Sunday, December 11, 2016

Peyton Coleman Honored for 1000th as Mustang Boys Roll Over DeKalb

Peyton Coleman passed a milestone for North Nodaway as he scored his 1000th career point when he hit a 3-pointer early against Rock Port in the Mound City during North Nodaway’s 39-30 victory. He was honored for that during North Nodaway’s 68-35 victory over DeKalb Tuesday night as North Nodaway jumped out to a 4-1 start. They raised their start to 5-1 Friday by beating Northeast Nodaway.

“We want to find out what kind of a team we are,” said Coach Jake Shipman, who put in a trapping defense for this game that worked. “We had an all-around good game; nine out of our 12 players we dressed out scored.”

The Tigers, normally a solid time, have fallen on hard times this year, having not won a game yet. They are a young team, with only four upperclassmen out of 12 players listed. They had one player score for them consistently in Zach Novotny, who had a way of finding the gaps in North Nodaway’s zone defense and had 23 of his team’s 35 points.

Tuesday night, Peyton Coleman focused on getting everyone else involved early, hitting Daytona Lutz for a 3-pointer right off the bat. Augustus Hoepker jumped consecutive passes on the press and scored and then hit Coleman for a top of the key triple to make it 10-0 just over two minutes into the game.

Dalton Myers countered with a triple for DeKalb, but then Peyton Coleman stole it twice and fed Dakota Smyser twice for layups. Novotny countered to make it 14-5, but then sat out the rest of the period with two fouls, as DeKalb didn’t have anyone on the floor who could score as North Nodaway continued to grow its lead. Smyser scored off a steal, Daytona Lutz got a putback, freshman Tyler Bix scored off a Coleman steal, and Dakota Smyser got a tipin at the buzzer after he got a steal, Arron Coleman missed a layup, but Smyser was there for the crash.

Novotny came back for DeKalb for the second quarter, but Tyler Bix connected again to spark a 14-0 run at the start of the second that put it away and gave North Nodaway a 36-5 lead at the 4:36 mark of the second.

Peyton Coleman led North Nodaway with 20 points. Dakota Smyser had 15, Daytona Lutz had 11, August Hoepker had 8, Tyler Bix had 5, Cole Bird had 3, and Arron Coleman, Logan Keho, and Austin Bird had 2 each.

The girls played their best half since the Sheridan Express started covering them last year, building up a 24-18 halftime lead against a highly physical DeKalb squad. They had every reason to expect a win, but they shot a horrific 8 for 28 from the line. As the free throws hopelessly clanked off the rim, DeKalb started chipping away, coming back to win 45-36 in the second half.

Madison Thompson had 12 to lead North Nodaway. Ashley Thompson, showing no ill effects from landing hard on her back on the floor at Mound City the week before, followed with 9. Kelsi Oberhauser had 5, Alisha Davison had 4, and Bethany Herndon, Kristin Herndon, and Aubrey Trimble all had 2.

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