Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weather Patterns Predicted to Change for 2016

The National Weather Service has been releasing information regarding changing weather patterns this year. The weather pattern that we have been in is known as El Nino. There are indications that this is changing to La Nina.

An El Nino pattern is when the seas surface water is warmer at the Equatorial Pacific. A  La Nina pattern is when there is colder sea surface water at the Equatorial Pacific.

This change may bring on a hotter and drier summer growing season. Also, there is an increased risk of late spring frost and early fall frosts.

Forecasts have uncertainty and can change but should be considered when making plans for the coming 2016 growing season.  One may want to relook at risks and how to manage through risks.

For more information, contact Wayne Flanary at 660-446-3724 or Kurt Nagel at 816-776-6961, Extension Agronomists, University of Missouri Extension.

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