Sunday, August 14, 2016

Allendale Rodeo Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Allendale Rodeo marked its 25th anniversary Friday and Saturday. It started off in 1991 and is still going strong and is still filling up the City of Allendale. Seth the Clown kept everyone entertained and there were plenty of local contestants.

The muddy conditions made things challenging for the contestants, but helped with the bucking events as several horses and bulls were ridden. Matt Barton won Saturday's bareback riding with a score of 72. Seth kept his distance from the horses, saying he was checking the fences to see if they were dirty.

While nobody topped the 2.2 score in Sheridan earlier this year, several people successfully got scores in the breakaway roping. Bailey Smith won Friday's event with a time of 2.5 seconds; the best time Saturday was Kirby Crouse of Gallatin, with a time of 2.8 seconds. Morgan Quick of Redding had a time of 4.0.

Seth told a story about how he and his wife got into an argument about whose friends were more loyal -- a man's friends and a woman's friends. First, the wife went out to visit a friend Seth didn't know. Seth called 10 of her friends, who didn't know where she was that night. So Seth did tit for tat and went out with a friend his wife didn't know. The wife called up 10 of Seth's friends; 8 said they had seen him, and two thought he was still with them when Seth went out that night.

The muddy conditions made it difficult for the steer wrestling; one had managed a time of 6.6 on Friday. Steve Allgood made what would have been a good time at 8.8, but got a 10 second penalty for a broken barrier with nothing else to show for his effort. The announcer had a story about his wife. He was putting bad stories about Hillary Clinton on his Facebook and his wife made him stop because she thought the UN Black Helicopter Squad would give them a visit after the election was over.

As Wes Piercebouher of Kellerton won the Saddle Bronc with a score of 73 to tie him with Friday's best score, the west side and the east side had a contest to see how much noise they could make. The west side won, and also won the beach ball contest by keeping it up the longest. The announcer, who was on the east side, said it was because the folks on the east side were too interested in the ice cream being sold at the concession.

In between Seth mimicking the synchronized swimmers at the Olympics, the calf roping had several entrants; it was won by Dylan Sondrager of Union Star with a time of 11.5. As with the steer wrestling, the muddy conditions made things difficult, with several calves slipping through and one doing a 360 flip to avoid bring roped. The team roping was challenging as well, but as everyone else was either missing completely in the muddy conditions, the team of Aaron Harvey and Antonio Svoboda out of Kansas, despite being paired up with the wrong steer and then being lined up wrong, won the event with a time of 5.9 seconds, one of the better times Allendale has seen in its 25 years of rodeo.

After Seth made a successful leap over a board of flames and a toy dump truck and took a tumble afterwards, the barrel racers came. The best time the night before was 15.738, a time that couldn't be beat as even the experienced riders had trouble navigating the mud. Rae Lynn Howell of Mount Ayr came the closes with a time of 16.234. Among local contestants, Elizabeth Brown of Grant City had a time of 16.35, Megan (Sherry) Runde had a time of 19.271, Vicki Brown of Grant City had a time of 16.807, and EmiLee Brown of Grant City had a time of 17.386.

The first two bullriders of the rodeo successfully rode their bulls. Garrett Law fell off the bull but hadn't hit the ground before the horn sounded, giving him a qualified ride of 70. Ryan Strum came clear down from Minnesota and had a ride of 69. But Dustin Sargent, on the next to last ride of the night, got a successful ride of 78.

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