Thursday, April 28, 2016

Missouri Representative Proposes Fetal Personhood Initiative, Compares Abortion to Holocaust

(Rep. Mike Moon's Office) -- As the Missouri House prepares to discuss a proposed constitutional amendment to clarify that unborn children are persons with a constitutional right to life, the bill’s sponsor says it is time for concerned citizens to break their silence regarding the continued murder of the unborn. HJR 98 sponsor, state Rep. Mike Moon, said the silence of those who want to protect the unborn is similar to the silence of Germans who stood by and allowed Jewish people to be slaughtered by the Nazis.

In making the comparison, Moon referenced the story called “Sing a Little Louder” about a church in Germany that was located near rail road tracks. Each Sunday, after the train passed by, the members of the church would hear the cries of Jewish prisoners screaming for help. Instead of doing anything to help, the church members would instead sing louder to drown out the screams.

“Seventy-one years since the holocaust, it’s happening again. Only this time, it’s taking place in America. Somehow, we have allowed ourselves to ignore the “silent screams” of millions of unborn boys and girls. It’s time to put an end to the killing of our future generations. It’s time to stop the madness,” said Moon, R-Ash Grove.

Moon added, “Try to imagine how the German people could have stood by and allowed the murder of millions of people during the Second World War. That behavior can only take place when people resolve in their minds that the act in question is not taking place or in the case of the Nazi’s, those being killed were, in fact, not human. This is exactly where we are today in America. We have collectively determined that an unborn child is not a person. All the while, we are comfortable in our beautiful churches. We listen to the preaching and, yes, we sing loud. Let’s not turn a deaf ear to the legal murder of our future generations. Babies are being murdered in America and their organs are "harvested" and sold for use in medical experimentation. It’s time to stop the killing, and that time is now.”

The Missouri House is set to debate HJR 98 next week. If approved by the legislature, it would put the following question on the November ballot for voter approval: “Should the Missouri Constitution be amended to protect pregnant women and unborn children by recognizing that an unborn child is a person with a right to life which cannot be deprived by state or private action without due process and equal protection of law?”

Moon noted that with the Roe v. Wade decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected personhood for the unborn. However, he also pointed out that the Court conceded that if the unborn were legal persons, the Court would be required to reach the opposite conclusion. 

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