Saturday, July 9, 2016

Storm, 100 mph Straight Line Winds Wreak Havoc On Area

A wild thunderstorm and 100 mile per hour straight line winds wreaked havoc on the area last Wednesday night. Power did not go out in parts of the Sheridan area, but flickered. But power was knocked out to Snakebite, MFA, and Wake Trucking, among other parts of town, and was not restored until 3:30 that afternoon. Some parts of the area were not restored until later than evening. Thankfully, a second night of storms that had been a possibility missed to the south.

Much of Grant City was out overnight and came back on shortly before 8. Some of the worst damage was at Andy and Kim Welch’s, where large branches were knocked down and one split a grain auger owned by Chris Cadle in two. East of the West Fork, two bean fields were flooded and there was debris and branches in yards throughout the area. In Grant City, 3rd street just west of Pleasant was partially blocked by two downed branches, one of which hit a car underneath. Mark and Jennifer Terry had a whole tree blow down; city crews were still working on it at around 11 am. Power was out in Oxford for three hours.

There were still parts of the Hopkins area out at around 6 that evening. Some parts of Maryville escaped damage, but others were not so fortunate with debris strewn all over Walnut Street and Plexiglas at the Tri-State Ford dealership getting wedged underneath one of their trucks by straight line winds; two men were unable to get it out from underneath the truck and it had to be moved.
Near Ravenwood, a tree blew on top of Don Hicks’ house and KQ2 and the Missouri Highway Patrol were there. Some of the worst damage was by Tarkio and Fairfax, where bins blew down. The storm wreaked havoc as far south as Kansas City.

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