Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Worth County Sheriff's Report

10-3 – Person in for CCW permit.
10-4 – Person in for well-being report.
10-4 – Person calls to report a man at Casey’s who locked their keys in their vehicle.
10-5 – Tested sirens to make sure all is working.
10-5 – Person calls on a warrant.
10-6 – Person reports 16 head of cows and calves on their property and no fence; wonders whose they are.
10-6 – Person in to see the Sheriff.
10-6 – Officer en route to Ringgold County Jail with prisoner.
10-7 – Person calls for Sheriff on CCW permit.
10-7 – Person in for CCW renewal.
10-7 – Officer en route to Ringgold County to pick up prisoner to transport to Department of Corrections in St. Joseph.
10-7 – Person calls to see if officer is going to pick up a statement.
10-7 – Person in to register as sex offender.
10-8 – Person called on some stuff officer took after investigation.
10-9 – Person hit a deer on 46 two miles east of Grant City.

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