Thursday, April 28, 2016

Albany to Offer Summer School, Transportation for Worth County Students

The Worth County R-III School District will not hold summer school classes this year.  In the most recent years, the Worth County R-III School District ran as a satellite program of the Albany R-III School District. The Worth County R-III School District paid the teacher, bus drivers, and cooks, then requested reimbursement from the Albany R-III School District.
“I am not really sure when the original agreement was made,” said Superintendent, Matthew Martz. “This year, however, DESE officials notified us that this arrangement was no longer available to us.”  The district is not in the financial position to run a summer school without receiving funding from the state to support it.
While summer school attendance can be added to a district’s Weighted Average Daily Attendance (WADA), summer school attendance will not generate any more to our basic formula ADA because we are a hold harmless district in regard to funding.  This small amount of money generated in WADA from summer school attendance would not be enough to offset the costs of paying teachers and staff to work summer school. In Worth County, this cost has been about $20,000 per year.  Therefore, the district would have to pay for summer school expenses from existing revenues.
Missouri law allows students to attend summer school in any district in the state that offers summer school.  Worth County students have the option to attend summer school in Albany or Stanberry or any other district that offers summer school.  The Albany District, however, has agreed to offer transportation to Worth County R-III children wanting to attend summer school.

Here is the Summer School Bus Route for Worth County.  Shelly Crouch will be the bus driver.  There is a magnetic sticker on each of the buses for easy identification and to help young students identify which bus they are to ride home.  The bus coming to Worth County will have a green and white alligator magnet by the door.  The 1st pick up will be at Sheridan Park, the second pick up will be at Worth County School District circle drive, the 3rd pick up will be at the Worth Gazebo. The first day of summer school (May 31) the bus will be in Sheridan at 6:45 a.m. Times will be adjusted after the first day to make sure students have adequate time for breakfast. High school students have the option to drive.

The Albany R-III school district opens summer school up to any student that wants to attend. Students do not have to be behind in their school work. Additional classes are offered for High School Students, including credit recovery, personal finance, health, and a nine-day ACT class (Albany R-III School District will pay for any student completing this class to take the ACT test).

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