Thursday, May 25, 2023

North Nodaway Sets Out Wish List for Future Facility Improvements

The North Nodaway School Board, at its regular board meeting May 17th, was presented with a wish list of future facility improvements at both the Hopkins and Pickering buildings. Among the wish list improvements were as follows:


Expand the gym for more seating; currently, the gym seats just over 400 people. Worth County and NEN, for instance, seat around 800. Other new items on the wish list include installing new flooring, new basketball hoops, additional side buckets for the gym to allow coaches to have more stations, epoxy around the bleachers and locker rooms, Mustang signage in the gym, upgrade the sound system, remove exhaust fans and louvers, add a projector and electric screen, update the locker room partitions and seating, update the filming area, purchase tarps for the gym, add an automatic American flag, and new pads.


Epoxy the floors, computerize senior composites, metal on the ceiling, upgrade trophy cabinets, new seating, and upgrade the concession area.

Little Gym

Epoxy the seating areas, new wood flooring, add volleyball standards, refinish the stage, upgrade stage lights, upgrade the sound systems, Mustang signage, new basketball hoops, and two side buckets.

Ag Shop

Attach to main building; this will improve the safety of students while they are at school. Also on the wish list was removing the tile and epoxy floors, replace the main exterior door, and purchase a plasma cutter.

First and Third Floor

Drop ceiling or clean up all of the wiring, redo the plumbing in the janitor area, update both bathrooms on the 2nd floor, epoxy all hallway areas and steps, carpet or epoxy classroom spaces, new windows, upgrade classroom lighting, update the library, new teacher desks, upgrade student furniture, new bathroom partitions, new student lockers, install designated posting areas, Mustang school pride signage, update the music room, install new efficient windows, provide more storage for music, redo epoxy in the cafeteria, create a North Nodaway Hall of Fame, cabinets in the storage rooms, new chairs and tables for graduation and alumni reunion, update to LED lights, upgrade the AC and heating units in the kitchen, look at roofing issues, replace cafeteria tables, new interior doors/rekey district, auto light switches, and overhang over the west doors.

Bus Barn

Add heating, put metal on walls or ceiling, add bathroom or office area, tire changer, rock behind the barn for mowing, add drainage trough for water runoff.


Add additional parking on the northeast of the high school, asphalt the weight room parking area, install split rail fence rather than posts.

Outdoor Area

Remove outdoor steps, move dumpsters, lights on flag poles, move sign to landing out front with landscaping.


Replace some of the older AC units in gym, split the AC/thermostats, get hot water to all new upgraded sinks, upgrade teacher furniture, refinish the remaining hardwood floors, install new efficient windows, enclose current entrance and put up signage, build new pantry for kitchen, new entrance into old secretary office, upgrade stair life, upgrade new cafeteria area, install new white vinyl fence everywhere, move and install new playground equipment to north area and remove Project Fit equipment, create a parking lot on the east side of the building, pour new sidewalks on south side, replace roof AC systems as needed, devise plan for old schoolhouse (potential Restoration Grant), remove old boiler from the basement, move dumpster on the east side, update electrical panel in the kitchen, automatic switches.

The summer project list was presented for the board. The board voted to approve the project list as presented. Among projects for this summer:

Teacher work orders, floor scrubbing and cleaning at both Hopkins and Pickering, re-wax the gym floor at the high school, coordinate hail damage projects, reseal floors in the elementary and high school, mowing, paint ductwork for the AC in the gym, install office area and bathroom in the bus barn, reinstall existing high school sign out front, deep clean all milk coolers, add mulch to playgrounds, transition the elementary library into the cafeteria, do the bleacher installation project for the high school that was previously approved by the board, striping the sidewalk at the elementary, painting rooms in the high school, installing the preschool playground equipment that was recently obtained by a grant, put in a new door and vent hood at the elementary kitchen, start the water testing process for the Lead Out of Schools Initiative that the school is participating in, look at upgrading the sink counters and stalls in the high school bathrooms, install door access/safety film from Safety Grant, remove old high school doors and frame in a few areas, help get buses inspected prior to school, install the electrical connection for the new bleachers, and dirt work at both Hopkins and Pickering.

Things that the school is seeking bids on for board approval next month:

--Science textbooks;
--Sealing the asphalt poured last year;
--Approve camera install bid;
--Approve AC/furniture replacement in locker room;
--Purchase power washer for the new bus barn;
--Look at furnishing for the new areas such as the library and offices;
--Look at purchasing a mower trailer for the district;
--Get bid on new 10 passenger van;
--Investigate construction of an overhang above the west door;
--Add volleyball standards to the little gym.

The board voted to approve the state-mandated Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

The board voted to reduce the agreement between the school and Ion Wave Technologies to one year and to terminate the agreement for 2024-25. Ion Wave provides special education system software to the school.

The board voted to accept the bid from Marriott's Masonry from Union Star to remove four exhaust fans from the school, install studs, insulate the area, install metal sheeting, and clean up debris for a price tag of $6,800. 

The board accepted two bids to improve the security of the school. The board voted to purchase door controllers, keys, alarms, and other security equipment from Superior Fire & Security from St. Joseph at a cost of $25,763.29. The board voted to accept the bid from Yellow Frog Graphics from St. Joseph for safety and security film for their windows for a cost of $24,236.16. The funds were paid for from the $50,000 School Security Grant that the school was recently awarded by the state.

Elementary Principal Ashley Marriott reported that K-5 enrollment was 95 with 15 in Pre-K. 

Local spelling bee winners were as follows:

3rd/4th -- Jayneigh Lawson (1st), Ady Dailey (2nd)
5th/6th -- Trenton Roberts (1st), Gannon Stricker (2nd)
7th/8th -- Halie Young
9th to 12th -- Morgan Pope

All 1st place winners competed in the 275 Conference Spelling Bee.

Kindergarten Roundup was held. Parents met with office staff to learn expectations, met with teachers, and students were able to meet with teachers and play on the playground and ride on the bus.

Elementary students got to learn about careers on April 28th. Participating businesses and organizations were the Missouri Department of Transportation, Kizer Collision & Towing, A & E Dairy, Ashlie Marriott Daycare, and Luke Ramsey Racing.

Students went to the New Nodaway Humane Society and presented them with a donation of $403.62 that they had raised throughout the year.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders went on a surprise trip to the Hopkins Park on May 4th to celebrate the end of MAP testing.

Mrs. Trautz held her final elementary spring music program. She incorporated vocal music, body percussion, and a variety of musical instruments.

The Kindergarten went on a field trip to St. Joseph and played at Timeout Entertainment and had a picnic lunch. Fourth and fifth graders went to the Steamboat Arabia Museum and Sunset Trails and Stables. First through third traders visited the Omaha Zoo on May 19th. Fifth graders visited the Middle School on the 17th to meet the teachers and learn about life as a sixth grader. Preschool held their graduation on May 18th. 

Middle School and High School Principal Roger Johnson reported that MAP testing and finals were held. Senior trip went to Branson and graduation was completed. Fine Harts Night, Senior Scholarship Night, and FFA Awards Night were held. The Art Show and music concerts were well attended and outstanding. An awards assembly was held on the 23rd, the last day of school. Middle school students helped fifth graders during step up day, when fifth graders visited their new school. 31 students went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game as their end of the year incentive award.

Superintendent Chris Turpin reported that the elementary project has all of the brick completed, drywall completed, and now has the exterior windows and doors installed. They will be starting on the metal siding soon, along with the heating and air conditioning. The middle school and high school project has the slab poured and framing started. The bus barn will have the floor poured.

The insurance company is in the process of approving a bid from Herner to fix structural damage from the hailstorm. The price tag came in at $278,170. This is just for structural damage and not the storage shed and the blue portion of the high school roof. The Escape has been approved and is on schedule to be fixed. The school is still waiting on insurance approval for the buses, truck, cafeteria van, Ford Transit, and enclosed trailer. 

Recently, a culture survey was sent out to students, staff, and parents. Areas of strength listed were high learning expectations, recognizing student achievements, the feeling of success in school, and the technology program. Areas of growth included bullying, promoting an environment of respect and self-discipline, ensuring that discipline was applied fairly, more input and feedback, and more information about services available.

The school is establishing a process to allow alumni to have the old doors that are being replaced. 

School testing scores will be available by the end of the month. 

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