Thursday, August 18, 2016

October 12th Final Day to Register to Vote for November

October 12 is the last day to register to vote in the November 8 election.   If you have moved or have had a name change, a visit to the polling place may take longer than anticipated.  In order to expedite your ability to vote, please notify the county clerk's office located in the courthouse if you have moved or had a name change. 

Voters are allowed to vote at one election under the old name without changing their voter registration after notifying the election judges of the name change.  If you have moved to a different address within the same county, you are permitted to change your registration address on Election Day at your new polling place.  It is recommended that you contact the county clerk with any address changes prior to Election Day in order to determine your assigned polling place.
In order to change your address if you move outside the boundaries of the election jurisdiction in which you were previously registered, you will need to fill out a new voter registration application.  Voter registration is available in the county clerk's office or online at

If you moved before the deadline to register for an election, you must complete your new registration prior to the registration deadline in order to be eligible to vote a full ballot in your new jurisdiction. If you moved after the registration deadline, you will be entitled to vote a limited ballot, containing only federal and statewide candidates and issues once you submit a completed voter registration application in person with the local election authority. People moving from one election jurisdiction to another prior to the registration deadline who fail to register to vote by the registration deadline will not be able to vote in that particular election.

If you moved to Missouri after the deadline to register for a presidential election, you are entitled to register and vote only a presidential and vice presidential ballot in your new jurisdiction.

Source: Missouri Secretary of State

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