Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Worth County Education Foundation Provides Increased Educational Opportunities

The Worth County Education Foundation is providing increased educational opportunities for Worth County students from donations. Worth County students are using books and other educational materials that have been provided through donations of alumni.
The Foundation provides opportunities for students that are not provided for by public tax dollars. They can provide increased learning opportunities as well as educational and extracurricular experiences that the school district may not ordinarily fund or has ceased funding. The Foundation supports district goals and enhances learning experiences in the classroom and beyond. In addition, the Worth County Education Foundation provides the Worth County teaching staff with opportunities to get creative about teaching by offering grants. The Foundation is working to create a connection between the alumni of all Worth County schools, the students, and the community.
People can make donations of any amount. You can also include the Worth County Education Foundation in your estate planning. You can leave a percentage of your assets to the Foundation including personal assets such as stocks, bonds, CD’s, real estate, vehicles, or art. The donation of these gifts may even provide tax savings to your estate. You can also name the WCEF as the beneficiary of your IRA or a life insurance policy. You can also honor a loved one by designating memorial gifts and honorariums to the Worth County Education Foundation and encourage others to do so as well. Some employers will also match your charitable donation as well.
The mission of the Worth County Education Foundation is to provide financial support for all student programs. The Foundation will provide Worth County Alumni the opportunity to give something back to the school and community that nurtured and supported them during their formative years.
The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance all of Worth County students’ educational experiences by supporting them through financial gifts provided by alumni and community members. The goals are to provide grant money for student groups and teachers to enhance education and extra-curricular activities, promote scholarship opportunities, develop a close partnership between students, alumni, and the community, and develop long-range plans for various improvement projects as they are identified.
Board members are Frank Ross (President), Craig McNeese (Vice-President), Janice Borey (CEO), Rhonda Richards, Joel Miller, and Judith Matteson. To make a contribution, make checks payable to the Worth County Education Foundation, 510 East Avenue, Grant City, MO 64456. For more information, call Janice Borey as (660) 564-2655 or e-mail her at

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