Monday, April 25, 2016

Worth County Sheriff's Report

4-18 -- Resident calls about CCW permit.
4-18 -- Officer transporting male prisoner from jail to court. Officer transports prisoner back to jail.
4-18 -- Out of state landowner calls about eviction notice.
4-19 -- Person needs ID/OD on car.
4-19 -- Worth County prisoner en route from jail to St. Joe to have scram locator installed on his person.
4-20 -- No reports.
4-21 -- Person in to report change of address.
4-21 -- DOT reports finding a bike near Sheridan; stored at Worth County Sheriff's office.
4-21 -- Cattle out south of Allendale on C; unable to locate owner; cattle went into a field.
4-22 -- Person in for CCW permit.
4-22 -- Officer investigating joyriding suspect.
4-22 -- Officer and DFS investigating welfare of local family.
4-22 -- Officer serves legal papers in Grant City.
4-22 -- Person calls about possible violation of protection order.
4-22 -- Officer investigating report of person in Sheridan park possibly drunk.
4-23 -- Highway Patrol in with female DWI suspect; Worth County officer transports to jail.

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