Monday, July 2, 2012

New Beginnings at Sheridan UMC

Truly a great celebration at Ravenwood UMC Sunday, July 1st. Pastor Sue handed over a big set of key rings and a suitcase on wheels of paperwork to Pastor Janis Tobias. God used talents from the congregation for music and good food. Pastor Janis was inspiring as she began her ministry with the six churches joined together. Name tags were given to help her grasp each person on a personal level. She told a story from Bishop Schnase’s book about someone having big shoes to fill when they moved on. She even borrowed Pastor Sue’s to prove a good point. She will not be filling Pastor Sue’s shoes as Sue will still be wearing them, not her.
We do tend to expect the next pastor to perform duties in the same way, “business as usual” attitude. Each of us have God to guide us on His mission and each has different gifts to use to serve His purpose. May we look forward to growing spiritually with Pastor Janis and let her fill her own shoes to do what God sent her to do. We look forward to many more enlightening sermons to grow stronger in faith.
Our church will have a new leader of the Trio to help us celebrate 125 years of serving God and the community in the upcoming year. You could say our roots have been here for a while. Let your shoes be filled with God’s holy spirit and love; join us in worship.
–Submitted by Glenda Wyer

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