Sunday, October 23, 2016

Did Someone from Jefferson Steal the Band Uniforms? Scooby Doo Solves the Mystery

Did someone from Jefferson, jealous of what was going on at NEN, turn themselves into a Bluejay and steal all the band uniforms and instruments Saturday evening to play off everyone against each other? Did a student with too much spare time on their hands do it to put off having to take a test Monday? Did a disgruntled ex-employee fed up with all the laughter and noise do it? It was all in good fun at the Scooby Doo Mystery Theater at Northeast Nodaway Saturday. It was the first school play in over 10 years there. Mr. Grove and Mr. McDowell, the principals, decided they needed some help after band uniforms turned up missing and strange noises were heard throughout the school. Scooby Doo, the reluctant hero, had to be plied with some Scooby Snacks, but once he ate them, he was always up for the task, sniffing for clues. Proceeds went to the Northeast Nodaway Marching Band as well as the cheerleaders, who are purchasing a mat so they can throw each other in the sky. A Mexican Fiesta was served during the play, and audience participation was essential to helping solve who really did it.

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