Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mustang Junior High Teams Fall

Both North Nodaway Junior High teams fell to Stanberry last Tuesday. Both teams built up an early lead, only for it to evaporate in the second half.

The girls could not solve Stanberry’s pressure in the second half; after leading by as much as 9-2, they fell 24-19 as Stanberry chipped away for the remainder of the game. Jadon Dobbins led the scoring with 13 points for North Nodaway. Saylor Brown had 4, and Karissa Oberhauser had 2.

The boys led by as much as eight in the first half, but then threw the ball away throughout the third quarter and then went ice cold in the fourth before falling 32-25 to Stanberry. They scored 18 in the first half and did not score in the second half until 1:35 left in the fourth, when the game had been decided.

Andrew Blackford had 12 points, Karson Oberhauser had 11, and Hunter Wilmes and Dakota Wray had 2 each.

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