Thursday, May 19, 2016

Long Branch Cemetery in Gaynor Seeking Donations

Do you have relatives buried in small town or country cemeteries? Do you realize that in the past, the mowing for those cemeteries was funded by the interest on a perpetual care CD? Needless to say, the past several years have not been good for the care of these cemeteries. Interest rates have fallen so much that the income on these CD’s will not pay for the mowing needed each summer. Therefore, these cemeteries depend on donations from folks whose loved ones are buried there. Please, this Memorial Day weekend or anytime, remember these little cemeteries with a donation to help pay for the mowing and upkeep.

Joyce Hennegin
Maryville, MO

Hennegin is the secretary/treasurer of the Long Branch Cemetery in Gaynor. Send donations to Joyce Hennegin, 21244 State Highway 148, Maryville, MO, 64468.

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