Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Chevy Davidson for West Commissioner

Hello, my name is Chevy Davidson. I'm running for west commissioner in Worth County. The main reason I am running is to ensure the future existence of the county. I believe the best way to do this is to have a tight budget, pay down as much debt as possible, and create governmental policies that will encourage the growth. In order to provide an environment that encourages growth, we need to reduce current local regulations that discourage new businesses. I will be running against Dennis Gabbert on the Republican ticket August 7th. I would greatly appreciate your vote! Sincerely, Chevy Davidson

Gabbert Defends Health Ordinance, Cites County Accomplishments

Dennis Gabbert defended the health ordinance passed by the county and listed the various accomplishments of the commission since he got elected in an interview with the Sheridan Express. Gabbert said that the health ordinance struck a fair balance between the CAFO producer as well as the needs of the property owners who live next to the CAFO. He said that normally he believed in free enterprise, but that there had to be consideration for other people’s needs. “Before we passed this ordinance, we talked to some landowners who lived next to the facilities we already have and they said having a CAFO next to them dropped their property values,” said Gabbert. Gabbert said that this issue could affect every citizen in the county; for instance, a CAFO located half a mile outside of one of the towns could create odor problems for the people living inside the towns. Grant City occasionally gets odor from the Continental Grain facility located on the Worth/Gentry County border several miles away. In addition, Gabbert said that CAFO’s were not a taxing asset to the county when you factor in such things as truck traffic, which tears up county roads. He said that they were not a great employment tool because they frequently only took one or two people to operate. Among accomplishments cited by Gabbert for the county since he was elected included construction of several non-load limit bridges in the county, the Worth BRO Bridge, the Paxson Bridge north of Sheridan, completion of the elevator project which made the Courthouse ADA compliant, uniform techniques for grading county roads, and being able to be more productive with the road and bridge crew despite fewer employees. Gabbert cited his ability to work with the other commissioners at the Worth County Candidates Forum. “Me and Rob Ruckman come from two different backgrounds, yet we are able to form a good working relationship as commissioners,” he said. Gabbert also serves on the Solid Waste District, as well as the Transportation Advisory Committee, where he is an advocate for better roads for the county. Dennis is married to Cathy, a retired teacher from Northeast Nodaway. They have two children, Justin and Holly. Gabbert said that if reelected, he would like to see more brush enforcement, work towards having all of the county bridges without load limits, eliminating all wood deck bridges, which he said were becoming too expensive to maintain, and the restoration of the courtroom.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fire Crews Battle Two Grass Fires in 106 Degree Heat

Fire crews from around the area battled two grass fires in 106 degree heat last Wednesday. The first one was at the Harry and Naomi Mullock pasture south of Oxford; Cody Mullock was operating a disc mower when he hit a rock and ignited a spark between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. Fire departments from Sheridan, Parnell, Grant City, Jackson Township, Stanberry, Hopkins, and Maryville came to battle the 200-acre blaze. It got into some timber, making it difficult for crews to get to it. It was carried by a strong south wind and spread into a neighboring pasture. The Enhanced 911 system response time was fast; the Worth County Fire Auxiliary brought refreshments for the firefighters. At 6 the same day, fire broke out on the Bob Young pasture during haying northwest of Sheridan. Units from Sheridan, Grant City, Bedford, Parnell, and Blockton responded as well as the Sheridan Ambulance.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Worth County Sheriff's Report for July 25th, 2012

7-16 – Officer investigates accident at Casey’s in Grant City. 7-16 – Resident reports road signs down at junction E & K; reported to Missouri Department of Transportation. 7-16 – Officer transports two inmates from Ringgold County jail to Worth County for court. 7-16 – Officer serves papers. 7-17 – Report of a suspicious car in landowner’s cornfield; located owner of car. 7-17 – Report of brush fire on Route A in Worth County. 7-18 – Officer asks resident to put out a campfire due to burn ban. 7-18 – Report of person that fell from roof of house; officers and ambulance respond. 7-18 – Report of grass fire out of control at edge of Worth and Harrison county. Both fire departments respond. 7-19 – Out of state landowner reports vandalism to a gate at property on Route C. 7-19 – Officer investigates possible overdose; person transported to Maryville hospital. 7-20 – Officer investigates report of dog killing cats on a lady’s property in Grant City. 7-20 – Officer serves papers in Sheridan. 7-20 – Officer assists with funeral traffic.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doing God's Work for July 25th, 2012

Have you found this week has been more trials and tests of faith? All of God’s children go through these seasons, some daily. It is what brings us closer to God in prayer and reminds us of the scriptures He has given us to live by. Sometimes, we need a refresher course on what Christ has taught us. We will never graduate from these teachings until we are in glory with Him. Meanwhile, keep reading His word and never cease praying (Colossians 1:9). Yes, keep praying though they may seem to fall on deaf ears, HE likes us to keep in communication with Him. Watch our faith grow in our walk with God. When God chooses to answer our prayers, may we give Him ALL the praise and glory. With the world events happening closer to home, families being separated, wars, crops failing due to drought, pain and suffering this world offers; all the more reason to stay in prayer. I ask God to plant the seed of faith for many things, which I intend to hold on and not rest until I see his results. May we bond in prayer for rain, peace, and tranquility. This week, we went out into the Mission field. Going into His mission field opened eyes to see the many reasons to pray and the many reasons to give Him thanks for. Wednesday, the extreme heat didn’t keep some from coming to sing songs of praise and pray. We prayed for those who suffer from heat and relief. Finding songs that helped to shape our faith and what we believe was not difficult for us. July 29th is the last Sunday to bring school items to the church. They will be distributed August 10th. Pastor Janis can be found at Ravenwood Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday afternoon at Grant City, and Hopkins mid-day on Fridays unless God calls her into the mission field for other needs. Join us in His house to worship and give thanks for His many blessings. We’ll be doing a study on what shapes our faith and belief. What is your purpose He has chosen you for? See you in church!

6th District Congressional Candidate Bill Hedge Promises to Build Consensus

Democratic Congressional Candidate Bill Hedge promised to be a consensus builder if elected in contrast to what he said was the divisive politics which was currently part of Washington. “John Wooden once said that great things were possible if nobody cares who gets the credit,” he said. He said that the current problem in Washington was that there were too many people who would rather obstruct constructive legislation rather than let someone else get the credit. Hedge served as a long-time teacher and principal at Central High School in St. Joseph as well as a professor at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville. He currently serves as the pastor of St. Francis Baptist Temple in St. Joseph and said that his Christian faith guided what he believed in. “I will not be bought; I have been purchased by a Jewish carpenter,” he told the Sheridan Express. One example was the passage of the 2012 Farm Bill in the Senate, which he said would give a lot more relief to farmers who got crop damage due to the drought. It is now in the House. “This affects everyone from the farmers to people who buy foods at the supermarket,” he said. As an example of the kind of approach he would favor, he pointed to the Affordable Healthcare Act, which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. “We’re the richest country in the world and we can’t afford to give our people healthcare?” he asked. He said that he realized that the bill was not perfect, but that Congress should focus on fixing it instead of trying to get rid of it. He said that as a retired teacher and professor, the government should make education funding its top priority as opposed to Congressional plans to phase out most federal education funding over the next 10 years. He said that it didn’t make sense that teachers helped students become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow but that the government was not willing to provide for the country’s long-term future. “All the other professions in this country are taught by teachers,” said Hedge. And yet he said that there were too many in Washington that simply paid lip service to teachers and who refused to fund schools what they needed in order to function effectively. Others, he said, wanted to simply get rid of all the teachers. “How silly is that,” he asked. Instead, he said that they would rather fund undeclared wars abroad. Hedge said that Obama was moving in the right direction, in a policy in which countries like Afghanistan would be able to stand on their own two feet. He said that the FBI and the CIA were doing a good job protecting the country against threats and that our country had the ability to monitor threats with technology so that wars of occupation would be unnecessary and the government would be able to move resources to education and other domestic programs. Regarding small business, Hedge said that they were the backbone of the US economy, yet too many politicians were seeking to export more jobs overseas. “This is one of those issues where we have to do what is best for the American people,” he said. “We need to bring these jobs back into this country where they belong.” He said that in order for the country to move forward, people had to put aside their own interests for the common good. “I have values and morals to stand on and this is who I am,” he concluded. As his father told him growing up, “Once you get an education, no one will be able to take it away.”

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Grant City Sewer Fund Declining Rapidly

The Grant City sewer fund is declining rapidly despite a recent raise in sewer rates and the fact that it is taking in $6500 per month. The reason is because of much higher than expected costs for the chemicals that are needed to treat the sewer system. The city had been told by a representative of the current company that they are using that their costs for the first four months they used their services would be around $2500 per month and then go lower after that. However, that particular representative is no longer employed by the company and the city has actually wound up paying around $3500 per month now. The city decided to move salary payments for Public Works Director Carl Staton and some other employees, who are being paid out of the fund, to other funds and to get quotes from competing companies. There have been a lot of water leaks this month; the Rural Water District has had 8-10 leaks while the city has had 3-4 this month. The council renewed their membership in the Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission for the next three years. The city sold twice as many pool passes as last year. There were 70 kids who took swimming lessons this year and there were people who came from Stanberry and Mount Ayr to use the pool. A volunteer appreciation day has been tentatively scheduled for August 18th. Council members balked at a backdoor tax increase by the USDA, in the form of a rule requiring a 5% late fee for late water payments. As members said, if customers didn’t have the money to pay the original water bill, they would not have the money to pay the penalty as well. That measure was tabled by the council. The city solicited bids for the demolition of the Yetter Building in an idea to get a handle on the cost that would be involved. They received one bid, from J.C. Dirtwork for $26,000, which was a high price tag. Further action was tabled. Council members discussed a situation with donkeys on the north part of town. The donkeys got out one time and they have been making loud noises at around 3 a.m. The owner had been told incorrectly that the area in question was zoned for agriculture. The owner in question has another part of his property where he keeps horses which is zoned for agriculture. Discussion was held about the future of the Code Enforcement Officer. Council members Catherine Runde and Dennis Downing said that they were not seeing sufficient progress from simply writing letters to people. “We’ve been having these conversations the last few years and nothing is getting done,” said Runde. But Mayor Debbie Roach said that if five people got letters of violation and two cleaned up their properties that it was worth it. She said that 11 homes had been demolished since the Code Enforcement Officer’s position was established. Persons who ignore the letters of violation are referred for prosecution. However, that costs $150 per hour, which could add up to thousands of dollars of costs annually for the city. The city cannot simply go onto peoples’ properties and remedy the situation because that would violate basic due process; therefore, they have to go through the court system. Generally, Code Enforcement Officer Patsy Worthington spends 10 hours per week performing her duties enforcing city ordinances. Public Works Director Carl Staton reported that city crews were working on water leaks as well as pipes at the pool and getting the new Casey’s hooked up. The council agreed that the city could wait until the weather cooled before proceeding with construction of streets this year. The city is also holding off on work along the Nature Trail until the weather cools off. Staton reported that there were continuing problems with trash trucks tearing up the streets. The council voted to spend up to $15,000 to spray the streets for dust, which is a problem with the dry weather.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Grant City VFW Seeks New Members

The Grant City VFW Post 3123 is seeking new members. The VFW is an organization which is dedicated to promoting the interests of veterans in Congress. At the local level, they do community service projects such as ceremonial funeral services, disposal of tattered/torn flags, and other such projects. The purpose of the VFW is to put the interests of their members first, promote patriotism, honor military service, ensure the care of veterans and their families, and serve communities. Following the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection from 1899-1902, many veterans arrived home wounded or sick and there was no medical care or veterans pensions for them and they were left to care for themselves. By 1915, there were 5,000 members and by 1936, there were almost 200,000. Among critical legislative victories were the creation of the Veterans Administration, creating a GI Bill following World War II, the development of the national cemetery system, the fight for compensation for veterans exposed to Agent Orange following the Vietnam War, and a new GI Bill for the 21st century which benefits Iraq and Afghan War Veterans. They also helped fund the Vietnam, Korean War, World War II, and Women in Military Service Memorials as well as the Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial, which opened in November 2010. The VFW also seeks to meet the unmet needs of military families around the country. This program seeks to meet the unmet expenses of military families such as rent, mortgage, utilities, vehicle repair, medical expenses, and food/basic assistance. Funds are available to all five branches of the military as well as members of the National Guard and Reserves. Assistance is awarded in the form of a grant, not a loan, so recipients are not required to pay it. The money is paid directly to the creditor, not the individual. Over 3100 families have been helped in the last several years. The VFW is also seeking to bring closure to families with a person who was missing in action. This year, for the first time, a delegation from the VFW was allowed inside the Chinese military archives in Beijing to search for information about servicemen missing in action from World War II and other conflicts. They also work with the Vietnamese and Russian governments to get information about servicemen missing in action. The Grant City VFW meets every second Thursday at 7:00 at the VFW building in Grant City. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Commander Robert Hull at (660) 564-2100. Members participate in ceremonial funeral services around the area as well as meet every month and perform other community service projects.

Friday, July 6, 2012

US Senate Candidate Mark Lodes Breaks Stereotypes

Mark Lodes, Republican candidate for US Senate, breaks many typical partisan stereotypes. For instance, he supports the Obama healthcare bill based on personal experience. Lodes is a diabetic. “I’ve been fighting insurance companies for the last twenty years over my condition,” he said in a telephone interview with the Sheridan Express. “I felt like we needed to fight the constantly rising healthcare costs in this country and this bill does that.” He noted that he was dropped from health insurance many times because of his medical condition. Lodes said that as a pro-life Christian, it was a moral value to ensure healthcare for all. “I looked at the Obama healthcare bill very carefully to see if it funded abortions with taxpayer dollars and it does not,” he said. “I could not have supported it if it had.” He said that while there was significant room for improvement in the Affordable Healthcare Act, it was a step in the right direction. He noted that Obama borrowed heavily from Republican ideas proposed in the last decade to combat the healthcare problem. Lodes said that the main change that he would make was to change the tax penalty for failing to purchase insurance to a credit for buying it. He said that his approach would foster growth. He said that he would also encourage the pooling of insurance to spread the risk. Lodes said that the main issue in Missouri was “jobs, jobs, and more jobs,” along with the rising national deficit. He said that his stances on the issues and his willingness to cross party lines made him the best qualified candidate. (Continued from Page 7) Specifically, Lodes said that the country needed to build the technical infrastructure to compete in the 21st century, including broadband to every community in the country. “This will give access to jobs for everyone,” Lodes explained. “When we have a well-trained workforce with the tools they need, we can be an unstoppable force. We have the potential to become the single most highly educated workforce in history.” Lodes said that he would be able to work across the aisle without compromising his values. “This is all about not leaving anyone in Missouri behind,” he said. Regarding education, Lodes said that he wanted to cut funding where possible and work on reducing the tax burden for people. He said that he wanted to reform the shortfalls of the school system where possible and foster co-mingling of public and private resources. Specifically, he said that there was a large need for English as Second Language courses in the cities, where public education was falling short. He said that he would remedy that by incentivizing private schools to offer help. On immigration, Lodes said that he would offer a carrot and stick approach. Normally, he said that he was in favor of smaller government; however, he said that on immigration, expansion of government was necessary. He said that he wanted more resources to go towards both more border security as well as hiring more government workers to process visa applications for this country. He said that part of the problem was that there was a huge backlog of applications for visas for the US. “This is an area we can’t afford to cut back on,” he said. “We are at our best as a country when we open our arms to those who want to come here. Here in Missouri, we have a ton of immigrants who came here legally who work hard and play by the rules. We also need the capacity to enforce our immigration laws as well.” Lodes said that he would also increase funding for road repairs as well. “We need to focus on the national debt, but we need to keep our roads in good shape so the people can get to their jobs,” he said. Lodes saw Northwest Missouri as having a lot of potential to become the wind capital for the rest of the state. He said that Missouri was in a strong position as far as energy was concerned because of the high amount of cheap coal, but he said that there was a need to diversify. “We don’t need a nuclear meltdown like Japan, so our future should be in clean energy,” he said.”I am envious when I travel to other states and see all the green energy being produced.” He said that he would favor a carrot and stick approach that he says would foster growth.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Affordable Healthcare Act Timeline

July 1st, 2010 –Closes donut hole for prescription drugs by $250. –Guarantees access to insurance for people previously uninsured who have preexisting medical conditions. September 23rd, 2010 –Prohibits insurance companies from rescinding coverage. –Requires insurance companies to provide coverage so young adults can stay on their parents insurance plan until age 26. January 1st, 2011 –A mandatory 50% discount is given on brand name prescription drugs. –Insurance policies are required to provide preventative care (free wellness visits which include personalized prevention plans). –Insurance policies are required to spend at least 80% of insurance premiums received for services to the public. If they fail to do so, they must rebate the overcharge to their policyholders. October 1st, 2012 Reduces paperwork and administrative costs. Requires electronic medical records and exchange of medical information electronically. –Payments must be linked to outcomes. This program provides financial incentives for hospitals to improve the quality of healthcare. January 1st, 2013 New Medicaid preventative healthcare available (optional to states). –Increases payments to Medicaid doctors. –Imposes tax on unearned income of 3.8% on persons who receive over $200,000 of this type of income. (Over $250,000 for a married couple) January 1st, 2014 –Prohibits discrimination based on health status. –Prohibits annual limits on coverage. –Allows states to set up an insurance exchange (So far, Missouri has elected not to do so). –Expands Medicaid to 133% of the poverty level. –Mandates the purcahse of insurance or the individual is required to pay a fee as part of his income tax return. There are exemptions, but the basic fee is $95 in 2014, $325 in 2015, and $695 in 2016. –Gives a tax credit to lower middle class taxpayers if they purchase medical insurance. –Submitted by Jerold Drake in the hope that it is helpful for those who read the Sheridan Express.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Libertarian US Senate Candidate Jonathan Dine -- Obamacare Unprecedented

Photobucket Jonathan Dine website

US Senate Candidate Hector Maldonado is Iraq War Veteran

GOP US Senate Candidate Hector Maldonado is an Iraq War Veteran who touts his pro-NRA credentials as well as his anti-abortion stance. In this video, he shows many pictures of himself serving in Iraq. A lot of Conservative politicians have been attacked by Democrats (Bush II, Cheney, Quayle, Palin) for dodging the draft and then sending others to do what they wouldn't do themselves when they assumed power; however, it would be difficult to do this to Maldonado since he has served in Iraq and knows what it's like.

US Senate Candidate Robert Poole says Truckers are Backbone for Economy

GOP US Senate Candidate Robert Poole says that truckdrivers are the backbone to the economy. He would work with World Power Corporation, an energy production company, on a plan which he says would create 200,000 jobs within his first 120 days in office. He focuses extensively on alternative energy. He would pay off student loans for all students who maintain an A or B average in college and would refuse to vote for any bill unless he reads it in its entirety.
 It doesn't take a political genius to figure out that we need jobs back in America now, however none of our politicians or leaders have a plan on how they can provide us with those much needed jobs. I DO. As you read about these important issues that we as a country are facing TOGETHER, you will see exactly how I am going to bring the jobs we need back to this state and country. This is not another empty promise or great plan lacking true substance, I have real jobs and I have them now. By working with World Power Corporation we will be able to provide at least 200,000 JOBS within my first 120 days and this will trickle down to much, much more in the coming years. All the jobs created by World Power Corporation will be PERMANENT AND HIGH PAYING JOBS!
 I believe that they truckers are the backbone of America. Think about it, everything you buy and consume is moved by a truck to get to it's destination. My plan is to introduce a bill into congress TO CUT DIESEL FUEL TAX OUT COMPLETELY FOR SIX MONTHS. This will give you guys and gals a much needed break NOW. This will put $30, $60, $90 a day, and more cash back in your pockets TODAY. I will also meet with the governors of all the states to try and get them to reduce the price of tolls for truckers to the same price of cars. 
 Did you know that all farmers get a tax break on their diesel fuel. This is a good thing and they deserve it because they are growing our crops, but the truckers  deserve this break also because they move our crops.
 By getting rid of these taxes it will bring down the cost of food for the consumer as well. Everything in America is moved by our truckers, so when they get hit at the pump, we get hit at the store. By implementing this bill, we not only help the truckers but we help the everyday consumer as well.
For more information, read his website here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mark Memoly -- Using Technology to Connect People with Higher Paying Jobs

GOP US Senate Candidate Mark Memoly posted an idea for connecting people with higher paying jobs:
Mining a product to enhance Environment
Employing People with Quality Jobs
Manufacturing to enhance Environment
Offering individuals Higher Wages
Liberating many people from poverty today
Yes we can do it Modernizing Energy & Transportation Infrastructure
= Memoly in Missouri
USA = What we will do first: Make changes to Job Application Process enabling people to save time i.e. not repeatedly typing information i.e. High School.
PACCAR is one company that offers this type of application. Teaming up with Business, Community Groups, Government, & Labor will employ people and generate Fun.
Imagine you have just worked an 80 hour week and the last thing you want to do is look for a job.
Because you completed this application process, similar to E-Verify, an employer contacts you and offers a salary increase of $16,000.
For a complete rundown of his ideas, visit his campaign website here.

US Senate Candidate John Brunner on Agriculture

From his agriculture page:
As Missouri’s next Senator, I will be an advocate for production agriculture and re-inject commonsense into agriculture policy.
Missouri is blessed to have a thriving and diverse agriculture industry. Each year, Missouri’s agricultural output contributes over $12 billion to our state economy — representing about 7% of our annual gross state product. I understand that Missouri’s farmers and ranchers are the cornerstone of our state’s economy. Unfortunately, some leaders in Washington simply do not get it. The Obama administration and its supporters in Congress have threatened or imposed burdensome agriculture regulations on everything from farm dust, to spilled milk. To make matters worse, these senseless and oppressive federal regulations are stifling job growth in agriculture. As someone who ran a business and created jobs, I understand how regulation, or the threat of regulation, can directly impact the bottom line. In this uncertain and onerous regulatory environment, Missouri farmers and ranchers cannot grow their operations and the cost of production is skyrocketing.

For a complete rundown of his issues, visit here.

Sarah Steelman Pledges to Repeal Obamacare

by Sarah Steelman
GOP Candidate
Missouri Senate

Sen. McCaskill has stated repeatedly that Missourians will like ObamaCare once they know what's in it. (Editor -- Here is what McCaskill said according to PoliticsMO: "McCaskill said she believes many Missourians would like the state-level exchanges if lawmakers would allow them to move forward.
'For some reason, the folks in Jeff City don’t want to set up that state exchange. It is almost as if they want the federal government to do it instead of the states,' McCaskill said. 'I think they’re just trying to make a political point instead of trying to help people with their health insurance.'")
Well, unlike Sen. McCaskill, I have actually read the bill and I can tell you that there's a lot to dislike, namely over a dozen new taxes, many of which will be paid by individuals making under $250,000. Sen. McCaskill was ObamaCare's biggest advocate in the Senate, and now she's going to have to admit to Missourians that she forgot to mention the tax increases, penalties, mandates on employers and restrictions on care…or maybe she'll just tell them they'll learn to like it.

It is the height of hypocrisy for liberal elitists like Sen. McCaskill to tell people that they know what's best for them, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Missourians don't want ObamaCare and view it as something that will negatively impact their health care plans and pocketbooks. Well, now it appears that we'll see a patchwork of states around the country refuse to set up exchanges or participate in the Medicaid expansion. I suppose Sen. McCaskill will tell those Governors who refuse to comply that they don't know what 's best for their states and recommend that they be forced into lockstep.

I pledge to the people of Missouri that I will fight to repeal every last word of ObamaCare. I will always listen to the people and never dismiss them by saying that I know what's best, and I will always look to our Constitution to determine if a bill is within what our framers intended.

GOP Senate Candidate Jerry Beck on "Economic Terrorism"

Republican US Senate Candidate Jerry Beck:
He goes on to state that the press helps enable the government and charges the government with psychological, economic, and collectivistic tactics; for instance, if one does not comply with certain rules, they do not get the promised benefits.

For the complete piece, visit here.

Editorial -- Stop the Mudslinging in MO Senate Race

The mudslinging in the Republican Senate Race is getting out of hand to the point where Todd Akin is devoting a good chunk of his front page to what he says are the lies and distortions of his opposition. But none of this does any good in helping people decide who the best choice should be. The one thing that will help undecided voters make up their minds is where people stand on the issues. For instance, Mr. Akin makes perfect sense when he talks about how No Child Left Behind is a disaster for public education:

Education of children is best left to the wisdom of parents, teachers and the taxpayers of local communities. The intrusion of the federal government into the education of our children pulls needed funds from our communities to Washington, DC, and yet returns only a fraction of those funds back to our schools. In fact, in retrieving those apportioned funds, local communities must agree to Washington’s terms to get their own money back – those terms are largely unfunded mandates which put further burdens on our schools and teachers, and as those mandates strain budgets, a greater burden is then put on the taxpayer whose money went to Washington in the first place.
We need to return local control to our schools. In 2001, I opposed my own party when I stood in opposition to President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act.
My party had strayed from its principles in seeking to expand the federal reach into our classrooms. The bill before me lacked needed reforms to provide increased flexibility for local schools, educational choice, and consolidation of existing federal programs. Instead, it was a 1,000 page bill with over 2,000 directives from Washington, D.C. for states, school boards, teachers and parents.
Currently, schools spend countless hours meeting over burdensome federal regulations in order to receive money that is less than ten percent of their overall budget. It is time to end Washington’s trend as “Federal Superintendent of Education” and give control and funding back to the States and local school boards. In short, reducing excessive federal regulations will make more dollars available our local schools, and allow those who actually interact with students to focus spending where it is most needed.
This is the sort of thing which will help voters decide one way or another when they enter the voting booth. In that regard, we had an interesting interview with one of the other candidates, Mark Lodes, which we will publish in the July 11th edition of the Sheridan Express. He is not your typical political candidate; he has an independent voice and has a lot of interesting ideas to revive the dormant economy. Stay tuned.

Claire McCaskill Helps Military Sexual Trauma Victim Cut Through Red Tape

Claire McCaskill posted the story of a veteran, Terri Odom, who her office helped cut through red tape to get her benefits. Terri had been wrangling with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get needed medical procedures approved. When she contacted Claire's office four years ago, the roadblocks disappeared the same day, allowing her to get the treatment she needed.

Terri had many of her teeth knocked out thanks to military sexual trauma (MST). MST may include any sexual activity performed against one's will, either through physical force, threats of negative consequences, implied promotion, promises of favored treatment, or sex without consent due to intoxication etc. Other events that may be categorized as MST may include: unwanted sexual contact, threatening, offensive remarks and unwelcome sexual advances.

The post notes:
In the Senate, Claire worked to fix this problem so that victims get the support they need on base and off. Claire was able to work with the military to increase access to counseling services for victims of MST, strengthened the military's system of Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and Victim Advocates, and made it easier for victims to seek justice in court.
For Terri's complete story, visit the link here.

Virgil Goode -- No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Virgil Goode charges Obama and Romney with wanting to maintain the status quo, which he says would encourage more illegal immigration. Mitt Romney, on his website, opposes amnesty but would attract more legal immigrants, saying that it would help create more jobs. Obama is pushing the DREAM Act, which would address the status of immigrant children brought here at a young age. Goode would oppose any amnesty, repeal the 16th Amendment and require proof of citizenship before enrolling in public schools.

Fact Check -- Gary Johnson on Obamacare

Gary Johnson's latest video attacking Obamacare is here:
Johnson claims that Obamacare will hire 16,000 IRS agents to enforce his bill, but not one doctor. But this repeats a claim on right-wing talk radio that is not true. *** The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the IRS would need $5 to $10 billion over ten years for administrative costs. This money is not for enforcement and hiring agents to break down peoples' doors like Johnson's ad implies, but for giving subsidies for qualifying small businesses and individuals money to buy health insurance. *** As this article by Ezra Klein notes, the 16,000 is just an extrapolation from the CBO figures. *** It is true that people who do not get health insurance starting in 2014 will be subject to a tax. But IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified before Congress under oath that the IRS will not be auditing individuals to make sure that they have gotten insurance. *** Also, on page 131, the Affordable Healthcare Act specifically prohibits the IRS from using liens and levies that they typically use to collect money owed by delinquent taxpayers. There will be no criminal prosecutions of persons who do not pay. *** As for proof, when you get or have health insurance, the entity providing the insurance will file a report with the IRS proving that you have health insurance under this act (Page 132). *** We have a copy of the Affordable Healthcare Act downloaded and the Sheridan Express will email copies of the bill free on request. Send requests to It is 906 PDF pages long. *** If you have any questions about the act itself, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try and get answers.

Mitt Romney -- Obama Failed to Meet Promises

Barack Obama -- Rural America will Lead Economic Recovery

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Beginnings at Sheridan UMC

Truly a great celebration at Ravenwood UMC Sunday, July 1st. Pastor Sue handed over a big set of key rings and a suitcase on wheels of paperwork to Pastor Janis Tobias. God used talents from the congregation for music and good food. Pastor Janis was inspiring as she began her ministry with the six churches joined together. Name tags were given to help her grasp each person on a personal level. She told a story from Bishop Schnase’s book about someone having big shoes to fill when they moved on. She even borrowed Pastor Sue’s to prove a good point. She will not be filling Pastor Sue’s shoes as Sue will still be wearing them, not her.
We do tend to expect the next pastor to perform duties in the same way, “business as usual” attitude. Each of us have God to guide us on His mission and each has different gifts to use to serve His purpose. May we look forward to growing spiritually with Pastor Janis and let her fill her own shoes to do what God sent her to do. We look forward to many more enlightening sermons to grow stronger in faith.
Our church will have a new leader of the Trio to help us celebrate 125 years of serving God and the community in the upcoming year. You could say our roots have been here for a while. Let your shoes be filled with God’s holy spirit and love; join us in worship.
–Submitted by Glenda Wyer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Area Livestock Calendar for July 4th, 2012

July 12th – Lamoni Livestock Auction
July 19th – Clarinda Livestock Auction, July 19th; 10:30 – weigh cows & bulls; 12 Noon – bred cows; 12:30 – feeder calves. For more information, contact Dan Wood, (712) 542-8863.
July 26th – Lamoni Livestock Auction
August 9th – Lamoni Livestock Auction
August 23rd – Lamoni Livestock Auction
September 6th – Lamoni Livestock Auction will be resuming their weekly sales September 6th. Special sales as advertised. For more information, call (641) 784-3323.

Doing God's Work for July 4th, 2012

How hot it is! It’s been so hot that I seen a squirrel picking up walnuts with pot holders on! Praying God will cool us down some so as not to burn the crops. Through it all, HE has it under control and I’m sure it will amaze us when harvest time rolls around. Some wheat fields have been harvested lately.
Church at the lake didn’t happen. Due to weather, it was changed to the Ravenwood United Methodist Church fellowship hall. Pastor Janis Tobias delivered her first sermon; considering the hot weather and short notice, worship had a good turnout. It was followed by a picnic and fellowship.
4th of July celebrations make me think what it really means beyond fireworks and picnics; freedom to worship God. I think we take it for granted sometimes. In other suppressed countries, one can’t risk being caught praying to our God. Thank our military for keeping us safe!
Wherever God may lead you this week, please take time to thank him. God bless you; see you in church Sunday!