Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Worth County Sheriff's Report

11-28 – Someone came in to get gun locks.
11-28 – Someone called about a person stealing their dog.
11-28 – Someone came in to check out a vehicle to make sure it wasn’t stolen.
11-29 – Person calls for officer.
11-29 – A business called to report a stolen trailer plate at the business.
11-30 – Officer goes out to check out a person acting strange at a church.
11-30 – Cows out east of Route C; owner notified.
11-30 – Cows out west of 46; owner notified.
12-1 – Person reported someone who needs to be checked out; an officer went and checked out the person.
12-1 – Cattle out on Route B; owner notified.
12-1 – Officer meets Gentry County who picked up a prisoner. The prisoner was transported to Ringgold County Jail.
12-2 – Person called about cows in corn and talked with an officer about it.

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