Monday, June 20, 2011

Worth County Sheriff's Report for June 22nd, 2011

6-13 -- Worth County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) responds to a med alert; “false alarm.”
6-14 -- WCSD responds to report of a tree limb on electric lines and a car.
6-15 -- WCSD fingerprints two Worth County residents; “job related.”
6-16 -- WCSD responds to a fallen person call to assist with lifting.
6-16 -- WCSD responds to commercial fire alarm; “false alarm.”
6-16 -- WCSD responds to minor accident on north side of square.
6-16 -- WCSD responds to minor accident on south side of square.
6-17 -- WCSD investigates call of possible drunk driver.
6-18 -- WCSD investigates call of 4 male subjects harassing people.

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