Thursday, August 25, 2016

Worth County 4-H Achievement Day Results

Achievement Day was held on Friday, July 22 at the Fairgrounds Building in Grant City.  It is an opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their work, discuss their year long projects, and receive feedback on their projects.  Projects receive a ribbons based on the Danish system, where blue exemplifies superior work.  Clover Kids receive participation ribbons for each project.

Cookies-Tate Welch-Blue
Cake Pops-Drew Welch-Blue
Blackberry Cobbler-Jacob Wimer-Blue
Peanut Butter Cookies-Jeremy Wimer-Blue
Blackberry Jelly-Justina Wimer-Blue
Banana Bread-Justina Wimer-Blue
Cherry Pie-Abbi Brown-Blue
No Bake Cookies-Misty Helt-Blue
Cookies-William Runde-Blue
Cookies-Carrissa Runde-Blue
Peanut Butter Cookies-Tate Welch-Blue

Grooming  My Horse display-Wyatt Craven-Blue

Life Cycle of a Monarch display-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Cecropia Moth- Wyatt Craven-Blue
My Insects display-Wyatt Craven-Blue

Veterinary Science
Keeping Your Beef Healthy display-Molly Miller-Blue

Arts & Crafts
Picture Frame-Justina Wimer-Blue
T-shirt Bag-Justina Wimer-Blue
Horseshoe Craft-Molly Miller-Blue
Embroidery-Molly Miller-Blue
Table Decoration-Carrissa Runde-Red
Flower Arrangement-William Runde-Red
Owl Wreath-Ali Brown-Blue
Purple Bow Wreath-Abbi Brown-Blue
Fairy Garden-Hailey Adwell-Blue
Solar Lamp-Hailey Adwell-Blue
Bunny Pot-Hailey Adwell-Blue

Shasta-Wyatt Craven-Blue, eligible for State Fair
Country Barn-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Bluejays-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Black Swallowtail Butterfly-Wyatt Craven-Blue,
Swallowtail Butterfly-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Heron-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Frog-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Hale Arena, Kansas City-Tate Welch-Blue
Worth County Show Ring-Tate Welch-Blue
Back of the Trailer-Tate Welch-Blue
Back of the Trailer (black & white)-Tate Welch-Blue

Night Stand-Wyatt Craven-Blue
Battleship-Daniel Craven-Blue,
Woodburning Plaque-Hailey Adwell-Blue
Bird House-Ali Brown-Blue
Stepstool-Molly Miller-Blue
Clock-Justina Wimer-Blue

Horseshoe Cross-Daniel Craven-Blue

Herbs-William Runde-Blue
Herbs-Carrissa  Runde-Blue

Bag-Misty Helt-Blue

Clothes Pin Bag-Justina Wimer-Blue

Clover Kids
Megan Tracy - Snowman, Butterfly Magnet, Snowflake, Bunny Pot, Jar
Kristen Tracy-Snowflake, Jar, Bunny Pot, Snowman, Butterfly Magnet
Trenton Adwell-Snowman, Bunny Pot, Picture Frame, Wooden Plaque (tractor), Wooden Plaque (name)

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