Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chevy Davidson Defeats Dennis Gabbert in Commissioners Race

Chevy Davidson has defeated Dennis Gabbert in the West Commissioner's Race. Davidson polled 160 votes to 66 for Gabbert. Davidson won in all precincts. Davidson won the absentee vote 11-2. In Greene Township (Oxford), Davidson won 25-15. In West Fletchall (Grant City), Davidson won 78-32. In Union (Sheridan), Davidson won 46-17.

The East Commissioners' race will have a contested race in November. Republican challenger Reggie Nonneman will challenge Democratic incumbent Rob Ruckman in that contest.

Constitutional Amendment 2, the right to pray amendment, passed overwhelmingly in the county as well as around the state. Incumbent Sam Graves easily won his primary challenge in the 6th District Congressional Race. Scott Rupp won by one vote over Shane Schoeller in the Republican Secretary of State's race; Schoeller was in a tight 3-way race despite touting endorsements from most of the state machinery. Northeast Nodaway graduate Brad Lager won handily; he was locked in a tight race with incumbent Republican Peter Kinder across the state. This is his second try at statewide office. David Spence won handily in the Republican Governor's race. Sarah Steelman narrowly defeated John Brunner and Todd Akin for US Senate; they were locked in a tight statewide race.

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