Sunday, June 24, 2012

Worth County School Board Agenda

Closed session pursuant to Section 610.01, 610.021, 610.022 RSMO to discuss students (subsection 6 & 14), personnel matters (subsection 3 & 13), and legal action.

1.     Call to Order       
2.     Approval of Agenda       
3.     Pledge of Allegiance       
4.     District Mission Statement       
5.     Approval of Consent Agenda   
      A. Minutes of Previous Meetings
      B. Financial Report, Monthly Bills   
      C. Concession Stand Payments   
6.     Citizen Comment's       
7.     CTA and Non-Action Report       
      A. Safe and Drug Free Survey        
8.     Principals Report       
      A. Elementary Principal        
      B. High School Principal        
9.     Superintendent's Report       
      A. Transportation Inspection        
      B. A+        
      C. Excess Trophies       
10.     Administrative Requiring Action    
      A. Student Handbooks       
      i. Elementary    
      ii. High School        
      B. Teacher Handbook        
      C. Resignation        
      D. School Lunch        
      E. Items for Bid        
      F. FY13 Budget        
      G. 2012-2013 Tuition        
      H. 1st Read Policy 4320   
      I. SOAR GRANT   
      J. Fund 4 Transfer       
11.     Closed Session   
12.     End Closed Session       
13.     Personnel       
      A. PreSchool Director       
14.     Items for Future Meetings       
15.     Adjourn

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