Monday, October 17, 2016

Worth County Sheriff's Report -- Trump Signs Stolen from Sheridan; Reward Offered

Three Donald Trump signs were stolen from beside Route 246 just east of Sheridan sometime last weekend. The owner, Pete Belekonny, is offering a reward for their return as well as the persons responsible. It was reported to the Sheriff Sunday.

There has been a stray white and grey German Shepherd mix that was dumped in Sheridan two weeks ago that has been hanging around the Rural Housing recently. Bob Farrell of the Worth County Sheriff's Department said that the Sheriff's Department generally doesn't handle animal cases unless people are in physical danger. He said that animals which trespass on private property and/or damage property or attack people, other pets, or livestock can be shot.

Following is the Sheriff's Report for this week:
10-11 -- Person in to see an officer.
10-11 -- Person in wanting info on transferring CCW to Worth County.
10-11 -- Person in to pick up papers.
10-12 -- Person in to see a deputy.
10-12 -- Person in to visit about a relative.
10-13 -- Gentry County calls for driving info about a subject.
10-13 -- Person calls about someone driving through a pasture fence.
10-13 -- Call of cattle out on 46; owner notified.
10-13 -- Report of car/deer accident on Route C and 1 mile north on M.
10-14 -- Highway Patrol reports van broken down on 169.
10-14 -- Person calls to report someone trespassing on their property.
10-14 -- Report of car being damaged on private property.
10-16 -- Person reports three Trump signs stolen from his property; reward offered.
10-16 -- Person calls about speeding semi-trucks going through Sheridan.

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