Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two Dogs Dumped in Sheridan Area

Two dogs were dumped in the Sheridan area recently. Last week, a cream-colored German Shepherd mix was dumped in the town of Sheridan. People have been feeding it by the Community Building and it has been wandering around the park area and by the houses across the street from Main Street Cuts. It has not let people approach it.

Ivalee Johnson reported that someone had dumped a dog near her place five miles northwest of Sheridan. It was a grey and black German Shepherd mix.

It is against Missouri law to dump animals. People who have custody or ownership of an animal and fail to provide adequate care or who knowingly abandon an animal in any place without making provisions for its adequate care are guilty of a Class C Misdemeanor. For second and subsequent offenses, it is a Class B Misdemeanor. For the first offense, the court can waive most penalties if the person proves that adequate, permanent remedies for the neglect have been made. Courts can order people to pay for the care and maintenance of neglected animals, the disposal of dead or diseased animals, the reductions of organic debris, and the minimization of any public health risks.

People who dump their animals can also be charged with animal trespass. In Missouri, it is an infraction punishable by a fine of up to $200 and a Class C Misdemeanor for subsequent offenses and imprisonment and a fine of up to $500 if a person having ownership or custody of an animal knowingly fails to provide adequate control of an animal for a period exceeding 12 hours.

Last legislative session, the Missouri legislature passed new laws regarding animal abuse that would cover the dumping of animals. It will be a Class A Misdemeanor if someone dumps an animal and the dumping results in substantial harm to the animal.

Any public health official, law enforcement officer, or animal control officer can impound any animal found outside of owned or rented property if such animal shows signs of neglect and abuse. If the owner can be ascertained, they can be held liable.

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