Sunday, May 8, 2016

Breann O’Riley, Koby Reynolds Receive Honors

Breann O’Riley was named Valedictorian and Koby Reynolds Salutatorian at Sunday’s graduation ceremony at North Nodaway. Twelve students graduated from North Nodaway. Graduating were Kenneth Barclay, Baleigh Emery, Dillan Gray, Ben Hart, Shelly Lininger, Breann O’Riley, Kade Owens, Koby Reynolds, Dustin Rowen, Logan Steeve, Wyatt Tate, and Britney Wood.

Students graduating with honors were Kenneth Barclay, Logan Steeve, Wyatt Tate, and Britney Wood. Graduating with highest honors were Ben Hart, Koby Reynolds, and Breann O’Riley. O’Riley and Reynolds were also members of the National Honor Society as well as officers for the FFA.

Class colors were Royal Blue and Silver. The class flower was the carnation. The class motto was, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow.” Class escorts were Takoda Adamson, Bethany Herndon, Kelsi Oberhauser, and Wilkie Walker. Class sponsors were Tim Conn, Megan Calfee, Nina Dewhurst, and Ryan Madden.

Class officers were Koby Reynolds (President), Breann O’Riley (Vice-President), Wyatt Tate (Secretary), Ben Hart (Treasurer), and Britney Wood (Student Council Representative).

Breann O’Riley said that they had worked hard; she thanked the teachers for sharing their time and knowledge and for demanding excellence, the parents for getting them out of bed and listening to them no matter what, and the coaches and advisors who taught them to work closely together through sports and school activities.

Koby Reynolds thanked Coach Andrew Webster and Coach Jake Shipman for molding him into who he is today. He recalled Mr. Madden jamming on the Senior Trip. He encouraged his classmates to “Love the life you live and live the life you love,” as stated by Bob Marley.

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