Thursday, July 28, 2016

WC Care & Rehab Center Up to 21 Residents; New Budget Forecasts $73,000 Surplus

The Worth County Care & Rehab Center was up to 21 residents this month according to figures provided by the facility. There are three Medicare Part A patients, 1 resident in adult daycare, and 13 people participating in outpatient therapy. Monthly profit from Aegis Therapy for the facility has come to around $4,000 to $8,000 per month.

The facility finally secured a Veterans Choice Provider agreement with the VA. This means that the facility can be a provider for VA patients. It means that if the VA determines that one of their residents needs nursing home care, that person can request placement at the Care & Rehab Center if they are from Worth County, for instance. The VA can place patients there as well.

Board member Patty Spainhower reported that she had gone to Tiffany Heights in Mound City and exchanged ideas with their people. She said that there were just a handful of county homes in the area.

The west hall wax was stripped and redone. Windows in the front and back were painted. A few water line issues have been resolved.

The budget for next year will come to an estimated $73,000 surplus. This includes the county tax revenues as well as the Aegis Therapy revenues. Ideas for generating more revenue were discussed, including home health care. Spainhower said that Tiffany Heights had told her that home health care was a big revenue generator for some of their facilities.

The board is lacking a member from the Allendale area. If someone from the Allendale area is interested in serving, please contact Bev Miller at the facility for details.

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