Saturday, December 17, 2016

Around 1,200 Attend Worth County Elementary Christmas Concert

Around 1,200 people attended the Elementary Christmas Concert at Worth County Thursday night. Witnesses said that the gym had packed more people than any recent event at the school; the bleachers seat 800 for ballgames, and the floor is lined with chairs during concerts. The concert was moved from the afternoon to the evening, allowing a lot more people to attend. There were sightings of The Grinch there, and Santa made an appearance as well. Students from all the grades shared what they had learned during Mrs. Capps’ music classes.

The event has become one of the biggest events in the county. The Allendale Fourth of July Breakfast typically draws 800-1,000 a year, while graduation typically draws a similar number. The Albany homecoming game from last year also drew a lot of people.

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