Monday, May 15, 2017

Victoria Moore is Valedictorian as Worth County Graduates 25; Kristen Ross Salutatorian

Victoria Moore was named Valedictorian for the Worth County Graduation Ceremony, while Kristen Ross was named Salutatorian as 25 seniors graduated. The class motto was, “Chase your dreams, but always know the road that will lead you home again.” Class colors were maroon and chrome. The class flower was a maroon-tipped White Carnation. The class song was “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney.

The Worth County Class of 2017 will be remembered as one which always worked hard no matter what the project and which always aimed high, even trying to get President Donald Trump to speak. Sure enough, “Donald Trump” came to the ceremony and said that he wished he could build a wall to keep the seniors around a little while longer and make Stanberry pay for it.

Graduating were Payton Adwell, Jarisa Moffat, Lucas Caddenhead, Victoria Moore, Harley Charles, Sophia Obermuller, Gavin Dine, McKenzie Percell, Reagan Drury, Kristen Ross, Dominique Findley, Carissa Runde, Rachael Gardner, Wade Rush, Faith Gladstone, Aubrey Staton, Breanna Harker, Alec Summers, Cheyenne James, Sidney Troutwine, Austin Lininger, Brooklyn White, Dora Martz, and Jacob Wimer.

Class officers were Alec Summers (President), Harley Charles (Vice-President), Reagan Drury (Secretary), Rachael Gardner (Treasurer and Student Council Representative), and Brooklyn White (Student Council Representative).

Principal Jon Adwell welcomed the assembly and said that the class would be missed, even though there were a few problems along the way like the school being put up for sale on Craigslist. He said that tomorrow was promised to no one, success was not guaranteed, but that failure was guaranteed for chances that were not taken.

Class President Alec Summers thanked sponsors Mrs. Julia Wideman and Mrs. Kelley Ross for being sponsors and presented them with flowers and pictures on behalf of the class. “The more I was here, the more I got connected with all of you,” he said. “All our memories cumulated in this moment.”
The speaker was Julia Wideman, who had an ongoing bet to see who would cry first. There were plenty of tears shed, and even Principal Jon Adwell choked up at one point. The class won the Spirit Stick all four years. “Everyone was always doing something,” she said. “You represented us all over the area and formed a lot of close friendships.” The students pulled together for prom to make it a memorable experience. It was so successful that the school board voted to give the junior class a stipend for it.

“You included everyone and it was so much fun for me and Kelley,” she said. “You got on board and got things done.”

Valedictorian Victoria Moore encouraged her classmates, “Don’t let high school be the peak of your life.” Salutatorian Kristen Ross said that while their diploma was a piece of paper, the question was, “How are you going to use it?” She said they could do a lot of things. “Even try another country, like Sophia did.”

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