Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sheridan CBC Hosts First Event at Revamped Rodeo Grounds

The Sheridan CBC hosted its first event at the new rodeo grounds Sunday as they put on the first of five horse shows. There will be new lighting, new seating, a new storage shed, new fencing, and a new concession stand. The press box was moved to the southwest end of the grounds to accommodate the new bleachers. The lights were donated by Kawasaki; the old lights were casting a shadow and there were some dark spots in the arena during night events.

There were a few spills and the first horse show of the year was not without its controversy. Henry Rowen claimed that he could beat his son anytime, something that son Dustin disputed vehemently, claiming the scorekeepers got them mixed up in the flag race. It was all in good fun despite a few spills and uncooperative horses. It is never too young or too late to learn to ride a horse; one of the youngest horseback riders was Brianna Lynn Riley.

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