Monday, April 4, 2016

Worth County Vietnam Vets Recognized on 50th Anniversary of Conflict's End

The Worth County Senior Center put up a poster recently recognizing all the veterans who served in the Vietnam War as the 50th anniversary of the end of the conflict nears. Veterans who are still alive include Bob Hull, Ron Richards, David Maudlin, Mark Apblanalp, Gene Groom, John Williams, Paul Hunt, J.C. Parman, Buddy Jackson, Biff (Barry) Jones, Eldon Maudlin, Max Calhoun, Donnie Jay, Don Fletchall, Pat Groce, Larry Jones, C.B. Adams, Bill Girling, Jerry Burns, Jackie Hamlen, David Parman, Paul Myers, Roy James, Dean Smith, Wayne Smith, Daniel Crabtree, David Seat, Keith Lambert, Steve Pointer, Darrell Biddle, Don Noll, Harold Davidson, Leroy Mincy, Jimmy Ross, Bill Tracy, John Kenney, David Burns, Ralph Kobbe, Bill Calhoon, and Joe Marshall.

Those who are no longer with us who served in Vietnam include Wendell Calhoon, John Hamlen, Jerry Groce, Tony Myers, Galen Miller, Richard Williams, Joe Maroone, Darrell Lamb, Danny Jackson, Danny Fletchall, Eddie Costin, Ben Brackin, Ronnie Force, Jerry Runyan, and Martin Fletchall.

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M Bond said...

Thank you for the "Worth County Vietnam Vets Recognization on 50th Anniversary of Conflict's End". I would like to bring your attention to another living Vietnam Vet that was not in your article.
My brother, Herbert S. "Steve" Bond JR. who grew up in Sheridan served in the Marines in Vietnam - he is currently living in Texas.
Thank you