Sunday, September 3, 2017

Denver Museum Adds New Display from General Store, Plans Upgrades

Between 50 and 100 people attended the annual Denver Reunion Sunday afternoon. A new display has been added to the museum – a display of goods that were sold at the Denver General Store.
Some of the brand names seem unfamiliar today and some where themed by the Cowboys and Indians imagery of this country. For instance:
–Powhatan Apple Sauce;
–Morton’s Salt. “It pours;”
–Beechie’s Gum. “Worth stopping for.” It’s still around today.
–Uneeda Biscuits. They were only five cents.
–Uncle Sam Apples.
–Route 29 Milk Chocolate Licorice. “Farm raised in small hands.”

They sold more common brands that are still available locally, such as Campbell’s Soup, Quaker Oats, Planter’s Mixed Nuts, Nabisco Crackers, Crayola Crayons, and Folger’s Coffee.

Helen Foster said that they were planning to do the front and middle hallways next, along with repairing damage from the storm in June. Two tornadoes hit Denver on June 28th, blowing out windows from the building, among other damage to the town. They plan to replace the flagpole, which was blown down, along with redoing the flower bed and putting in a new sidewalk.

During the past year, workers redid the ceiling in the east room, rewired the lights, and put in sheet rock around the structure. The walls were painted and new tablecloths were purchased for community events. Repair work was done on the windows.

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