Monday, May 1, 2017

North Nodaway Parent Meeting for Girls Fall Sports

A parent meeting for fall girls sports for North Nodaway will be held on May 8th, 2017 at 7 pm at the old gym at the North Nodaway School. The purpose is for the North Nodaway School Board to gather input regarding opportunities for female athletes. The goal is to ensure that they have an opportunity to participate in a fall sport in all of their junior and senior school years.

North Nodaway only played one junior high softball game in the past two seasons. While the varsity team experienced success last year with 16 wins, there is concern about numbers going forward. There will be a short presentation and then time for input and questions.

Currently, a sharing agreement is in place to allow West Nodaway athletes to play for North Nodaway. Last year, two West Nodaway girls came over for Junior High and one for High School.

There is also a sharing agreement to allow North Nodaway Junior High and High School girls to participate in volleyball. Three girls participated on the High School team at West Nodaway in volleyball.

Some options for the upcoming years include:
–Stay the course;
–Share a softball program with another school, either now or in a couple of years. If so, should North Nodaway continue its volleyball sharing agreement with West Nodaway?
–Phase softball out over the next two years. A class with large participation numbers is currently in 10th grade; then begin a volleyball program.
–Other ideas.

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