson, Allie Runde, Jill Spire, Andrew Faustlin, Austin Jones, Bailey Judd, Justin Parker, Kaysie Wiederholt, Kristen Wiederholt, Kerrigan Adwell, Sarah Bliley, Taryn Farnan, Holly Redden, Steve Schulte, Jenny Seipel, and Claudia Wiederholt.

Scholarship Awards this year went to Andrew Freemyer, Vanessa Riley, Korey Adwell, Dallis Coffelt, Mikeala McCoy, Allie Runde, Jill Spire, Justin Parker, Kaysie Wiederholt, Kerrigan Adwell, Sarah Bliley, Taryn Farnan, Steve Schulte, and Jenny Seipel.

There were eight proficiency awards won by NEN students this year individually. Taryn Farnan won 2nd in Ag-Sales Placement. Sarah Bliley won 1st in Environmental Science and Natural Resources. Taryn Farnan was 1st in Food Service. Sarah Bliley was 3rd in Home and Community Development, Steve Schulte was 3rd in Outdoor Recreation. Kaysie Wiederholt was 2nd in Sheep Production. Steve Schulte was 4th in Wildlife Management. And Kerrigan Adwell was 4th in Swine Production.

Star Greenhand was Andrew Freemyer while Star Chapter Farmer went to Jill Spire.

Greenhand Degrees went to Dalton Auffert, Andrew Freemyer, Wyatt Henggeler, Vanessa Riley, Amanda Standiford, Rowdy West, Tanner Wilcox, and Becca Hopper.

Chapter Degrees went to Korey Adwell, Dallis Coffelt, Mikeala McCoy, Talina Nelson, Allie Runde, and Jill Spire.

Two teams qualified for state this year. The Farm Management Team of Sarah Bliley, Steve Schulte, Jenny Seipel, Kerrigan Adwell, and Holly Redden qualified for state. These people qualified for state all four years. The Dairy Foods team of Dallis Coffelt, Allie Runde, Jill Spire, Mikeala McCoy, Talina Nelson, Korey Adwell, and Becca Hopper also qualified for state. There were three other teams that participated in competitions this year. Members of the Nursery/Landscape team were Andrew Faustlin, Bailey Judd, Justin Parker, Kaysie Wiederholt, and Kristen Wiederholt. Members of the Horses team were Dalton Auffert, Andrew Freemyer, Vanessa Riley, Amanda Standiford, and Rowdy West. Members of the Meats team were Korey Adwell and Talina Nelson.

This year's officers were Jenny Seipel (President), Kaysie Wiederholt (1st Vice President), Kristen Wiederholt (2nd Vice President), Kerrigan Adwell (Secretary), Steve Schulte (Treasurer), Jill Spire (Reporter), and Taryn Farnan (Sentinel). Next year's officers will be Kaysie Wiederholt (President), Kristen Wiederholt (1st Vice President), Allie Runde (2nd Vice President), Bailey Judd (Secretary), Andrew Freemyer (Treasurer), Jill Spire (Reporter), Sentinel (Amanda Standiford), and Dalton Auffert (Chaplain). All the outgoing officers gave speeches at the close of the banquet. Many of the students came to realize that they did not have to be a farmer or have a farming background to enjoy the benefits of being an FFA member. The FFA develops life skills such as keeping a budget and public speaking, the latter of which is useful for running for public officer. The late Congressman Jerry Litton got his start speaking around the country for FFA at the national level and always spoke to FFA groups even after he was elected to public office. As he liked to say, kids who are given these sorts of responsibilities are too busy to get into any kind of trouble.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baseball Brings Home First Banner for NEN in Three Years

The Northeast Nodaway Baseball Team brought home the first banner for the school in three years as they won the Northwest Missouri Baseball Conference Championship in its inaugural season this year. The baseball team set a school record for most wins in a season with 10 and they clinched the first winning season for the franchise as they were 10-6 as of Wednesday night. The baseball team's accomplishments were the highlight of the Northeast Nodaway Athletic Banquet Tuesday. The most improved member of the squad was Austin Jones. The Black and Blue award went to Shaun Burns. The Defensive MVP was Rowdy West, while the Offensive MVP was Andrew Faustlin. The Bluejays will return all but three of their players to next year's squad.

The Northeast Nodaway basketball teams won the sportsmanship awards this year for the conference after the whole school won it last year. While it was lost in the shadow of his 1200+ wins, the late Claude Samson, during his days at Northeast Nodaway, always expected his teams to show good sportsmanship during contests. Players were expected to police each others' behaviors, and the goal of the school was to win the sportsmanship trophies at tournaments as well as win games. These awards were announced by Principal Linda Mattson at the end of the banquet. The conference also recognized scholar athletes again this year. Recognized from Northeast Nodaway this year were Kerrigan Adwell, Taryn Farnan, Steve Schulte, Jill Spire, and Shelby Brandt.

The girls softball team won five games this year after winning one the year before and none the year before that. Claudia Wiederholt was named to the all-conference squad and all-district squad, as was Jill Spire. Offensive MVP was Jill Spire, Defensive MVP was Dallis Coffelt, and Most Improved was Allie Runde.

For Junior High Girls Basketball, first-year coach Joyce Stiens said that the strength of the team was defense, and that the 8th graders did a good job of setting an example for the 7th graders to follow. She said that the 7th graders always hustled when they were out on the floor.

Junior High Boys Basketball Coach Jared Freemyer's team went 9-7 in his first year at the helm. It was their first winning season in five years. They were third in the Northeast Nodaway Tournament and won Consolation at the King City Tournament. They did that despite their lack of size; however, they were fundamentally sound and knew how to play the game.

The Northeast Nodaway Basketball Girls were 15-11, Coach Vance Proffitt's first-ever winning season at either Hopkins or Northeast Nodaway. He said that a lot of hard work paid off in the end as Northeast played well at the end of the year. Taryn Farnan and Jill Spire were named to the all-conference squad while Taryn was also named to the all-district squad. Offensive MVP was Taryn Farnan, while Dallis Coffelt was Defensive MVP. Most Improved was Bailey Judd, while Taryn won the Black and Blue Award.

The Boys Basketball team exceeded expectations and won 10 games this year. They were stuck at one win at the Christmas Break due to injuries and new roles for the players. However, they played excellent basketball for the second half, grabbing the Consolation Trophy at South Harrison in the process. They worked their way up from the 8th seed at the beginning of the year to the 5th seed at Districts, where they beat Mercer in the first round of the tournament. Along the way, they beat three teams that had beaten them earlier in the season. Garet Jackson got the 3-point shooter award. Leading in assists and steals was Steve Schulte. Leading in points, rebounds, blocks, and free throws was Joel Scroggie. The Black and Blue Award went to Shaun Burns. Co-MVP's were Steve Schulte and Joel Scroggie.

For Track, the Female Athlete of the Year was Taryn Farnan and the Male Athlete of the Year was Steve Schulte. Taryn qualified in the High Jump in District, while Steve qualified in the Triple Jump and is seeking to return to state.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Obituary -- Jessie Gilland 1926-2014

Jessie Pauline Daniels Gilland was born on a farm west of Allendale on September 21, 1926 to Almon Talmadge (Jack) Daniels and Elsie Fletchall Daniels. She departed this life on May 1, 2014 at Northwest Medical Center, Albany, Missouri, at the age of 87.

She attended the first eight years of her schooling at Allendale and graduated from Grant City High School in 1944. After graduating from high school, she took the teachers’ exam and attended Northwest Teachers College in Maryville. She taught for two years at rural schools outside of Grant City at the time the rural schools were consolidating.

She was united in marriage on April 15, 1945 to George Dewey Gilland, who was a staff sergeant in the Engineers Division of the US Army. They resided in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was stationed after returning from Germany. Upon his discharge from the service they purchased a farm southwest of Grant City and made their home there until it was gutted by fire in 1972. They then purchased a home in Grant City, where they resided until his passing in 1997. She remained in the home.

To this union three sons were born, Gregory and Britt, both of whom died in infancy, and David.
At the age of 12 she professed her faith in the Lord and became a member of the Allendale Baptist Church, later transferring her membership to the Grant City Baptist Church.

Jessie was a homemaker and loved the outdoors, gardening, and caring for flowers. She was a member of the Order of Eastern Star for over fifty years and served numerous times as Worthy Matron of the Sunshine Chapter, in addition to holding many other offices. In 1975 she was appointed to serve as District Deputy Grand Matron of the 6th District. She was also a member of the Birthday Club and Uneeda Farm Club.

She was preceded in death by George, her husband of 52 years, Gregory and Britt, her infant sons, her parents, her only sibling, sister Iona Daniels Stull, and several sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law.

She is survived by her son David and wife Ann Steinhauser Gilland of Grant City, four grandchildren, Brett and wife Amanda Stobbe Gilland of Grant City, Megan Gilland and friend Aaron Luckert of Kansas City, Cassie Gilland of Moberly, and Brooke Gilland of Maryville, and two great grandchildren, Evalyn and Jarrett Gilland of Grant City, all of whom she loved dearly. She is also survived by one sister-in-law, Mary Ellen Prater of St. Joseph, MO, one brother-in-law, Jon Quentin Gilland of Albuquerque, NM, and several nieces and nephews.

Visitation will be held Sunday, May 4th from 6-8 pm at the Prugh Dunfee Funeral Home, Grant City, MO. The funeral service will be Monday, May 5th at 2 pm at the funeral home followed by interment at the Grant City Cemetery.