Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Defiance Days: Pockets Full of Fun Puppet Show

Pockets Full of Fun had a puppet show in which the puppets played jokes. Shiloh, who didn’t want to come out of his house because he was playing video games, played several jokes on the kids present. Among the jokes he played was a spring flying out of nowhere instead of spring water, a chicken sandwich that was a drawing of a chicken instead of the real thing, a brown letter “e” instead of a brownie, and a box full of truffles that was guaranteed to make you smile that blew open instead of having truffles in it.
Theo the Chimp had all the trouble in the world blowing up a balloon so that he could make it disappear. First, he said he was monkeying around; then, he needed a magic word; then, he needed to figure out how to say “abracadabra.” Finally, instead of making the balloon disappear, he let go of it and it flew behind him and disappeared behind the stage.
Jemima the Baby Dinosaur was always trying to be helpful, but was always involved in hilarious mishaps. First, she was going to try to help around the house so she tried to make coolaide. But she tried to follow directions by adding water to the package, only to pour the water all over the package and spill it on the floor. Then she washed the floor with towels and tried to put them in the machine and started it, only to hear a strange noise and realize in horror that she had added the whole box of detergent.
Finally, she decided to try something else and this time she succeeded as she led the audience in singing “If you’re happy and you know it.”
The mishaps of all the puppets were all in good fun as they were guaranteed to make the audience laugh and have a good time. They succeeded in that score.

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