Monday, September 11, 2017

Tigers Down Albany 64-14 in Home Opener; End Game at Half

Worth County ended their home opener with Albany at halftime, their easiest win over the Warriors since they joined the eight man ranks. Worth County came into the game healthy, while Albany was depleted, down several players, including Colton Coburn, who torched Stanberry before going down. Coburn suited up, but didn’t play against Worth County.

Bryant McCord buried Albany at their 13 on the opening kickoff, and the Warriors were never able to get good field position for much of the game. McCord followed up with a big hit on Shay Cooper on first down and Albany went three and out. Drake Kinsella put the Albany punter under a heavy rush, and the ball went out of bounds at the Albany 29. That gave Worth County a short field to work with, and they only needed one play as Tevin Cameron took a pitch and shot past the first level and into the clear with 10:25 left in the first quarter. He ran in the extra points to make it 8-0.

Once again, Albany got buried on its own 10 and couldn’t do anything. They were taking too long in the huddle and having to rush up and get the play off right before the play clock expired. On first down, they tried a keeper, but Harrison Kerchner met Caleb Parman after one yard, and they got into a hole again and had to punt. This time, Cameron took the punt and weaved his way through traffic with 8:45 left for the score. Isaac Alarcon rumbled through a big hole for the extra points to make it 16-0.

Worth County only needed 48 seconds to score again as Albany tried an option, botched up the pitch, and Drake Kinsella recovered it at the Warrior 15. Ryan McClellan met a wall on Worth County’s first play, but on the next, he followed the blocking of Colton Wilmes to score with 7:57 left. Tevin Cameron ran in the extra points to put Worth County up 24-0.

This time, Albany got a little more headway made as they made positive yardage on each play and were faced with fourth and three at their own 28. But their propensity for taking too long in the huddle hurt them and they got a delay of game penalty, moving them back to the 23. They tried to go for it anyway, but the pass was incomplete as Drake Kinsella and Mason Hawk hurried the throw and Tevin Cameron broke it up.

Worth County only needed one play to score as Isaac Alarcon took a sweep down the right side and rumbled down the field like nobody was there, scoring with 5:37 left. Tevin Cameron followed the blocking of Colton Wilmes and Drake Kinsella to score the extra points and make it 32-0.

On Albany’s next series, Caleb Parman, Colton Wilmes, and Drake Kinsella all got into the backfield to drop Cooper for a loss. Albany fought back to fourth and five from their own 23 and elected to punt this time, setting Worth County back to their own 32, the first time they had started in their own territory. It didn’t matter as Tevin Cameron threw a shovel pass to Bryant McCord and he took off down the left side for 48 yard scamper with 3:53 left to make it 38-0. Officially, it was scored as a run.

Albany was faced with third down and six at their own 17, but this time, Bryant McCord jumped a route and got a pick six with 2:30 left. Tevin Cameron ran in the extra points to make it 46-0. It continued to snowball from there as Wayde Parman pounced on a fumble and the second string took over. Andrew Alarcon carried it three times from the 17 to the 1 and then Nate Adwell carried it in for the score with 1:04 left in the first to make it 52-0.

Jacob New got Worth County’s third fumble recovery as he had a strip and fumble recovery at the 15. Worth County fumbled it at the one, but Albany’s punter came under such a heavy rush that he couldn’t get it off and went down at the 1. With the second chance, Worth County scored with 9:37 left as Andrew Alarcon made it 58-0.

Albany put together an eight play 53 yard drive against the reserves, finally scoring with 5:04 left on Tryce Floyd’s seven yard run. Shay Cooper ran in the extra points to make it 58-8. Worth County fumbled it back at their own 35, but Albany couldn’t do anything with it, giving away the ball on downs at the Tiger 36.

This time, Jeremy Wimer carried the load, getting a 22 yard run behind the blocking of Austin Welch. He finally scored with 59.7 seconds left behind the blocking of Dakota Auffert and Chase Atkins. Albany ran back the ensuing kickoff for the final score.

Worth County “only” had 221 yards for the night as they had a lot of short fields to work with. Additionally, they had a couple of returns for scores, and they only played half of a game. All of Worth County’s 221 yards came on the ground. Jeremy Wimer had 5 carries for 64 yards. Bryant McCord had 1 carry for 48 yards; Andrew Alarcon had 8 carries for 36 yards, Tevin Cameron had 1 carry for 29 yards, Isaac Alarcon had 1 carry for 23 yards, Ryan McClellan had 2 carries for 14 yards, and Nate Adwell had two carries for seven yards.

Jaxon Anderson led the team in tackles with 8. Ryan McClellan, Isaac Alarcon, and Wayde Parman each had 4. Caleb Parman, Drake Kinsella, and Ethan Thomas had 3. Bryant McCord, Jeremy Wimer, Jacob New, Andrew Alarcon, and Tevin Cameron all had 2. Brayden Welch, Nate Adwell, Devan Jackson, Colton Wilmes, and Mason Hawk all had 1. Jacob New had one forced fumble. New, Drake Kinsella, and Wayde Parman all had fumble recoveries. Bryant McCord had one pick, which he returned for a touchdown.

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