Sunday, May 14, 2017

900 Attend Spring Elementary Concert at Worth County

Around 900 people attended the Spring Elementary Concert at Worth County Friday as the elementary grades showed off what they had learned throughout the year.

The fifth grade recorder students played kids nursery rhymes such as Hot Cross Buns, Gently Sleep, Merrily we Roll Along, It’s Raining, Old MacDonald, When the Saints go Marching In, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace, and Ode to Joy.

The Noteworthy Singers sang “Three Quotes from Mark Twain” along with the popular hit songs “Roar” and “Shake it Off.” Soloists were Fred Hayes, Arianna Behrens, Maria Avilez, Emma Spencer, Sonya Boyd, Ali Brown, Lanie Cousatte, and Reality Rippy.

The Sixth Grade Band performed “High Adventure,” “Failbrook March,” Beethoven’s Ninth, “Centurion,” “Second Time Around,” and last, but not least, the Worth County School Fight Song.
Kindergarteners through second grade performed the popular kids tale, The Raggle Taggle Town Singers, also known as The Bermen Town Musicians. The donkey was Owyn Wuillay, the dog was Liam Hayden, the cat was Unique Brown, the rooster was Kristen Tracy, and the robbers were Mason Hiatt, Caleb New, Garrett Troutwine, and Bentley Frisch. Each of the animals got wind that their masters were planning to kill them because they were too old. The moral of the story is that age is a state of mind and that it is never too late to be young at heart.

The third through sixth graders then sang pop hits such as “I got a feeling,” “Fireflies,” “It’s my life,” “Count on Me,” “Home,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” and “Dynamite.” Soloists for “I got a Feeling” were Arianna Behrens, Taylor Sanders, Maria Avilez, Ali Brown, Tucker Owens, Eva Engel, and Fred Hayes.

Soloists for “Fireflies” were Bridgette Hightshoe, Arianna Behrens, Eva Engel, Jessica Farrell, Abbi Brown, and Macky Walter.

Playing guitar for “Home” was Tucker Owens.

Dancing for “Dynamite” were Tanner Ridge, Lance Abplanalp, and Keaten Morin.

At the end of the performance, the outgoing sixth graders were recognized for graduating from the elementary.

Members of the Sixth Grade Band were (Flutes) Ali Brown, Lanie Cousatte, and Claire McElvain; (Clarinets) Elizabeth Brown, Reality Rippy, and Taylor Sanders; (Trumpets) Levi Cassavaugh, Wyatt Craven, and Maddy Runde; (Baritone) Cash Jacobs; (Trombones) A.J. Drury and John Galanakis; and (Percussion) Maria Avilez and Zeeanna Gladstone.

Members of the Noteworthy Singers were Maria Avilez, Arianna Behrens, Sonya Boyd, Ali Brown, Lanie Cousatte, A.J. Drury, Jessica Farrell, Anthony Hayes, Fred Hayes, Reality Rippy, and Emma Spencer.

The Fifth Graders did the Recorder Karate music series throughout the year, where each student got belts similar to karate. Winning Black Belts were Autumn Cousatte, Ethan Frese, Tyler New, and Kara Staton.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Martz, Darin, Nancy, and Reagan Drury, and Payton Adwell helped with the projection, sound, and lighting. Members of the High School Music Appreciation Class helped with the scenery and props. They included Macie Staton, Dora Martz, and Riley Drury.

Dominique Findley was music director Julie Capps’ teaching assistant and helped with both concerts and projected a positive attitude and enthusiasm, like she did regardless of what sport or activity she was in.

Mrs. Selina O’Connor and her family members helped put the little house on the stage for the mini-musical. Lori Wimer set up the table and chairs. Amy Garrett and April Healy helped with computers and technical assistance.

Amy Jackson and the sixth grade class put up the paper so that they could do the slide presentation during the show.

In her long list of thank you’s, Mrs. Capps said, “To the parents, thanks for allowing me to teach your kids! I hope you can tell they have had fun in music class!”

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