Monday, June 12, 2017

Allendale Baptist Breaks Ground on New Church

The Allendale Baptist Church broke ground on their new church Monday afternoon. It will replace the old building, which was built in 1890. It will be located east of the Allendale Park, where the late Allen Hull’s blacksmith shop used to be. The old building was experiencing basement flooding issues, and repair costs were estimated to be astronomical.

It is the first new church building in Worth County in 20 years. The most recent church building built from scratch was when the Grant City Assembly of God Church (now Crossroads) relocated from their old gray building south of the Square to its present location on 169 and 46, north of Country Corners. The Sheridan Christian Church expanded their building during that time, adding new teaching rooms, building handicapped accessible ramps, and expanding the main worship area.

A special church service, picnic, and groundbreaking ceremony was held on the site of the new church Sunday.

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