Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tigers Get Back on Track with 88-6 Victory; Isaac Alarcon Nets 219 Yards

Worth County got back on the winning track with an 88-6 victory as they dismantled North Shelby, a team that had snapped a 63 game losing streak last week. In its last year of 11-man, the Raiders only had 12 players out; they had twice that number this year, but over half the team had not played last year. They took out Northwest (Hughesville) last week 52-18, but the rust and inexperience showed in Friday night's contest. Worth County was shorthanded, playing without quarterback Cade Allee (hamstring); Ryan McClellan stepped up and handled the position flawlessly.

Chris Healy's Tigers held the Raiders three and out and got one of many short fields to start off the game. On the fourth down punt situation, Isaac Alarcon flushed Lane Kemp out of the pocket and he was stopped short of the first down at the Raider 28.

From there, Isaac Alarcon followed the blocking of Colton Wilmes and Mason Hawk down to the 14. Three plays later, Alarcon got a block from Wade Rush to get into the end zone.

Seth Bass' Raiders got into trouble again. The same officiating crew which rung up Worth County the week before for a bunch of false starts did so to the Raiders on consecutive plays and they subsequently burned a timeout after getting down to two seconds on the play clock. They went three and out and got off a good punt that pinned Worth County on its own 25, but then Isaac Alarcon shot up the middle, bounced to the outside, and scored, breaking three tackles on the way. Jayden Mancuso ran in the extra points to make it 14-0 with 7:09 left.

Shaughn Malcarne gave the Raiders one of its few bright moments on the next play as he shot past the left end and down the sideline for 60 yards to make it 14-6 with 6:53 left. But then Alarcon got loose again, this time for 44 yards down to the Raiders 8. Three plays later, Ryan McClellan's keeper fooled everyone as he scampered into the end zone with 5 minutes left; the two point conversion made it 22-8.

Worth County reestablished control of the line of scrimmage, driving the Raiders from their own 28, back to the 15 and forcing three and out. Devin Jackson shot up the middle and partially blocked the punt, recovered by Worth County on the North Shelby 34. They only needed one play to take advantage of the short field as Ryan McClellan hooked up with Caleb Parman on a play action pass to make it 30-6.

Wade Rush was a force at linebacker all night and he was so on the ensuing series and North Shelby was forced to punt. Once again, it didn't work out as Drake Kinsella flushed Lane Kemp out of the pocket and Dalton Auffert and Kinsella ran him down at the Raider 22 to set up another short field at the end of the first quarter.

Isaac Alarcon followed the blocking of Harley Charles for a couple of good gains and the Raiders got an offsides penalty. That set up Wade Rush's quick hitter for a four yard score behind the blocking of Colton Wilmes and Drake Kinsella with 11:20 left. Wade Rush ran in the extra points behind blocks from Kinsella and Mason Hawk to make it 38-6.

Isaac Alarcon ran down Luke Reitz when they faked the option play as they drove the Raiders back before forcing another three and out. Isaac Alarcon got called for a holding penalty to force the Tigers back to their own 38 and wipe out a score, but he atoned for his miscue by shooting up the middle as everyone overran him and he was off to the races with 9:02 left. Jacob New came in at quarterback and threw to Mason Hawk for the two points to make it 46-6.

Once again, North Shelby went three and out and this time, a bad snap set up a safety as Drake Kinsella pinned Lane Kemp in the endzone to make it 48-6. Caleb Parman ran back the ensuing kick to the Raider 26. Worth County got nowhere on its first two plays, but then Jacob New threw a strike to Caleb Parman from 24 yards out with 5:43 left. A counter to Jayden Mancuso fooled everyone and he added the extra points to make it 56-6.

Faced with fourth and four on their own 25, the Raiders elected to go for it instead of risking another horrific snap in the rain, but it didn't matter as Isaac Alarcon stopped Matthew Perry one yard short of the first down at the Raider 28. Worth County backed themselves up with a fumble and were faced with fourth and 13 at the Raider 19, but then Jayden Mancuso got loose, aided by a block from Jacob Wimer, and got into the end zone with 1:22 left. Wayde Parman caught a guard eligible pass from Jacob New that fooled everyone to make it 64-6.

For some reason, North Shelby elected to play on, but it didn't make any difference in the second half, played under the running clock. Isaac Alarcon got loose again to start the second half and used some raw speed as he outran everyone around the right end and down the east sideline to score from 45 yards out on the first play of the second half. That run put him over the 200 yard mark and gave him a career high with 219 rushing yards. He ran in the extra points to make it 72-6.

Mason Hawk recovered a fumble and Jacob Wimer got loose for what should have been a 41 yard scamper for a score. But the referees claimed that Wayde Parman was holding even though he threw the block of the night, drive-blocking his man all 41 yards down the field into the end zone and holding his block until the play was over. It was called back to the 19, but it didn't matter as Jacob Wimer scampered into the end zone with 6:01 left in the third quarter to make it 78-6.

The JV didn't let up once the game was placed in their hands. Johnny Mancuso and a host of black shirts met Ethan Geisendorfer for a short gain and the Raiders marched backward with a delay of game penalty; Wayde Parman and Brayden Welch had tackles for losses on the series. Finally, a bad snap sailed into the end zone and North Shelby had to cover up for a safety to make it 80-6 with 2:26 left in the third quarter.

Jordan Huntsman was a force on both sides of the ball during the second half for the reserves, hitting hard as a blocking back and as a linebacker. Finally, he got rewarded with a carry for a score with 6:19 left in the fourth quarter and Jacob New ran in the extra points to make it 88-6.

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