Monday, June 11, 2012

Graves Primary Opponent says House Leadership Promoting “Fiscal Carnage”

Bob Gough, Republican Candidate for the Missouri Sixth Congressional District and primary opponent to Sam Graves, addressed the Kansas City Pachyderm Club last Tuesday describing his campaign and the increase of the federal debt by $2.1 trillion last summer.
Gough stated that "Obama used the politics of fear and division to create ruinous debt that must be repaid by our children and grand-children. A federal debt of 16 trillion dollars is unsustainable and we are now at the point of having to borrow money just to pay the interest on money already borrowed. But Obama and Congress doubled-down on our existing debt to increase our debt by 2.1 trillion dollars.
"Our Sixth Congressional Representative voted for this huge debt limit increase. Now, House Speaker John Boehner is conducting a new campaign to again increase our national debt limit in December or January of next year. The Sixth District needs an independent Representative that will say 'no' to more debt limit increases."
Gough said that our Representative is a team player with Speaker Boehner who supports President Obama on fiscal issues. He said that he would not be a team player when our leadership is promoting fiscal carnage caused by debt.
The newly redrawn Sixth Congressional District is the largest Congressional District in Missouri. It comprises the Northern one-third of the State of Missouri. The District includes the Kansas and Nebraska border on the West, North to the Iowa border, and East to the Illinois border.

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