Sunday, September 3, 2017

F.C. Grace’s Party Line Sale

The late F.C. Grace certainly knew how to sell TV’s, appliances, farm machinery, and just about everything else. One such promotion was a Party Line Sale back in 1955. A flyer of the promotion is at the Denver Schoolhouse.

Back in those days, people did not have their own phone lines, meaning that nosy neighbors could listen in on others’ phone conversations and learn all the local gossip. Obviously, the goal in F.C. Grace’s case was to get people talking about his bargain prices. For instance:

–A three piece bedroom suite cost $79.50, with two lamps thrown in for free.
–A living room set went for $98, with a $25 floor lamp thrown in for free.
–A new 1956 Admiral 17” tabletop model TV, which could be moved from room to room, went for $119, with an ash tray thrown in.
–A Whirlpool washer went for $199.
–An 11 cubic foot freezer went for $229.50.
–A 9 cubic foot refrigerator from GE went for $189.50. An Admiral 7.6 cubic foot refrigerator went for $129.

Times were pretty good on the farming front, and there were also plenty of bargains on farming and fencing equipment. And as an added bonus, delivery was always free.

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