Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sheridan CBC Building New Rodeo Arena

The Sheridan CBC is building a new rodeo arena on the site of the former baseball field. Tater’s Welding donated the corners, Nucor has donated side railing, and the Randle family has also donated materials. The Sheridan CBC has raised over $2,000 for supplies; however, they are still seeking donations.
The rodeo arena will be 200’ by 150’ and will be used for rodeos, 4-H events, roping, and other youth events. Eventually, lights and a crow’s nest will be built.
The arena is being built by volunteer labor. Among volunteers are Ed Jacobs, Toni Dye, Mary Jo and Johnathan Riley, Diane Sanders, Ron and Randy Randle and family, Andrew “Wurm,” Justin and Stephanie Rush, Jake Holmes, Doug Brown and family, Keith and Julie Cassavaugh, and Jerry Rauch.
Gary Hawk and Dave Meek took down the old lights and ball diamond and Butch Thomas did the mowing. Charlie Haun did the leveling. Many others have volunteered their time on the project as well.

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Retirement Solutions said...

Old Defiance at its best. Great job for the community. Thanks to all of you for resurrecting the home of the Bearcats.