Monday, December 12, 2016

Hopkins CBC Gets $23,000 Grant for Project

The Hopkins CBC received a $23,000 grant from the Gladys Rickard Charitable Trust, which donates to projects around the area. The money will be used for the nature trail and the ballpark fence in Hopkins. Floyd and Gladys Rickard were well-known businesspeople in Hopkins, running the pharmacy there for many years. The store was also known for its soda fountain. The trust has donated $2 million to projects in the area since 2004.

The CBC received a lot of positive comments about the project from representatives of the US Bank, which also funded the project. The fact that their track athletes have to practice in the streets of Hopkins was a big factor in getting the project funded.

The CBC awarded the bid for the fencing portion to Meyer Fencing for $19,954.61, which could be lower depending on volunteer labor that is performed. They are based in Kansas City and were the low bidder. The bid does not include the walking trail.

The school has promised $3,000 towards the project. Work will begin during spring.

Removal of the four old buildings along the north side of Barnard Street, which runs towards the school, was also discussed.

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