Monday, April 18, 2016

Kids Steal Two Cars in Sheridan, Take Them on Joyrides

Kids stole two cars in Sheridan and took them on joyrides last Sunday night. Raymond Smyser told the Express that last Sunday night, kids took his truck that was parked in the Sheridan Villa parking lot, which had the keys in it, and took it for a ride. He noticed that the car had been parked in a different location, the radio was blaring, and they had gotten the manual out. Subsequently, they took another car owned by Henry Dell Rowen Sr., which was parked in front of Paxson Welding & Tire. They took it for another joyride and hit a deer before taking it back and parking it where it was.

Many insurance companies will not cover car accidents from theft if the keys were left in the car. The site Criminal Defense says Missouri has no specific statute pertaining to unlawfully taking a vehicle with the intent to return it (also called “joyriding”). However, if you cause damage to the vehicle while it is in your possession (or because of something that happens because of the joyriding), you may face charges for property damage. Penalties will vary according to the type of damage and the circumstances of your crime.

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