Monday, June 6, 2016

Trump Doubles Down, Attacks Muslim Judges

Donald Trump has not only attacked Mexican judges, he doubled down on Face the Nation yesterday and attacked Muslim judges as well. His reasoning — they can’t be fair to him since he has called for barring all Muslims from this country.

Asked if he believed that he would be treated unfairly by a Muslim judge because of his call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Trump said, “It’s possible.”
“It’s possible, yes,” he said. “That would be possible, absolutely.”

Donald Trump is against everything that this Constitution stands for. If you exercise your right to free speech, Donald Trump will threaten to sue; he has 2,500 active lawsuits in progress and has called for weakening liability laws for newspapers. If you’re a Mexican or Muslim, Donald Trump believes that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply. Donald Trump opposes the Declaration of Independence as well since he believes that not all people are created equal. And he opposes the 4th Amendment given his calls to bomb the families of people he believes to be terrorists.

During the McCarthy years, he engaged in crackpot conspiracy theories alleging that the government was crawling with communists waiting for just the right signal from Moscow to spring into action. It was widely believed at first. But when his allegations got more and more wild and hysterical, more and more people wondered if they would be next. This is the case with Donald Trump. It is not a matter of if, but when he will implode.

We have to remember that Donald Trump is the real enemy — nobody else. All of the establishment Republicans — Ryan, McConnell, and Preibus — are now on record as supporting fascism. They don’t care who is in charge as long as he supports their radical Koch Brothers backed right wing austerity agenda. It is ironic that the Party of Lincoln is now fomenting the very passions and sentiments that created the Civil War in the first place.

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