Friday, June 8, 2012

Opinion: Missouri Farm Bureau Applauds Common-sense Missouri River Amendments

Missouri Congressmen Emanuel Cleaver, Sam Graves and Blaine Luetkemeyer were successful this week in adding important provisions to the 2013 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill. Congressman Cleaver transferred $3 million to the Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies account. Congressman Graves sponsored an amendment to reduce funding for the Missouri River Recovery Program by $21 million to a total of $50 million. Congressman Luetkemeyer authored language to continue defunding the Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study (MRAPS) and the Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan (MRERP). Congress defunded both programs for Fiscal Year 2012.
Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst, a farmer from Atchison County in northwest Missouri, commended the three members of Congress for their leadership on these common-sense amendments, "Congressmen Cleaver, Graves and Luetkemeyer have listened to their constituents, those who live and work along the Missouri River, and understand the importance of both flood recovery and managing the river in a balanced manner not based simply on bureaucrats' views of ecosystem restoration. It makes sense to spend limited federal dollars wisely; not on unnecessary studies or expensive experiments.  We are grateful to those who supported the amendments and will work to secure their inclusion in the Conference Report. The Missouri River is a tremendous resource that provides many benefits; we cannot let it be hijacked by those who disregard private property rights or have an agenda that puts fish and birds above people."

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