Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hart's Drive-In to Turn 60 Years Old

In this era of turnover, one thing has remained a constant – the drive-in at Grant City will mark its 60th anniversary. It was first opened in September 1956 and known as The Igloo. The pool would open shortly afterwards and the two would be interdependent – a trip to the drive-in to get some ice cream was a logical next step for someone who had just been to the pool. Then as now, it offered drive-in window service with ice cream served within just a few minutes. Currently, it is known as Hart’s Drive-In, under the management of Amber Hart. For many years, it was known as Fern’s Drive-In and owned and operated by Fern Sheddrick.

A few years ago, Amber Hart turned back the clock and had a 1960’s drive-in party, with employees dressed in ‘60’s style clothing and music from that era playing on the speaker. Some folks broke out their old cars and took them up.

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