Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kollitz Family Named State Fair Farm Family for Worth County

Worth County Extension Minutes from March 28th
Members present:  David Hunt, Brandon Allee, Julie Tracy, Linda Brown, Mary Kay Hunt and David Seat.

Chairman David Hunt called the meeting to order. Motion made by Julie Tracy to approve the agenda.  Seconded by Brandon Allee.  All in favor.

Motion by Julie Tracy to approve the previous minutes as corrected.  Seconded by Mary Kay Hunt.  All in favor.

The financial report and current bills were presented by Julie Tracy. The bills were routine monthly business. Motion by David Seat to receive and file for audit the financial report and to pay the current bills. Seconded by Linda Brown.  All in favor. 

Motion by Julie Tracy to name the Kollitz family as the Worth County State Fair Farm Family for 2016 and to ask the Chris Cadle family to be the alternate family.  Seconded by Mary Kay Hunt.  All yes. 

The 4-H Audit was completed and reported by Linda Brown, Mary Kay Hunt and Sherri Runde.  It was noted that a check may not have been cashed in a timely manner.   Motion by Brandon Allee to receive 4-H Audit Report.  Seconded by David Seat.

Jerry reported on the Safe Burn program that was delivered by Kendall Coleman and Bob Kelly.  He noted it was very well presented with videos and comments from the presenters and that a newspaper editor and some firefighters from Maryville also attended the session. 

Chairman Hunt appointed Sherri Runde, Linda Brown and Mary Kay Hunt to perform the annual extension accounting audit. 

The council discussed the additional duties that office bookkeeper/manager has taken on with the county clerk’s office.  Motion by Julie to approve the office manager/bookkeeper’s duties within the courthouse system.  Seconded by Mary Kay.  All yes.

Jerry gave his MU Extension report. 

Motion to adjourn made by David Seat.  Seconded by Brandon.  All in favor.

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