Saturday, July 16, 2016

Len Green Celebrates 30 Years as Crossroads/Assembly of God Pastor

On Saturday, Len Green marked his 30th anniversary as serving as Crossroads Assembly of God Pastor in Grant City. He grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and went to Bible School in Denver. He met his wife Rita in Sharen (IA), as he was working his first job as a youth pastor. He then got married in Sioux Falls (SD), where he married Rita and later went to Flagstaff (AZ). There, he met Frank and Marsha Lonetti, who moved back and forth from Arizona to Redding every year; they recruited Mr. Green to be pastor at Assembly of God along with the previous pastor, Spencer Weddle. Mr. Green preached a sermon there and was voted in as pastor in 1986. He said that the way to stay a long time in one place was to outlove people and outlove God. “There are a lot of good people here,” he said. Len and Rita have two grown children, Micah and Cody Green.

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