Friday, October 21, 2016

State Auditor Visits GHS Paper Tube Factory in Albany

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway met with community leaders in counties across north Missouri to discuss issues related to small business development and growth, including an ongoing follow-up audit of the Missouri Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board.

Auditor Galloway's small business tour included a stop in a Gentry County, where she toured GHS Paper Tube and Core Manufacturing Company in Albany. The company manufactures paper tubes and cores for industrial packaging, shipping and other specialty or custom business needs, and is currently rebuilding after a fire devastated the facility earlier this year.

"We know small businesses across the state are committed to their customers and their communities, and I've seen firsthand the dedication of many of these small business owners and operators, including the hard working folks at GHS Paper Tube and Core Manufacturing," Auditor Galloway said. "Even after a fire destroyed much of the facility just eight months ago, they're back up and operating and providing products and service to their customers. Small businesses across the state take pride in what they do, and they demonstrate a resilience that benefits our communities and our state."

In Sullivan County, Auditor Galloway participated in a small business roundtable discussion hosted by Milan Area Chamber of Commerce, where she met with representatives of the chamber and local business leaders in Milan.

The tour is part of an effort to gather input from small business owners and entrepreneurs across the state to assist in a collaborative effort to make recommendations and improve operations and service of the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board.

"No one knows small businesses better than the people who run them, and that's why I've made it a priority to visit with business owners to get input on the issues that matter most to them," Auditor Galloway said. "It's critical to the health of our economy that we promote an environment where small businesses can thrive, and that starts by making the regulatory process less burdensome, and getting input as we move forward with recommendations to improve the board's operations."

The Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board was created to serve as an advocate for small businesses across Missouri but has not fulfilled its obligations under the law, and has been plagued with issues that have undermined its effectiveness. In May, Auditor Galloway shared the results of an audit of the board, which found sub-par operations due to inadequate staffing, board vacancies and lapsed terms, and a general lack of support for the board's statutorily required duties. Because the board received a rating of poor, the lowest available, a follow-up audit will be conducted to determine whether recommendations have been implemented. To provide input or information for consideration during the course of the follow-up audit, contact the State Auditor's Office at or by calling 800-347-8597.

The trip also included a visit to the Carrollton County courthouse where Auditor Galloway congratulated county officials and employees on receiving an excellent rating, the highest available, on their recent county audit. This was a first for any county in the state since the ratings system was implemented in 2011. Auditor Galloway also met with county officials and leaders in Mercer, Schuyler and Scotland counties.

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